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Nicole, Subic Rape Victim is now in the USA for Good

Update: April 23, 2009: US Marine, Daniel Smith is acquitted by Court of Appeals

I admit. At first, I was on Nicole’s side but as the case unfolded, I had my doubts. My heart went out to Lance Cpl. Daniel Smith especially when he got convicted. I am not a mind-reader but I watched his eyes on television as if screaming of innocence. I wrote

Do you honestly think without reasonable doubt that Smith is guilty of rape? Though not a popular opinion, I have been having doubts he is really guilty. But then again , we will let the Courts of Appeal or the Supreme Court decide. The evidence will speak for itself .

Justice will be served.

(Edit at 11:00 PM- Nicole doubts she was raped. Read her affidavit)

Is this the justice served? Nicole is now in the US for good. Evelyn Ursua, Nicole’s lawyer said that in the letter, Nicole and the mother were ““tired of the case and do not want anymore to be bothered by it because ‘there is no justice in the Philippines.'”

Wasn’t justice served for Nicole? I don’t get it. Though Smith is not languishing in jail, it’s not an ideal situation for the boy. He is not free to have fun, to work , to bond with his family just like my 23 year old daughter.

Mon Tulfo nails it to the point when he raised his doubts.

For treating a Filipino woman so shabbily and humiliating her, Smith and his fellow Marines should be punished. But definitely not for rape.

Just a few weeks ago, someone spammed my husband’s entry and mine with the same comment “There was NO rape”, the contents of which were very similar to Mon Tulfo’s article. It made me think that someone renewed the campaign against Nicole to put more pressure into the release of Smith. It looked to me that a massive press release was being sent to media and bloggers alike. Another commenter even placed her real name in the comments section which I deleted.

The fact that the lawyer’s services were no longer needed and that Nicole wanted “all other cases arising from or related” to the rape case dropped smacks of a sell-out to me. Why of all places is she in the USA for good? Isn’t it ironic? Isn’t that the last place she’d want to be? A reader just commented that Nicole “did the right thing instead of letting herself to be continually used by Gabriela and the leftists when in fact, she knows the truth.” ““There is going suspicion that maybe Nicole was pressured and we understand her situation right now,” said Rep. Liza Maza of women’s party list Gabriela in a telephone interview on ANC’s Dateline Philippines.

I can’t help but feel disappointed with Nicole’s decision because I thought she was really fighting a cause but I guess the pressure must have been too much to bear.

Maybe Senator Ana Consuelo ““Jamby” Madrigal is right when she candidly says that ““perhaps there was a deal [that was] too good to refuse.”

What do you think?

Edit (11:42PM)- Nicole reversed her statements regarding her rape by Daniel, saying she is now unsure whether she was raped. ‘Nicole’ backtracks, hints that Daniel Smith did not rape her

“However…I can’t help but entertain doubts on whether the sequence of events in Subic last November of 2005 really occurred the way the court found them to have happened,” she said.

She said that she was continuously being bothered by her conscience and realized that “I may have in fact been so friendly and intimate with Daniel Smith at the Neptune Club that he was led to believe that I was amenable to having sex or that we simply just got carried away.” –

(Photo credit of Nicole to Abante and the Lance Cpl Daniel Smith photo to

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57 thoughts on “Nicole, Subic Rape Victim is now in the USA for Good”

  1. Suzette (or Nicole) left for US LAST WEEK for good.

    You guys be the judge if there was rape in the first place. Ha ha ha!

    On the other hand, Suzette did the right thing instead of letting herself to be continually used by Gabriela and the leftists when in fact, she knows the truth.

    Smith will now face the US Military Court Marshall but he will get a FAIR investigation there so he will be okay.

    1. I admit that I thought it was rape but as the case unfolded, I had my doubts. Sure, Lance and the others mistreated her and should have been punished but it wasn’t rape.

      You are right in saying that it was a good decision that Nicole left. I guess Nicole could not standby her cause and that of others taking it up for her.

  2. So she got a visa? My cousin owns several used car lots across the country, can’t get a visa. Nicole is accusing an American of rape, she gets a visa.

    a comment from two years ago:

    “The girls there also just want to get out of the Philippines and it doesn’t matter how. There were reports before that Nicol and her family have asked to give them US visas for them to cancel the case but they were denied.” a comment from two years ago.

