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Mo Twister will wear a dress if…(Philippine Idol Alert)

philippine idol(Updated November 13: Mo Twister spared from wearing a dress)
Controversial DJ Mo Twister vowed to wear a dress for one week if KEN DINGLE continues to stay on as a [tag]Philippine Idol[/tag] Finalist. When asked by Ryan to choose their top Idol finalist, Mo blurted out his fearless forecast that it is Ken’s time to go. This announcement brought so much laughter from the live audience. I think I might have laughed too much. My husband and daughters teased me that my wish might finally come true. Ryan Agoncillo mentioned that they will have a dress on standby in tonight’s results night, if Ken manages to stay in the competition. Mamita will even provide the dress and dared Mo to don a mini-skirt. Mo Twister then ran up the ramp to rehearse his catwalk in case he needed to model the dress. Sometimes I think some kind soul is voting for Ken like crazy just so Philippine Idol comes out controversial. Controversy=More talk. More talk=Higher ratings. But this is getting ridiculous. Ken sticks out like a sore thumb among the more talented Idol finalists. Much as I want to see Mo Twister prancing around the ramp wearing a mini-skirt, I ‘d rather see Ken out of the competition. Glancing at Ken during the closing of the show, I noted his sour expression as if he had drank some vinegar earlier. I can’t blame him for looking that way after the way the audience guffawed over Mo’s declaration.

Don’t I look tacky posing with my top 3 Philippine Idol finalists? I’m not really a showbiz person or a huge fan of any music artist except for the Idol reality TV shows. Since I’ve watched Philippine Idol from the start, I might as well see how far these talented singers go. They can’t be called Idols if fans don’t pose with them. The photos will speak for itself. My husband and daughters are rooting for Pow because she has such sweet vocals that shows clarity and wide projection. I love Pow, Mau and Gian. I ‘ll just see how they perform in the next 5 weeks. I need to sleep.

me and Gianme and maume and Pow
(Photos from left to right: Posing with Gian, Mau and Pow)

Youtube Videos of the performance (Thanks to
-Pow singing “Love Moves in Mysterious Ways”

View Youtube Video of Miguel’s performance
View Youtube Video of Mau’s performance
View Youtube Video of Ken’s performance
View Youtube video of Jan’s Performance
View Youtube video of Gian’s Performance
(View the Photos and My Review of Philippine Idol Radio Night)

31 thoughts on “Mo Twister will wear a dress if…(Philippine Idol Alert)”

  1. I saw you last night! i was there too!!!
    i really hope Mo doesn’t wear a skirt. I was happy that he was honest, but driving his point too far will only let Ken lovers vote some more. Ack. The anticipation is killing me.

  2. Hi Noemi. Wow! Enjoy talaga entry. I don’t know if it is only me but I felt Mo crossed the line last night with his comments. It felt improper already to think that he is only a guest judge and those who were there ahead behave far more properly, not to mention even being more credible for that matter (as a judge).

  3. Well,Mo inadvertently saved Ken’s ass from elimination by swearing to high heavens he will cross dress if ken’s not booted out today. People like me who want Ken’s signing off will vote for him just to see Mo Twister’s big mouth suffer and curious how he looks in a dress, Oh My! hahahaa ang pangit siguro

  4. @patty- Ah I wish you introduced yourself.Maybe I smiled? I don’t know. Hope to see you in some shows

    @janette- Mo can be very controversial but I don’t think he offended the audience. Everyone has rolling with laughter except Ken of course.

    @Rob- my daughters said after the show” because Mo said that. I LOVE HIM FOR THAT”

    @jerico- I bet Ken will stay just so they will see Mo make a fool of himself. hehehe

  5. Noemi, I’m so happy Ken is gone.
    But for some reason, my sister was close to tears. Don’t get her wrong, she wanted him to go, I guess the fact that Ken was so “nice” about it made it a little harder.
    STill, Gian has to be amazingly great next week because it’s his ‘forte’ I so need to get my hands on tickets.
    The hunt for tickets begins.

  6. @patty- I am happy too that Ken is gone. About tickets, I think you can get a ticket if you buy their CD and show the receipt to the ticket ladies by the gate of SM cinema 3. I saw a few who entered the door this way. Another way is to take your chance for SRO by falling in line. I lost my seat assignment because ABC gave my seats to someone else. I was so mad. Fortunately I was able to get inside and insisted on taking my usual spot in the center. The demand of tickets get more and more as Philippine Idol gets more popular.

  7. i think PI has found it’s “simon cowell” in the person of mo twister, i’ve always thought of mr. c as randy jackson’s counterpart. finding someone too loveable to hate would be the criteria if they want to find a “paula”. i think those 3 personalities is what catapulted the american version of the show to its success.

