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It’s all in the family

Meet the other members of our family…

Kylee and Lady playing in Luijoe’s memorial table:

kyleeLady came into our family in the year 2002 while Kylee was bought at the pet shop in February 1999. Kylee, our [tag]Siamese cat[/tag] is 7 years old ( that would be in human years). He has outlived our 6 year old son. This feline holds a special place in our family because of the memories of Luijoe playing and caring for this cat. Kylee is a music lover who enjoys listening to the girls playing the piano by sitting on top of the piano. Sometimes he plods , paw by paw on the piano keys as he listens to his own kitty melody. Singing along with M is another music activity but when he’s overwhelmed with the soprano pitch, he ends up nipping M’s hand. nanggigil. An unusual thing happened on the day my son died. According to the maids, Kylee slept on Luijoe’s pillow the whole day. That was the only time they saw this strange behavior . Did Kylee have a sixth sense that Luijoe died?

As I recall the memories of Kylee with Luijoe, I’ve forged a bond with this musically inclined kitty .

Noticing his ears twitching today, I surmised he had some sort of ear infection. He always gets into fights with the the neighborhood kitty bullies. His last fight nearly caused him to lose his eyesight. I had to put him in a cage to prevent further infection.

Despite his pitiful meows and resistance , we managed to drag him inside the [tag]veterinarian[/tag]’s office. The diagnosis – Otitis Externa without ear mites. Kylee requires ear drops and antibiotic medication. Total bill including medicines=1050 pesos.

getting treated

My husband ‘s sarcastic reaction: There goes our budget for the movies tonight.

Okay , we can forgo the movie. Let’s just watch TV together with the cats.

2 thoughts on “It’s all in the family”

  1. hahaha. nice anecdote noemi. inggit ako sa me alagang pets. with three kids already, i can’t afford and don’t have the time to care for another. the last time we had a dog two years ago, we found him missing on the day of the city fiesta. ugh!

  2. Cats are such independent creatures unlike dogs. With dogs, you have to give them a bath, stroll them at the park. We used to have a dalmatian but he was so rowdy. Cats are great companions especially siamese cats. They reply back to you with a guttural meow.

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