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My iPhone 3G Experience

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28 thoughts on “My iPhone 3G Experience”

    1. That’s why I dim the LCD screen. Good thing I don’t have your cellphone number or you will be one of my innocent victims of missed calls and “weird” text messages. Hah, I need to be careful when auto correction replaces words.

  1. Another way you can increase battery life is by leaving the Bluetooth and GPS radios off. I also turn off the wi-fi antenna whenever I know that there’s no chance I’ll be near a hotspot (like, e.g., when I’m driving). Also, if you have Push services toggled on, the phone opens a GSM connection every minute or so to query the MobileMe server (or whatever email provider you’ve got setup). As you can imagine, this kind of activity tends to be a drain on battery life.

    The battery life is no biggie, imho, because every single touch-capable smart phone I’ve owned over the past 2 years (HP Mobile Messenger, Samsung Blackjack, Sony Ericsson P1i) have all used up their batteries within about 24 hours if you’ve got everything running.

    BTW, if you haven’t tried MobileMe yet, I highly recommend it. There’s something magical about entering a new contact vcard or a new calendar entry on your iPhone and having that information propagate automatically across every machine you own within a few seconds.

    luiss last blog post..Mechanical Plurk

    1. sorry to disappoint you, I won’t regret it even if they came out with a model tomorrow. Apple is known to come out with new models. I bought a black macbook last year even if I knew Apple will release a new model as they always do.

      That’s the way technology works.

  2. Guys,

    Need your advise. ☺

    i’m planning to buy an iPhone next month.


    Would you say that it’s all worth the money???

    Is it true that it hangs???

    And when it does, is it true din ba na u have to wait na ma “no batt” state siya?…



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