  8. Got this posted in some site and I think it is damn true…sana mapansin to ng ABC5 pipz….

    Why Pilita Corrales should NOT be a Philippine Idol judge November 6, 2006
    Posted by ganns in Music. trackback

    A few days ago, I posted an entry on how Philippine Idol would slowly but surely rise to the top again. Well, after last night’s show, it became glaringly clear that Philippine Idol has one more monkey on its back, and that primate’s name is Pilita Corrales.

    After last night, I am fully convinced that Asia’s Queen of Song should stick to singing and managing her chain of restaurants, because she is, by far, the most ineffective judge I have ever seen on Philippine reality singing television. Last night, in one fell swoop, she managed to highlight three reasons why she should not be seated in that judge’s chair.

    Pilita is bigoted and closed-minded. Isn’t Philippine Idol all about following one’s dream and being true to what one is? Why, therefore, does she insist on packaging the Idols against what they are? Why does she, week after week, harp on Pow Chavez for not wearing a dress? Pilita herself says, “It’s all about being different.” Pow is different, and her fashion sense (which is crisp and consistent, I might add) adds to her own image (I admire Pow for her class in not lashing out at Mamita for all the times the latter has brought that up). Why does Mamita insist on doing that? Last night, when she brought up, yet again, Ryan Cayabyab shook his head and hid his face in his hands. We at home did too.

    Pilita also harped about Mau’s weight. I admit Mau does have weight issues, but I think it’s politically incorrect and a double standard to single out a plus-size woman for her body when her voice is, in the words of one of the judges, the best in the competition.

    The very first winner of Pop Idol – the UK version of Philippine Idol, and predecessor of all this hype – was Will Young, a publicly gay man. The second season found a winner in Michelle McManus – a plus-size woman. In the US, the winner of American Idol’s second season was Ruben Studdard, a plus-size man; several gay or plus-size contestants have also performed well and made it far, including (soon-to-be-Academy-Award-winning-actress) Jennifer Hudson, Scott Savol, Mandisa Hundley, Brie Rivera, Jim Verraros, and Frenchie Davis.

    My point? If you have talent and likeability, you can win this competition, fat or not, gay or not. And Pilita Corrales only makes the audience and contestants feel uncomfortable with her Stone Age views on ‘overall performance.’

    Her antics are inappropriate for a woman of her age. Why does she insist on flirting with Jan Nieto and Ryan Agoncillo? Her poorly dyed hair, her outdated clothes, and her lack of inhibition when it comes to swapping double entendres with the “Hunky Idol” and Judy Ann Santos’ other half, only leave a bad taste in the mouth.

    She contributes very little to the commentary. Oftentimes, Pilita talks about herself. Last night, she spoke about herself with regard to wardrobe malfunctions (Apple), she spoke about herself “as a woman,” (Jan) she spoke about herself staying fit (Mau). Well, this isn’t a show about her, it’s a show about singers who would like to be the Philippine Idol.

    She also admits that certain song nights aren’t to her liking. Well, naturally! Everyone has her/his own musical preference, but one of the reasons why she’s a judge is because she is supposed to be open to the kind of versatility that an Idol should have. She’s hardly open to the musical stylings of rock, dance, and Lord knows what other theme nights Idol has up its sleeve, but I can tell you this: my 60-year-old grandmother knows when she’s over-the-hill; some people can’t even accept the gray hairs.

    I think most people will agree with me when I say that, for the past few weeks, when the time for judges’ comments comes around, most people listen to the guest judge, and then tune Mamita out before paying attention to Ryan Cayabyab. For the most part, this makes Mamita a truly ineffective judge.

    What possible virtues can Pilita Corrales bring to Philippine Idol? She is too old to be relevant (her comments alone show that she is not in tune with the times!) and not even caring enough to be the contestants’ cheerleader, which is the important role Paula Abdul plays. Her comments make Paula look like a music professor; people hardly ever respond when she makes a comment, even a positive one (save for her chosen chicken, Jan), and she just does not bring anything to the show.

    It is my hope that Pilita will not be renewed for the second season of Philippine Idol. (Latin America’s Idol shows have changed judges, so it wouldn’t be a precedent.) There are so many more female judges out there with the cache, the seasoned experience, and the compassion to be of more use than Pilita Corrales. I’m sorry, but one season of the Pilita plaguing this show should be enough.

  9. @Ivan- Excellent and accurate article. I wish they would skip the part when Mamita says her criticisms. It’s stupid and pointless. Like you, I am an avid American Idol fan and am trully appalled at Mamita’s close-minded comments. Definitely not in tune with the times. My daughters in college adore Pow. They don’t care if Pau wears a dress or not . I love Mau . I can go beyond Mau’s weight issues because she is a wonderful singer. I think Mamita might be close to senility.

