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Justice for Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez

Image courtesy of Pedestrian Observer

Ruby Rose’s death was just so shocking that it took me many days before I woke up from my stupor to blog about it. Her death was just too gruesome that even a seasoned police investigator found it difficult to describe the circumstances on how Ruby Rose was handcuffed and gagged with packaging tape before being strangled with a steel wire and cemented in a drum, which was then sealed in a steel case and dropped in the waters off Navotas. Now how disturbing and horrifying can that description ever get? Yesterday, Ruby Rose was finally laid to rest. Her dad’s message just tore my heart out.

The grieving father, Roberto Barrameda, promised Ruby Rose that the family would continue to seek justice.

““We’re sorry that your daughters are not here to see you. But you must understand their situation right now,” Barrameda said in the direction of his daughter’s casket.

Hours before the burial, Judge Gloria Aglugub of Las Piñas Regional Trial Court Branch 254 denied the Barramedas’ petition to allow Ruby Rose’s children to visit the wake.

Judge Gloria Aglugub released a resolution denying the motion of Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez kin to allow the children of the deceased to visit the wake based on ridiculous notion that the children were not willing to go to the wake. Oh come on!

I am so angry at the violent nature of her death and more so, when the judge denied her children from attending their mom’s funeral. Why are there so many legalities surrounding the custody of the children even at the time of the final resting rites? Despite the family rift, I know these kids love their mother and are grieving. Does taking away the kids’ right to their mom’s funeral protect them from further trauma? Sooner or later, Rose’s kids will know the real story behind their mom’s death.

The poor grieving children may not appear to be traumatized yet but they will surely re-experience or re-visit the loss every time they pass through a developmental stage. Grief and loss, when it takes place, cannot just be swept under the rug. Losing a mother is a real occurrence in a child’s world and we must allow that child to grieve. As adults and caregivers, we must do everything in our power to help them navigate that journey from sadness to hope. But does Rose’s father know that? or the judge?

The totally unacceptable reasoning behind this denial is that Ruby Rose will never know if her children went to the wake or not. Let me tell you all that the burial rites are meant for the grieving family and not just for respecting the dead. How ignorant are they!

Now that Rose is finally at her resting place, I can only pray that justice be given to Rose and the others involved in the same manner of death. In the Pedestrian Observer, Rose’s sister, Rochelle mentioned that Rose knew something of the murder of a tabloid reporter in Malabon Alberto Orsolino in 2006, to quote:

“I remember she was talking about the death of Alberto Orsolino in one of our conversations,” she said when asked what her sister had shared with her.

Based on police records, Orsolino was shot and killed not far from his house in Malabon on May 16, 2006.

Orsolino was an employee of the Jimenezes before he became a reporter. The gunman, Rommel Lirazan, who was later arrested, stated in an affidavit submitted to the police that Jimenez had ordered the killing of Orsolino.

Lirazan is now in jail for the murder of Orsolino.

I ask the same question:

With that murder, why are the police not investigating the other 5 murders in Manuel Montero’s affidavit? Was there a case filed against Lope Jimenez or are the police and the prosecutors buying Aguinaldo’s usual ““frame-up” conspiracy theory?

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14 thoughts on “Justice for Ruby Rose Barrameda-Jimenez”

  1. Thank you for blogging the gruesome murder of Ruby Rose, the Justice for Ruby Rose & All Victims of Domestic Violence cause is now up at Facebook, please encourage you FB network to join the cause. Also it will be great to encourage other bloggers to blog about this heinous crime to raise awareness on the evils of domestic violence and our perverted justice system that contributes to the rise of these inhumane monster in our society.

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  3. maybe the kids were fed with lies or the idea that their mom left them thus the reason why don’t wanna see her? i hope the people behind this murder rot in jail or die in a very slow and very painful death.

  4. As im watching the umagang kay ganda of ABS-CBN today. I cant help but cry listening to the last conversation Ruby Rose had with her daughter. It really breaks my heart that a mom and her 7 years old daughter are crying because they cant be together. I hope the Jimeneze
    realized that they deprived their granddaughters their moms love until the end.
    I hope Ruby Rose will find justice soon.

  5. Obvious naman po talaga kung sino ang nasa likod ng pagpatay kay Ruby Rose. I will not name names – all I will say is that she knew too much; thus, she was silenced.

    As for her children, it is just a matter of common sense to assume that they were brainwashed into thinking that their mother abandoned them because she did not love them anymore.

    Bato-bato sa langit, ang tamaan, huwag magagalit. Ang pikon ay laging talo.

  6. Crimes like these are the reason behind my support of the death penalty. There are some people who refuse to mend their ways. They have to be literally killed in order to keep society safe from their clutches.

  7. lagi kong inaabangan ang update ng case ni Ruby Rose. Sana may makapag guide sa mga anak ni Ruby Rose one day to research the death of their mom para alam naman nila ang nangyari sa nanay nila hindi yong one sided lang ang story.

  8. Since the recovery of the body of Rubyrose Barameda, I am restless in the sense that everytime I’m done with chores and work I do, I throw myself intensely in finding what the latest info on the murderers of this poor mother of two. Is justice being delayed on this case? It is clear to the vision and understanding of the majority that the family Jimenez has something to do with the murder based on the shocking revelation of one of the murderers who turned state witness. The Jimenez family with their “juicy” money are trying to buy “justice”. They are trying to divert the real issues.I hope and pray that the real truth will come out.To Judge Aglugub- you are I presume a mom too! May you forever be reminded of your conscience of guilt.To the Jimenezes- we will all be one in praying that the truth will soon prevail.

  9. what was the motive of the murderers to torture and slay this lady? hindi kasi malinaw sa mga balita e. bakit parang sobra naman ung ginawa nila para sa isang babae lang, naghire pa ng maraming killers.

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