    BrianBs last blog post..First-Gen iPod Nano Owners on $25 Settlement

      1. I wonder what kind of US visa did she get and who petitioned her.

        There were reports that she had a US military fiance. Maybe he or a different fiance petitioned her.

  3. Nicole was my topic a month a go during the ethics debate in school. That was a debate about utilitarianism. That week, I almost got disqualified because of “not showing sympathy to the rape victim – a 22-year-old girl.” (Quoted from my professor.) My school is very sympathetic towards women. But I cannot accept the fact that a girl who willingly went to the vehicle with men, didn’t understand what the men probably mean when they asked her to go with them. We had the last ethics debate before vacation yesterday, and I have had the said professor concede after bringing up this Nicole’s flight to the U.S. last week. How could she have been given a visa given that she sued an American? How long had she been in the process of applying for a visa? This one shows how much the American government is willing to to for their countrymen, and how low a woman would stoop just to be able to get what she wants. Awful. All these activists have stood up for her, then there she goes – she left the country, like she left the strong girl who wanted justice that she used to be. Or was she really that girl?

  4. Suzette was petitioned by her fiance of 2 years who is in the US military.

    It takes AT LEAST 3 months to process a US fiance visa.

    Suzette was already applying for a US visa while protesting against VFA, Smith, Supreme Court, etc., with Gabriela.

    Ha ha ha!

  5. i knew it from the very start that this marine officer was innocent! my predictions would be assault… but rape… i think it’s a no… and if ever there was a rape afterall… how can nicole clearly identified a person when she is/was super drunk at that time… i cant even recognize or identify a person clearly kapag naalimpungatan ako sa gabi eh… tapos kapag lasing pa… but then again, with all that i said above… it’s just my opinion…

    yatots last blog post..Hot Shot New Trailer, Casts, Synopsis, Information and Poster!

  6. From a psychological point of view both parties were telling the truth — just that they were stretching it to their own convenience and/or freedom. They danced the night away drunk and finally wanted to get out of the bar. She willingly rode his car with the others and the couple flirted some more. She was attracted to him and he wanted her. There was obvious sexual tension, she was exuding it, he was catching it — but neither knows how FAR the other would go and they could just go by presumptions and non-verbal cues. They proceeded with more foreplay in the car and he initiated the actual intercourse. But others cheered on and it has gotten out of hand, suddenly shaming a drunk but still conscious woman who became irate & agitated and most probably at some point said “stop” or “no” in some SORT of way but the deed is well on its way. A genuine rapist would not even bother to put on a condom coz for them it is the POWER trip not the sexual pleasure they are after. So he said it was consensual …she said she was raped. There is a finer than fine line there and it can go either way. But it takes two to tango and all’s fair in lust and war.

  7. I was actually on Nicole’s side because I thought Mr. Smith’s lawyer is an a*****. Like arguing that Mr. Smith used a condom so there was no rape involved. Lol wut? Plus I hated the snide remarks given by our Justice secretary. But a part of me doubted her story when it was reported that she took 5 shots of b-52 or various cocktails, enough to make someone forget what happened the night before. She said she was too drunk to agree to a consensual sex, but her testimony is filled with clarity, that she was sober enough to recall the event.
    Right now the Inquirer revealed her face (well, it was revealed a long time ago in the nets). I don’t know if to show their disgust that we’ve been had all along.
    I still don’t know what is going on, so I reserve my judgments. But if indeed Daniel Smith is innocent, then I pity all the real rape victims that are willing to come out. I’m not gong to hate her for backtracking. What’s worse is keeping silent forever knowing the guy is innocent. Nicole, I’m pretty sure, is going to be our version of Octomom, for being the most hated woman in the country. That is punishment enough.

  8. owell, i didn’t believe in her at the very start.

    in school, our legal medicine professors also didn’t agree that she was raped. the physical evidences they got from her were not suggestive of rape.

    i knoe people who knoe her family and they told me she wasn’t raped.


    daks last blog post..That’s The Way Love Goes

  9. actually, the bad impact is..
    the next time it will happen….

