My sister won in the US midterm elections

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The election results are now official. My sister, Myrna emailed me a few minutes ago “I won second place (75 votes less than John Delgado). The important thing is I am elected! Now on to governing.”


I am so happy for her, thrilled that I was there in the last two crucial weeks and helping out in the mini rallies. She won a seat in the city council of Hercules. In 2013, she will be the vice-mayor and on 2014, the first lady mayor of the city. Many of you asked me if my sister won. I purposely did not make an announcement pending official results. The winner was known 4 hours later but you never know. I didn’t want to jinx it.

Filipino-Americans are slowly having a voice in their communities. My sister won because she had a proven track record of competence, commitment, and character as a a community member in the Planning Commission. Oath-taking will be on December 14 and suddenly I miss my sister.

The election results showed that an unprecedented 30 Filipino American candidates ran for various political positions in the Nov. 2nd mid-term elections with 21 candidates winning a seat. Here are some trivia of the Filipino-Americans:

    • 30 Filipino American candidates across the U.S.


    • 13 Filipina Women won. 8 re-elections; 5 first time candidates.


    • 8 of our Pinoy brothers won. 6 re-elections; 2 first time candidates.

Filipina women elected (13 from 18 candidates):

8 re-elections; 5 first time candidates

1 state senator
4 state representatives
1 state chief justice
3 city council members
3 school board trustees
1 park and rec board member

Filipino men elected (6 from 8 candidates):

6 re-elections; 2 first time candidates
2 U.S. Congress members
3 city mayors
2 city council members
1 district board commissioner


In behalf of my sister, thank you to all those who told their relatives and friends in Hercules city. Here is a thank you video I created after the campaign season. Thank you all

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