Music Break with Violinist John Lesaca

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John Lesaca playing Looking Through The Eyes of Love

What joy to hear John Lesaca playing the violin! It was not the beautiful music that emanated from the violin that took my breath away. It was his expression and feelings that went into the violin playing. I miss playing musical instruments. How long has it been? 10 years, perhaps? These days, the only keys that my fingers touch are my macbook’s keyboard.

I remember as a teen how I poured my emotions into playing the piano, guitar and musical organ.

My piano teacher, Pilar B. Sala (who was incidentally the teacher of my mom and 3 other sisters) taught me to feel the music and only then will one play the music so beautifully. She’d yell “expression, expression” as I run my fingers through the piano keys. That’s why I often gaze at the artist during their performance so I can feel their passion placed into the song.

Everyone in the audience during the SieMatic BeauxArts Kitchen Press Launch fixed their gaze towards John Lesaca’s face as he nimbly fiddled with his violin. What a beauty to behold.

Music is so comforting. It’s a respite from all these tragic and depressing news.

Here’s another amaterurish video I took:

John Lesaca playing Somewhere in Time


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