Miracle Baby

The world’s most premature baby is quite a fighter.

Her minuscule feet poking pathetically through a doctor’s fingers, few believed that she could possibly live. Born only 21 weeks and six days after conception, [tag]Amillia Taylor[/tag] weighed just under 10oz and was only 91/2 inches long.

Medical staff, however, were given a clue to her fighting spirit when the tiny scrap tried to cry and breathe on her own .

And now, four months later and weighing 4lb, she has been allowed home – the world’s most [tag]premature baby[/tag] to have survived.

Source: Born at less than 22 weeks – and baby Amillia survived

Looking at those translucent feet, it’s heartbreaking to see such a fragile baby. It warms my heart that a precious life was saved, thanks to the advances of medical science. Who could have imagined that life is possible at less than 22 weeks ? And to think that millions of these are aborted every year? [tag]Abortion laws[/tag] might need to be changed in the light of this miracle baby and recent medical advances. “Babies can still be aborted for non-medical reasons at up to 24 weeks. Recent evidence shows that, of those born at 25 weeks, half of them manage to live.”

I don’t care what the laws of other countries state. Each human life should be given a chance to live. [tag]Abortion[/tag] is wrong. There are just too many ethical and even religious issues regarding the life of a human being. Perhaps mothers contemplating abortion should view Amillia’s video clip first before terminating a precious life.

Look at photos and video of Amillia.

The human life is precious no matter what stage or age. Each baby is a miracle and a blessing. Baby Amillia is a testimony that each of us are created from conception.

Amillia’s story is so amazing! God truly wanted this adorable baby to live. I praise the parents for giving their baby girl a fighting chance, for their strong faith and hope. I pray Amillia continues to grow stronger with the love and support of her doctors and family.

Amillia is a miracle.