    Filipina’s are “doubtful” with regards to rape vs. american soldiers vs 100,000.00 and a dream to become US citizen 🙂

  10. I’d like to add to my earlier post. You are right. There’s more to this recantation than a woman attacked by guilty conscience and receiving a substantial amount. So many mysteries surrounding the issue. The firing of Atty. Ursua is one, the victim’s hasty departure to the US, of all places. The timing of everything RP-US relations related, including BHO calling GMA, Mancao’s return, etc. I’m no believer in conspiracy but this one is oddly timed. So many things don’t add up.
    Her latest affidavit were the same questions raised by the defense. And in this too, she’s still ain’t sure. Anyway, IMO, having sex with someone who is drunk and with lowered inhibition is still abusive, consensual or not.
    I’m still not condemning Nicole, err Suzette. Maybe she is tired to undergo hell all over. Whether she told tales before and later on recanted or she was under duress to sign that affidavit, either way, I still feel sorry for true rape victims coming out. As they say, justice in the Phlippines is pera-pera na lang.

    1. The 100,000 Pesos that Suzette brought was the payment from Smith that Judge Pozon ordered him to pay her in 2006 for moral and compensatory damages when she won the case.

  11. jeez,

    i was all out for nicole before. and with this latest twist… i.e. had an american boyfriend before, raped by an america, now with an american boyfriend, it makes me think nicole really had it coming. well it comes to me she is as cheap as i earlier thought. gusto lang makasabit sa kano, at all costs, para sa american dream. gina–o mo kaming lahat, nicole.

  12. you might be interested to read this very nice and honest article I came across Facebook written by Inday Espina-Varona

    Nicole: A sister’s tough choice

    It was, in the parlance of negotiators, a lose-lose situation. Nicole, the woman raped by American serviceman Daniel Smith, the woman whose face the Inquirer bared cruelly on its front pages today, knew what awaited her.

    And she was right. The insults, the slurs, the indignation rained as heavy as they did when PR hacks hired for the defense of Smith (and the government he serves) tried to justify a crime by painting Nicole as a woman of loose morals.

    That Nicole practically damns herself the same way now does not excuse the stone throwing.

    A woman of loose morals can be raped. Indeed, a woman seen by society as one with loose morals is most vulnerable to rape. A society that fumes at a woman’s attempt to live by her own rules will turn its eyes away and close its ears when men decide to impose the most humiliating punishment they can on this singular, defiant woman.

    There’s a line in the Green Mile. To paraphrase: people who think themselves enlightened can perpetrate the most horrific deeds. By commission they do this; likewise, by omission.

    Like many friends, I, too, would like to see a lopsided, onerous treaty provided rescinded. A country may open its doors to troops of a military ally if it helps build up its own defense capabilities; what makes the VFA unjust are the provisions clearly skewed towards the bigger power. Until the VFA treats erring American troops like erring Filipino troops, it remains unacceptable. (One might point out that too many erring Filipino soldiers have walked away scot-free but we can’t have everything and just a slight evening out of the field is enough for me.)

    But yearning for a noble goal – abolition of an onerous treaty – does not mean it is right for us to drag Nicole through the mud once more. There is no more self-serving, selfish comment than to wail we’ve been had because Nicole issued an affidavit virtually clearing Smith.

    So she crumbled. So she groveled before might and the power of the American dream. So what? A close reading of the affidavit shows she doesn’t say the rape NEVER happened. She just spouts what the defense wants her to say.

    Many raped women have crumbled in the face of much, much less – say, the tears of an apologetic husband or boyfriend, or the pleas of a family tired of braving the sneers and leers, or just the mounting bills of a legal battle; or maybe just the pleas of one man’s mother, and/or the promise of marriage to make an “honest” woman of her — with all the subtext of she-was-asking-for-it.

    We in the media and people’s organizations know of tortured folk recanting on earlier testimony. It doesn’t make them allies of evil men; it simply means there were factors heavy enough to crush determination and courage.

    Was it naïve of Nicole to expect aid from the Philippine government? Maybe. But many Filipinos do expect government or government officials to help them. Why are there long lines of supplicants at the gates of mayors and congressmen and governors?

    Besides, it’s not just the government. People’s orgs and NGOs – even the media – are there to succor the afflicted. But our attention spans are also as short as the public’s. We are not evil; we just have other, “more important” things to attend to.

