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Mini Blogging via Twitter

I poked Sexy Mom via Google Talk early this morning to start using her Twitter. You’ve probably seen a few of my trivial Twitter Updates (using the wordpress plugin, twitter tools) and my Twitter badge on the right sidebar of this blog. Twitter is an update service or similar to a social networking site that lets you ““micro-blog” or write short (140 characters) quips on what you’re currently doing. It’s a nifty tool for people like me who work most of the time on the internet. All does is ask: “What are you doing?” What I like about Twitter is that I can write the most irrelevant and mundane things without worrying if it’s blog-worthy or not. In short, Twitter is a mini-blogging tool. JAngelo wrote that someone said it can replace full-fledged blogging.

Why should you care about Twitter?

True, on first glance it is a baffling and seemingly pointless service – but underneath it proves intriguing, useful and addictive for those who live on the move. One observer called it “the Seinfeld of the internet … a website about nothing”.

Sometimes we need a break from work or reading blog entries.

If you want to know my trivial babblings, you can stalk me at or add me as your friend.

4 thoughts on “Mini Blogging via Twitter”

  1. and yes, it is fun. thanks, Noemi, in the beginning it was kinda addicting, i even thought i could not post a decent blog because i was also twittering with manilenya, myepinoy and angelo, but i know that soon it will intertwine with my writing, blogging, and saying hello to friends in the blogosphere. now i get to know also where and what JAngelo is doing (stalking my son?)

    when the twitter circle becomes big, it would really really be fun! thanks!

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