I’m having a bad cold today so I’m just taking it easy , surfing some sites for my viewing pleasure er, reading pleasure. I decided to check the [tag]Google adsense Report[/tag] of my daughter’s old domains.

I’m taken aback.


My daughter in her early teens bought her first journal domain. After a few years, she bought another one…then another one. Purely for fun. It’s like trendy clothes to them. A fad. As she said I want to be a domain whore. I don’t know how many sites she has now. I only know of the domains that I purchased.

While reading problogger.net a few months ago, I read how Darren earned $14,436.45 in one month just by blogging. Not that I dreamed to earn that much but perhaps I can recoup my $175 a year domain/hosting expenses from years 1998 and thereafter. [tag]Domain registration and hosting[/tag] were very expensive in the years 1998 -2001. I was aware that my daughter had 2 semi-abandoned domains with a few subdomains having a Google Page Rank 6 for many years now. She also recently acquired a new blog domain . I smelled a window of opportunity. So I asked her if she wanted her sites [tag]monetized by Google Adsense[/tag].

She hesitated. The adsense blocks will deface my blog.

What if it might earn you a couple of dollars?, I prodded.

She squealed. Can I buy books with the money?

And we sealed a deal with a kiss.

Most bloggers get modest adsense earnings monthly. Lauren’s old sites are earning more than modest range. That is all I can say. But not annual six figures (in peso terms).


  • She has written thousands of original entries for many years. I mean literally thousands and not just short blog entries at that.
  • She updated almost everyday until she hit college.
  • Her existing domains & subdomains are over 6 years old.
  • Lesson learned: Just keep writing , love blogging and one day, readers will notice your content. Google will love you . I believe Google’s search engine’s technology is closely simulated on the human surfing needs. After all, humans want to read a blog with meaningful and original content.

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