    How many times have we in media done a round of mea culpa when discussing human rights? We admit we cannot always keep the lights shining on one particular case – and that often starts the slide to defeat. That does not make us in the media bad; we know the many reasons for this situation. If we can accept this, why cannot we accept the loneliness and bewilderment of the violated, their impatience and their hopelessness?

    Likewise, I have been around these circles of aid-givers enough to know that there is some residual middle-class desire to expect people we help to be docile and grateful, when in truth the task of working for justice does not guarantee good manners and right conduct among those we seek to aid.

    Oh yes, there are many do-gooders who can barely mask their pinched noses as they go about giving aid, and there are those whose faces turn red and mouths turn down when they are met with less than obsequious thanks in their tours of duty or because the people they help just can’t be bothered by the higher isms of the day. That’s not to denigrate aid givers as evil; just to make them out as truly human, the same way the people they serve, Nicole included, are just as human.

    The truth is, Nicole has walked a long, long way in this ordeal; longer than most women who have suffered rape.

    Just a little over a week ago, I had to double check some documents from the Bacolod police because they initially seemed exaggeratedly negative. Of 36 cases of acts of lasciviousness report last year, only six were filed with the fiscal. Of 943 cases of violence against women, only 13 were filed in court. Of 26 rape cases, only six were filed. In the case minors, the ratio was nine of 34 rape cases ending up in court.

    Nicole, at least, braved cross-examination and the harsh glare of the media spotlight, including the baring of her real identity name.

    She mustered the strength for this because many of us supported her – whether because rape alone was enough to stir us to outrage or because she was a vehicle to reach a higher goal.

    And now she has crumbled. Why are we so irate? How many friends do we know who voluntarily joined this or that cause but dropped out after sometime? Do we sneer and call them traitors? Don’t we even share meals with those who now serve the government, no matter if the thought of this government makes us puke?

    How many on Facebook were once firm believers in this or that cause? Nobody pressured us to join those causes, right? Did we face a mob when we decided to leave?

    Well, Nicole never volunteered for the cause. She had to be raped to join it. She never asked to be poster girl for nationalists; she was made one by virtue of rape.

    There are a million and one reasons for despair and hopelessness. A noble cause cannot always hold one above the waters. Nor will a lynching make our cause more right.

    Nicole is not the enemy. Let’s not treat her like one.

    1. Insightful article. I can’t call her enemy but still a lot of Filipinos can’t believe she had to wait this long to retract. It is a disappointment and we should allow ourselves to be entitled to these feelings.

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  14. Justice Secretary Gonzalez said that if he had granted Suzette’s request to remove the MEATY portions of her rape affidavit in 2005, there would NEVER been a rape case.

    Yes, convict Smith after Suzette already submitted an affidavit that there was consensual sex.

    So that the international community (aka other countries) will look at the Philippine Judicial System even MORE of a JOKE.

    This is now all over the international news including Wall Street Journal.

  15. I am from Zamboanga. Long before Nicole cried wolf. She was already a “regular” of our Army base here. Night after night she and her friends loiter around and lure american soldiers. Maybe selling some stuff that only american people find them “exotic”.

  16. i was among those surprised by the recantation. i worked closely with those involved in the case until it was won in december 2006. i admit that i was at first disappointed at nicole, after all that people had done for her, but i think i understand now why she did what she did. i can’t even muster the gall to personally ask her. it wasn’t easy for her, so please, leave her in peace.

  17. Suzette finally WOKE UP.

    That is better choice for Suzette than letting Ursua, Gabriela, Salonga, etc., used her for their careers.

    Now, their careers are OVER.

  18. We may leave her in peace but what she has left behind is in chaos and tatters. From the beginning of the case I doubted, then by the time that Smith got convicted it looked too predictable. Now that Nicole has reversed, what does makes us (and her) look like before the eyes of the world?

    Somewhere, someone is very happy with the outcome, and we all ordinary Filipinos are the losers in the invisible power struggle between the Americans and the Chinese.

  19. BOTH Smith and Suzette were RAPED by Ursua, Maza and her Gabriela clan, Madrigal, Salonga, Pozon, anti-Americans, etc.

    They are both young and naive.

    … but Smith was also RAPED by the Philippine Judicial System.

  20. she just wanted to have her visa and fly to the US and look for an american cock to fulfill her sexual desires… maybe she doesn’t like small ones that is why she is looking for the big ones… lol….

