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My Husband, The Warrior Lawyer

Meet The Warrior Lawyer, my husband. His blog, “The Warrior Lawyer” was probably inspired from the book, The Warrior Lawyer by David Barnhizer . I’ve never shamelessly plugged his blog (except through links) in here because he is shy. Yes, a shy blogger.

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Butch started his blog sometime August 2006 and published quite a few relevant articles for the blogosphere such as Blog Ethics, Libel on the Internet under Philippine Law, Freedom of Expression and more. Just before the Brian Gorrell blog exploded, Butch shared his knowledge on Libel and blogging with a podcast to boot. Being quoted by Manolo Quezon thrills this shy blogger so much that he’d email me just to boast that Manolo quoted me. Simple joys, my Warrior Lawyer. haha. But he wasn’t shy to volunteer his services as the resource person for the Libel talk for bloggers.

So why am I writing about my husband, the lawyer?

Well, first, I just wanted to tell you all to go visit his blog. (Shameless plug, of course)

Second, tomorrow the 2007 Bar exam results will be out. The bar exam results was one of the most memorable events in our married life. Butch was just a third year Law student when we got married in 1985. While a student, I took the role as the bread winner while he stayed home (whenever he wasn’t with the guys or studying) to take care of the babies. It must have been 1989 when he took the bar exams. He started his review on a July with the exam scheduled on a September. I know it’s crazy because others review at least 4 months ahead. But yeah, Butch is smart and relied heavily on stock knowledge. After all he is a third generation lawyer.

With crying toddlers at home, Butch had difficulty concentrating on his review. Often he’d study in the spare bedroom. That must have struck a big impression on my little girl’s perception of a family. Little L drew her idea of a family. She handed me the drawing with a proud look written all over her face. What I saw was a representation of my two daughters and myself outside our pretty little house.

I asked “Where is your dad?”

L pointed to the house “He’s inside sleeping. He’s tires studying. Ssshhh.”


It is really stressful and agonizing just waiting for the result. My husband and I have been there. On the day he found out he passed the bar exams, we celebrated in Barrio Fiesta. As we sipped on our sour sinigang soup, he already envisioned himself as a law partner by the time the girls reached High School. The Law Office materialized as planned but in the end, the law practice did not really give all the happiness, nor harmony desired. Money, status, and success replaced his original goals. He took another path, being employed for a change. Dreams change. Goals change. Yet, he strives to achieve a Way of Being–the Warrior Lawyer.

To all the new lawyers, congratulations. To those that didn’t make it, there is always a second time. My brother-in-law (Butch brother), another brother-in-law and my father-in-law took it twice but it didn’t mean they were a failure. In fact, they excelled in their careers.

You will all fight like the Warrior Lawyer just like Japan’s most revered samurai, Miyamoto Musashi, in which the warrior strives to be one with his/her vocation and prepares with great discipline to achieve his Way of Being.

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15 thoughts on “My Husband, The Warrior Lawyer”

  1. hi ms. noemi! i have visited your husband’s blog before (blog hopping). he’s smart and writes well. i have two lawyer cousins and i had plans to follow in their footsteps before but it didn’t push through due to change of priorities.

    on a different note, just want you to know that i’m glad to have met you in person in the wikipilipinas event this evening. ’twas meaningful, memorable and fun. thanks for the company. 😀

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  4. hello, ms. noemi!

    when i was young, i used to dream of becoming a lawyer someday, and though there are so many constraints to put this dream into reality, i know someday i’ll get what i deserve.

    btw, i’m very pleased to meet you in person, ma’am. it was my first time to attend a bloggers’ meet and i can say i really enjoyed the event. i hope there are more events to come for us, bloggers. kudos!

  5. Hi Noemi, you know what, one day I saw my hubby reading The Warrior Lawyer over the net. You see, he starts his day reading newspapers then go to Ellen Tordesillas’ blog and came across his name from there yata. Hubby and I also took up Law, he reached the 2nd year in law school and went on-leave to do business. While I tried to take review classes before but ended up being preggy, he he. I hope I’ll have the courage to take the bar this September.

  6. Noemi, have read Butch’s blog and I would have to say that he has opinions that I agree with. He writes well 🙂

    Oh, by the way, Rita Y, whom I met through Bro Bo’s CFA, our homeschooling provider, used to be Butch’s classmate ( in Paco), if I remember it right 🙂 Small world.

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  8. Hi there, Madam Warrior Lawyer. I’ve read a lot of the Warrior Lawyer’s posts in his blog. I have to tell you he has a wonderful mind and intellect and a writing skill on par with the best of the current crop of newspaper columnists in the country. The personality and class the Warrior Lawyer adds to the profession makes law practice a worthy endeavor. He elevates the law back to its proper intelllectual realm. More power and all of God’s best to your family.

  9. hi there warrior lawyer’s wife! Its funny. I “asked” Google this type of question: “beeing a lawyer and a husband?” and this is one of the pages that came up. I admire your devotion to the idea that your husband is a lawyer and I see that you are supporting him as a wife which I highly admire! I want to become a lawyer but there is something that really scares me. I’m married and I love my wife, I want to be with her and to be a good father one day…but I hear that beeing a lawyer is not a family friendly job…can you please give me an advise and tell me how is it to be married to a lawyer? Do you still have time together or does he spend all his time working on cases? I really appreciate any type of an answer! Thanks in advance!

    Georgi, 22

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