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Senator Miriam Santiago in Letting her Anger out

angryAfter learning that Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago had been removed from the shortlist of candidates for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, she wasted no time in lambasting at the Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) and blew her top….

““I am irate. I am foaming at the mouth. I’m homicidal. I’m suicidal. I’m humiliated, debased, degraded. And not only that, I feel like throwing up to be living my middle years in a country of this nature. I am nauseated. I spit in the face of Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban and his cohorts in the Supreme Court.”

Foaming at the mouth How hilarious! Miram can be so funny in her anger. She is someone who doesn’t mince words. Yes , her anger is a process she has to undergo. Feeling angry and sometimes the act of blaming is a natural and necessary part of accepting loss and change. Anger is a part of life. We need not dwell in it or seek it out but we can’t afford to ignore it.

In recovery, I have learned that I can shamelessly feel all my feelings including anger, and still take responsibility for what I do when I feel angry. I don’t have to let anger control me but it surely will if I prevent myself from feeling it. Being grateful, being positive , being healthy does not mean we never feel angry. Being grateful, positive and healthy means we feel angry when we need to.

You know , I have a soft spot in my heart for Miriam only because I feel her pain over her son’s death a few years ago. Even if she looked really “crazy” during her priveleged speech, I give her some slack knowing she will be okay tomorrow. At some point, she will be done with her anger. I know Miriam can release her anger constructively and take responsibility for her actions.

Even if she takes it personally, she might even produce positive effects. Let’s see…

““I will say that I resent it very deeply. I take it very personally and I will see to it that while I remain in public office that every member of the JBC shall eventually be held to account for their partisanship. For this reason, I will participate in the Con-ass (constituent assembly) for the main purpose of abolishing the JBC for corruption,” she told the Inquirer.

18 thoughts on “Senator Miriam Santiago in Letting her Anger out”

  1. Senator Miriam is such a character I just can’t imagine the senate without her. With her I tend to go beyond the issue because there’s something about her that you would tend to remember in the way that you do Melanie Marquez. Also with her hair-do yesterday, she looked like, and was as hysterical, as Mogatu (Will Ferell) of Zoolander 🙂

  2. what will you do if you are the best candidate for the job, showed up for the interview but was asked to go home because the other interviewees cowardly backed out and then you learned you were just crossed out of the list because some geniuses just made up a rule that only insiders should get the job?

    doing injustice to an applicant for chief justice is the worst injustice in the world!

  3. Laos Ka na Miriam, kung ano ano pinapasok mo ! Matinti ang delusion sa utak mo ! Kailangan mo na sigurong magpatingin ka kung may Personality Disorder ka na kahalo ng Major Depression para di ka pinagtatawanan !

    1. Ricky, naawa ako sa iyo. Friendly advice lang, pls. finish your kindergarten or nursery education first bago ka mag comment about the great Senator Miriam Santiago. Marami namang libro dyan sa tabi tabi… kunin mo at mag umpisa ka nang magbasa, okey? You sound so ignorant…. so illiterate! promise…

    2. hoy ricky! ikaw cguro ang laos at hindi ang pinakaidol kong si miriam. Buti nga siya siguro may malaking contribution sa Pilipinas,ikaw ka ya? tama ang sinabi nila para kang insektong walang kaalam-alam sa mga nangyayari sa society natin ngayon. kung alam namin siguro isa ka sa mga pilipinong pinoproblema ng ating bansa ngayon. kunn wala kang magawa,matulog ka na lang sa bahay niyo at hindi na gumising. Huwag na huwag mong pakikialaman ang mga taong malaking ang nagiging papel sa pag-unlad ng ating bansa ha. talagang matalino lang at loyal sa trabaho ang idol ko….

  4. Ricky alam mo, kung ikukumpara ka kay Miriam, isa ka lang insekto! Paano mo nasabi na si Miriam ay laos? Di sana siya nanalo ulit bilang senador kung hindi siya sikat. Sigurado ako na ikaw ang may Personality Disorder at Major Depression. Tapusin mo muna ang iyong elementary education bago ka magsalita ng ganyan hahahah.

    Miriam is highly qualified na maging Chief Justice. She is recognised by the United Nations as one of the Experts of International Law in the world.

    Kung hindi man siya naging Chief Justice, surely she will make it to the presidency ngayong darating na 2010. At isa ka sa mga aalisin niya sa lipunan upang mabawasan ang mga taong katulad mo hahahah.

  5. Yes! I strongly believe that senator Miriam can still make the best of her performance as a senator of the land. I feel her motherly sound and action. She is good senator….mga kababayan let us not judge her like that she is crazy, etc. Because we are not God, let us wait our time that God judge us. Because God is genius unlike us.
    I tell you frankly, without her in the senate, senate really tedious, lausy. Maganda ngang nandiyan ang senator kong Miriam because she can be a lecturer or Prof. to all senators specially to the new one’s because most of them are out of tune. Buti nga sakanila….God Bless nalang sa mga senator na atik-atik…….thank you

  6. Ricky kawawa ka talaga..

    Kung sa ilong ni miriam, kulangot ka lang..

    You must be proud somehow of having miriam born as filipino.. or else lahat ng pinoy siguro kagaya mo..

    Ulihi nalang buli mo kay daw baho gid tae..

  7. Hoy Ricky, ikaw ang laos…at hindi si Miriam. Oppps sorry, bakit ka maging laos, hindi ka nga sumikat kagaya ni Miriam.
    Ikaw ricky, you better go back to your sitio or barangay and finish your kindergarten studies. Ang mga bobong insektong katulad mo ay walang silbi dito sa civilized world.
    Ikaw ricky, you go to hell !!!

  8. hoy ricky!bilat ina muh.maytaw kah magbulabula kay miriam,di mu kaingatan miriam gurl ikaw gay..hahaha….panup-sup kaw buto iban nota..dagbus muh e diego,nuway ligo?ligo kaw.anak lambiyara etesh..

    Anyway ricky,sa totoo lng.kung magtakbo man c miriam being president for this coming 2010 ,im sure may progress talaga yun country natin.kung ikaw ang mag takbo e voto kita sa karera,im sure manalo kah,tsek?bang ikaw inda?


  10. In years I’ve been able to practice suffrage, Miriam proved herself very worthy of being in the senate. It is her niche though she can’t longer be the president (with the majority voters of this country, we deserve to have lesser caliber than that of Miriam). Through reading I think Miriam is really doing her job and she might be the greatest senator we will ever have. About the issue, it is natural to get angry due to disappointment. But what can we do if the current JBC have their shortcomings being ruled by the nature of wolves and crocodiles. That is our politics and we have to accept it. To Miriam, I know she can contain this and move on with a wicked plan… I mean better plan.

    I’m not done without commenting about that Ricky. You are one of the reasons why this country deserves what we are experiencing. It is not about being popular like some of our elected by majority president and senators. It is what you can do given your role in this society. You are used to the jejemon culture, the average IQ acting moron people, and the likes of the wolves and crocodiles in human form. I agree with the flaming reactions from other people here that you should read not the Showbiz magazine instead the news or law books so that you will be enlightened. Again, its not being what you will do so that you will become popular in the eyes of your fellow low thinking citizens.

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