  21. From the moment this issue was publicized, I knew it, there was no rape happened. Just a typical story of an opportunist woman who desires to hook up an american bf. A decent woman would never get herself drunk and go out with men she barely knows. It goes to show how desperate she is. This is another classic example of making filipinos ashamed of their race.

  22. i don’t really blame her. i think she was practically used by the media and the politikos to forward their own agenda. she was raped several times, first by smith and then the system. i believe it was a good move to leave it all behind and start a new life.

  23. The Philippine DOJ must investigate Suzette’s lawyer, Evalyn Ursua, and Gabriela, Bayan Muna, etc., and find out if Ursua wanted Suzette to give false testimony.

    If proven guilty, Ursua and her groupies could go to jail from 6 years to 40 years.


  24. I think it should be Smith’s counsels (including the notary public who works for the same firm) who should be investigated and disbarred for violation of the Code of Legal Profession.

    I never doubted Nicole’s allegation that she was raped. It is not easy to accuse someone with rape because it is the victim who usually ends up being tried in court. Her reputation and her actions will be scrutinized. Never mind that her supposedly “indecent behavior” is irrelevant. People will judge her because of it.

    The fact that Nicole was able to withstand the trial, the cross examination and secure a conviction speaks a lot about the case of the prosecution. We witnessed the odds that the victim had to face, that even the Justice Secretary- the head of the prosecution department of the government, was condemning her actions. It is laughable how some people had the nerve to insinuate that she wrongfully accused Smith just to get a visa. Come on!

    That said, I understand why she executed the new affidavit. Who would not want an easier and more private life abroad. It is a chance to start over after the harrowing experience. Why would you stay in this country when you have no idea about how many years you have to fight and how many brick walls you still have to face in order to get a final decision. It’s easy for people to judge her about what she did and the reasons behind it. But, the truth is, we cannot really say how we would react to that kind of situation unless we have experienced it ourselves. It’s so easy to pass judgments at her while we sit on our armchairs watching and learning about the situation at a distance.

  25. Philippine Supreme Court Rule 121 Secton 2b of Criminal Law Procedures states that:

    “The court shall grant a new trial if a new and material evidence has been discovered which the accused could not with reasonable diligence have discovered and produced at the trial and which if introduced and admitted would probably changed the judgment.”

  26. Arpee Lazaro,

    I am with you… I really hope that Suzette will have a peaceful and good life in the US or anywhere.

    I never believed that she was raped and after analyzing eveything, she was just used by Ursua, Maza, Gabriela, Bayan Muna, etc., for their propaganda and careers.

    … and Smith was used by Judge Pozon and the Philippine Judicial System.

    Both of them were used by anti-Americans.

    I really want Smith to go home now.

    I wish both Smith and Suzette all the best.

  27. It is funny when people join the bandwagon. Nicole cried rape, Filipinos crucified America. Nicole recanted, Filipinos called Nicole slut.

    It is very discerning that Filipinos can’t read beyond the sensationalism.

    Rape is rape. Rape in Philippine RA8393 is committed in any following conditions: (1) by force, (2) unconscious or deprived of reason, (3) by abuse of authority, (4) demented or under 12 yrs of age.

    Nicole’s affidavit simply affirmed her intoxicated state that deprived her of reason to give consent. It is still rape. In fact, paragraph 9, states that she had no memory except for the loud music in the van.

    Filipinos are also not discerning of the greatest irony in the rape case. The US embassy granted entry to Nicole who put life of a US soldier at risk and the VFA which protects military operation into jeopardy.

    Think first why US embassy gave her a visa before calling her a slut.

  28. I wouldn’t be surprised if Suzette has another affidavit stating that she was pressured by Ursua, Gabriela, Bayan Muna, EnGende Rights, etc., to sue Smith for rape.