    I am sure the Philippine Idol will not renew her. I am hoping they also remove Francis.

  10. we actually bought CDs already but not in SM megamall. 🙁 we’re bringing our receipt next time though. 1 receipt for 2 cds, I hope they let both of us (my sister and i) in 😀
    we’re definitely going to take a chance and line up again this week. i have to see Gian perform live 😀 LoL

  11. Let’s get Jan this time, I think a singer should look well before, during and after singing don’t u think? We can’t have a Pinoy competing in the world idol like he is suffering from gas pain while singing.I am afraid to join you guys at the megamall to see them perform live because of Jan. I don’t know how it smells there fearing Jan is taking motilium for abdominal discomfort.

  12. Mo has a very twisted kind of nerve for the good of the Philippine Idol. He should confined peddling his wares to his kind of people … the only ones who appreciate his sickening presence….

  13. P.S.– I would like Pilita to stay as a judge. Her presence is a comic relief in a rather stale night of Idol , at times. I watch T.V. to be entertained, and Pilita more than does her thing in playing her role. Sense and sensibility are not really the norm of the game sometimes, even in a most august body like the government. Don’t change your ways Pilita, you make me chuckle , and watching and listening to you make my day…..

  14. Hello everyone. I am a teacher in New York city. I have been watching and reading this blog and i appreciate what you are doing for us here.

    First of all, i would like to comment on the finalists- though its true that Mau and Gian are the best singers hre- we should all be open to what the voting public will choose. Please avoid harsh comments especially on sexuality and appearance and just criticize the contestants on how great or poor their performances are. Would you feel good if your brother or sister is maligned the same way. they are just there to try their luck and share their talents.
    If you are updated on hollywood events- you will find out that Jennifer hudson- shined through her songs and acting prowess in the motion picture Dreamgirls- remember that even if I believed that she along with La toya Jackson are the best singers in their batch-american idol 3-where Fantasia won and our very own Jasmine emerged as 3rd. She got the role over a lot of more accomplished singers like barino.bottom line if you are good eventually youll star will shine if its your destiny.

    at any rate- we Filipinos, have a lot to be thankful for isnt it- once again Pacquiao showed the world how great we could be. So let us continue showing the world that we could really be a great, cultured and loving nation. God Bless.

  15. hehehe. i get that a lot of times. “Who?”

    noemi, thanks for the tickets last night, because of that ticket, i was able to let in a friend. for employees like me, ID okay na or smile sa guards na guards din sa home studio.

    see you next week!

    and thanks for reacting that way about the “Who?” thing, nakaka blush, hehehe.

  16. True, Mo Twister should replace Francis M. Why? He’s true and frank. No need of flowery words but just the truth. Francis M. couldn’t even give a truthful and technical criticisms on every contestant. For the next Philippine Idol, may Mo Twister replace Francis M. I don’t have the King of Philippine Rap but I’m not satisfied with his performance as judge.

  17. going back to the issue about the judges, i think they should really remove mamita and FM.. they haven’t had a single musically-correct critique since the beginning..
    mamita is just there to admire and flirt with the guys in idol, including jan nieto, ryan agoncillio, AND before, even…ken dingle (can u imagine that? err…)
    FM, on the other had, always makes safe comments, which most often than not, are the opposite of Mr. C’s, who happens to be the ONLY credible judge in the panel..
    the two (FM & mamita) couldn’t even distinguish a sharp from a flat! their comments are a big reason why some idols who are really not deserving to stay (e.g. ken, miguel, and jan maybe) are still in the contest at the expense of the others who should have remained (pow, apple, arms)..
    i just hope ABC would realize this.. they should hire DJ Mo and Lea Salonga(if possible) in order for the show to have much more excitement and controversy and REAL comments..
    i hope gian and mau be the final 2..

  18. Mo’s the best! It’s about time somebody keeps it real. Filipino’s are so incredibly chismoso and judgemental off screen, but so plastic on the record.

    Mo isn’t out to bash people, he’s just putting his own two cents of structive critisizm ’cause nobody else has the guts to behind. And with a show such as IDOL, at least he is staying true to the REAL format of the show.

    It’s not beauty pageant or a popularity contest for the JUDGES! It’s to critisize and HELP the CONTESTANTS IMPROVE. How else will they learn if people just suck up to you all the time to make themselves look good. What is the point?

    And if they can’t handle the heat, then they should not audition to begin with. If you can’t handle Mo’s honesty you’ll NEVER be able to handle the life of an artists and be critisized and bashed by those stupid chisimis shows like the BUZZ where they actually MAKE UP stories to make money and become more popular at peoples expense!

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