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They kept referring to him as “the child”.

I wanted to scream at them that “hey, the child has a name!”

That beautiful child’s name is Luijoe.

But I did not yell at them because…

The tears just rolled. 🙁 😥

I was surprised. I don’t easily tear. Perhaps, it doesn’t get easy when confronted this way, even if it’s 7 years after Luijoe drowned.

Hearing my husband and the representative of the resort’ narration of the accident seemed surreal. Some memories bring back the pain, but some bring back memories of joy as well.

So many non-bloggable things to say about today’s mediation hearing . To put it mildly, let’s just say it didn’t turn out too well but we hope…

Justice, my son will come. I will be patient.

8 thoughts on “Mediation?”

  1. Hugs, Ms. Noemi.

    On the lighter side, that mediation thing?It’s just another rip-off, methinks. Whether the parties come to a compromise agreement or not, the mediation board gets paid.

  2. Mine is a different fight for “justice”, but I just don’t understand why it takes so long! Though it is good that the case is “moving”. Thank you for pursuing it despite the hassles. I’m sure your Angel really appreciates it. 🙂

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