  29. hay naku nanay ni Luijoe

    malulungkot ang anghel mo sa langit sa mga pinapayagan mong mga komento dito sa blog mo tungkol sa kaso ni nicole. ikaw nga mismo, nagbitiw ka na ng opinyon eh di mo pa pinagaalan at pinagisipan ng maayos.

    magingat ka sa mga komento mo tungkol kay nicole.
    sobra naman halata yung mga kaibigan mo na pro smith na puti at galing sa mayaman na bansa.

    mag aral ka ng mabuti tungkol sa mga tao at kanilang pamilya na nakaranas ng panggagahasa,
    kagaya ng sinasabi mong masusi mong pagaaral tungkol sa sinasabi mong pagluluksa (‘grief*) sa mga namatayan ng mga minamahal.

    the subic rape case is not as simplistic as your blog ( especially your frist entry) tries to make this case appear. but then, i am not surprised.since i realize that shallow ideas and expressions only emanate from shallow and reckless people’s minds..

    and i will not be suprised if you dont post this.
    just remember your angel is watching you and is very very dissappointed with how you have caied youself with this case, how sad his mom has tuned out as a trying hard blogger.

    educate yourself on rape and violence against women— this would be a meaningful starting point. just like how you educated yourself about grief, dying and setting up support groups. shame on you, you try so hard to be a counselor? you certainly have a loooooooong way to go.

    1. Excuse me, I am not a counsellor for your information. Where did I place information that I am a counsellor? I organized with 2 other parents the Compassionate Friends which is a peer support group and NOT a counselling group.

      Just like everyone else, I am allowing this comment to get through just to show to the readers. In the first place, Nicole already admitted she had doubts she was raped. So can you explain to me why Nicole wrote that affidavit? If you do, then come back here and post so others may know.

      Make sure your succeeding comments stick to the issue of Nicole and don’t drag my son in this discussion. Next comment that is unrelated to the post goes to spam.

    2. How apt that you will judge others anonymously, eh? If you truly believe in the strength of your convictions, why not back up your allegations with your identity and facts?

  30. i understand you, ms. noemi. just keep being a better blogger. don’t mind what other people say.

    remember the saying, “women are like teabags, you’ll never know how strong they are unless you put them in hot water.”

    Nicelys last blog post..

  31. Hi Ms. Noemi. I’ve always been a fan of your articles and how you consistently react to public issues. Don’t be affected by such negative comments. Just keep it up. I don’t see anything wrong with your commentaries. This person is just one of the few people with no substance at short trying hard to make comments pero wala namang alam..He/She’s over reacting..Perhaps he/she’s a relative of the victim whose so affected here. We can’t blame her if that’s the case. Let’s keep in mind that everyone’s entitled to his/her opinion..For as long as we don’t step on somebody, it’s alright to leave a comment. Will support your blogs, ms noemi.. no worries on that 🙂 Luijoe is looking down from heaven so happy and proud of you! cheers!!!

    1. Thanks. She is entitled to her opinion. The thing is she couldn’t argue her case so she had to drag my son. I hope when she comes back here, she has more to say than “angel sa langit”

  32. That comment is absolutely out of the context.. Please present more factual and relevant comments instead of using an innocent child whose now in peace to defend your issues. How pathetic and so shallow ;(

  33. Knew it. It doesn’t sound logical at all that the three accused was acquitted and only Smith was convicted. People like “NICOLE” should never be allowed to leave the Philippines. She’ll obviously be a SHAME to the Filipino community here in the US. We Filipinos in the US don’t want to be the object of resentment like the Hispanics(especially the immigrants) by non Filipino Americans because of the bad image being generated by people like Nicole.

    Walang delicadeza, nagpa-nationwide news pa ang gaga

  34. Finally!

    This case should NOT even go to trial in the first place.

    The Regional Trial Court who convicted Smith in 2006, Judge Pozon, was PRESSURED by media and anti-Americans to give the guilty verdict on smith eventhough all the facts presented to court did NOT show any rape at all.

    No Blood Alcohol Content or BAC was even done on Suzette to see how much alcohol she had in her body.

    There is NO jury duty in the Philippines.

    Only the Judge decides on the case in the lower or Regional Trial Court.

    There is Jury of Justices in the Court of Appeals there and they were the ones who acquitted Smith.

    Suzette and Smith were BOTH used by the leftists in the Philippines (Gabriela, Bayan Muna, lawyer Ursua, politicians Hontiveros, Madridal, Legarda, etc.) for their POLITICAL and career aspirations.

    They did NOT really care about either of them but they saw an OPPORTUNITY and Smith was USED as an effigy of the US.

    If the US Government intervened that’s why Smith was acquitted like what Anti-Americans are saying, then why would the US subject him to Court Marshall?

    Think about it… and Court Marshall is NOT a joke.

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