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Men, Body Perfume and Pheremones

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18 thoughts on “Men, Body Perfume and Pheremones”

  1. I also read somewhere that men like the smell of vanilla – although I personally hate it as it makes me feel sticky and heavy. I will forward the article when I come across it again. 🙂

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  3. This is an interesting post! Perfumes may smell good by itself, but when we spray it on ourselves, as you say, the perfume reacts to our body chemistry, thus it doesn’t always have the same smell-good result.

    You might be surprised – Wizheart loves the smell of J&J loose powder on me after an evening shower. 😉

    Meikah Delids last blog post..Passing on Tradition?

  4. Hmmm, interesting. I hate the smell of lavender, though, and I personally love light floral scents. And green tea! I did go through a vanilla musk phase in college. Coty, lol.

    Back in high school, I had girl friends who oddly liked how I smelled, saying I smelled like milk.

    I dont know what the boyfriend prefers on me, but I love how he smells: baby powder mixed with Hugo Boss. Nomnom.

    Helgas last blog post..LONG WEEK IS LONG AND IT’S ONLY TUESDAY!

  5. i just realized my husband has never complimented my perfume =D i love its light floral scent – pero oo nga, hubby has never said it smells good. well, at least he has never said it smells bad either.
    i think i’ll check out that body shop vanilla. =D

    lady cesss last blog post..Bringing Food

  6. I have been an avid lurker in your blog. This post trigerred my sleepy mind and I can’t help but post a comment. I am not a perfume person and I never liked how perfume smells. This post has awakened my interest in perfumes… After this, I want to try wearing perfumes (and hope that my husband will notice it 😀 )

    Jo Anns last blog post..

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