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Noynoy Aquino as Presidential Candidate: The Game Changer

““Hope never abandons you; you abandon it” George Weinberg

Update (September 9, 2009)- Noynoy Aquino to run For President in 2010

I suppose I should be jaded by now. After living through the Marcos dictatorship, the revival of democracy through President Cory Aquino and the perception of President Gloria Arroyo‘s (GMA) bleak administration, the Philippines is not getting anywhere. The security of our children’s future is at stake as usual. I often wonder if our politicians truly love our country or are just living for the moment. They too have children, nieces or nephews who will inherit the future of this country. What is the use of all that money when you can’t bring it to the grave with you?

Now enter Senator Mar Roxas’ declaration as he gives way to Noynoy Aquino.

We agreed, let us forget about ourselves,” he said of his conversations with Noynoy. ““This is not about us. This is about our people and our country.”

““I do this for unity and in support of change. And that means that somebody must make a sacrifice. It must be me. Ako na,” Roxas said

That is a remarkable move for Senator Mar Roxas but it is not surprising news.

noynoy aquino

In our PCIJ training seminar last week on Election Coverage with Ramon Casiple on Getting Into the Candidates Mind: Detecting Spin/Propaganda/Campaign Strategies: Power Brokers and Campaign Financiers, there was already speculation that Noynoy Aquino will be the game changer. The EDSA 2 failed expectations for political and governance reforms. The death of Cory makes it difficult to implement GMA’s emergency rule and charter change.


We need to appreciate the impact of August 5 and how it changed the landscape. There is a marked difference on the critical landscape before and after Cory’s death. The number of people who lined the streets during Cory’s funeral constituted a resurgence of people power. It was missing before. Traditional politicians thought it was no longer there. Conventional wisdom of the election (i.e. measurement of money, network, survey) was the rule of the game before August 5.

Rules of the game have changed. Before Senator Mar Roxas declaration yesterday, there was no candidate in the current crop that fitted the People Power framework.

If Noynoy Aquino runs, one has to remove normal logic of the conventional wisdom in traditional politics. That is what is called the game changer, exactly the same scenario where Marcos’ popular line “housewife?” wherein he questioned Cory’s capability to be a President. Candidates are nervous of people power because it was demonstrated during the funeral march. The previous people power was heavily Metro Manila based but in August 5, the impact is similar to a “Manny Pacquiao” effect but political in nature. There is a potential to overturn the logic of 2010 elections.

It is not question of competency. Values, preservation of democracy and no ambition and intention to stay in power is the Cory legacy which Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is not. That is the campaign line.

Are people’s memory short? It’s almost 7 months to the election and will people remember Cory’s death?

We have to remember that it has been 23 years since People Power. There is still that memory though it is not absolute that whatever Noynoy does, the people will support him.

Historical lesson is that the generation that grew up under Martial Law and People Power inculcated values that was passed and continues to be passed on through the current generation. If Noynoy comes into that framework, it is still there. It is not because he is simply Noynoy. You can’t also say Noynoy does not know anything. People will think that Noynoy will continue the legacy. Even if he has no experience, he won’t go against that legacy Unfortunately for other politicians, that is the legacy that the generation remembers. That generation is still alive today.

We can’t really use conventional wisdom with Noynoy. He had no plans of running as Presidential candidate. The pressure was palpable after August 5.

In the upcoming 2010 election, there will be the Game Changer and the Conventional Wisdom. Noynoy could be the Game Changer while conventional wisdom will go to Senator Manny Villar or Erap. As of this writing, Noynoy remains quiet on his plansn and plans to issue a reply to Roxas’ endorsement on Wednesday.

The issue is GMA. The factor is big because there is a real crisis. People’s perception is that GMA might be a new Marcos. The fear of GMA staying in power beyond 2010 is real. If GMA wasn’t around, there is no urgency in the Cory legacy or the Cory magic. Noynoy will just represent the reform movement and it won’t be simple to win. He will work even harder to prove himself.

But will Noynoy make it as the game changer for Philippine Elections 2010? It is easy to be cynical on the sudden shift of conventional wisdom but I can only hope like I hoped during the snap election, 23 years ago.

““Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” Albert Einstein


(september 2, 2009) Aquino still undecided on presidential bid

At the press conference at Club Filipino at 6:00 PM, Noynoy says “This is not about myself or Mar. But if you are with us, there is this huge mission of service to country.” He will go on spiritual retreat to seek guidance and discernment, to start this weekend before he announces anything significant.

(September 9, 2009)- Noynoy Aquino to run For President in 2010

Aquino made the announcement of his candidacy for the presidency at about 8 a.m. at the Club Filipino in Greenhills, San Juan City, the same venue where his late mother took her oath as president in 1986.

31 thoughts on “Noynoy Aquino as Presidential Candidate: The Game Changer”

  1. if there is no GMA, there is no urgency for the Cory magic….

    the fear of GMA staying in power beyond 2010 is real.

    I couldn’t agree more… but will Noynoy deliver? we know, he really has no plan to run for the presidency. It was like he was just pulled into the scene… but then again, so was Cory back in 1986…

    and just like you I can only hope…
    .-= Roy´s last blog ..Write here, write now! =-.

    1. cory aquino’s rise to power is a fine example of usurpation of authority! it there was magic it was black magic. It all about a few people dictating how the country should be run. It is all about imperial manila! where have we gone since cory’s battle cry that galunggung cost 8 pesos or something, how much is galunggung now. These aquino’s are all talk, looking for the limelight and glamour. God help the pinoys.

  2. Noynoy can unify the Filipino people. With good people around, I still believe he can be an effective president and not hungry for power. Our main problem is corruption and he has the vision to rid the Philippines of corruption.

    I know he will deliver, we just need to give him a chance.

    For Noynoy, may the Power of Almighty be with you…

    We will support you here at Shanghai China…

  3. My mom wants Sen. Ninoy to run for president…
    she said that… ” isa daw siya sa mga nagmamahal sa pamilya Aquino.
    Ang buong Bikulano ay sinuportahan si pres. cory at nangangakong sa pagtakbo ni Sen. noynoy ay ibibigay din namin ang aming suporta para sa kanya..GO NINOY FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!”

  4. Haven’t people forgot about KAMAGANAK INC. under Cory’s time? Or the insulares-peninsulares power struggle in Malacanang? What induced Ongpin to commit suicide? How about the huge power (electric, that is) problem during Cory’s time, the non-repudiation of the national debt, the Mendiola Massacre? Cory was a fresher face than Noynoy when she ran. She had no record to speak of and the country had to put everything on faith. Noynoy isn’t Cory circa 85-86. Noynoy has a track record of three terms in Congrees (POOR RECORD) and one term in the Senate (even worse). How about the Hacienda Luisita standoff a few years ago where Noynoy was squarely against the interests of the farmers?

  5. Had there been absolutely NO issues against Tita Cory, she would have not become so real. Since she was so real, it made her more effective as an INSPIRATION and SYMBOL of freedom.

    Most of the accusations against her were never proven, this is fact. I can even say that a lot of these accusations are utterly false and merely often repeatedly chanted political mantra of those whose reputations are tainted with corruption and oppression. Tingnan na lang ninyo ang uri ng mga taong minamaliit ang kakahayan at nagawa ni Tita Cory at dun na ninyo malalaman kung maniniwala kayo o hindi.

    But some of her weaknesses or shortcomings were indeed true, just to be fair. As I said, these are the things which make Tita Cory so real. All things weighed, however, who would refute the fact that she has brought back democracy in our country? Who would refute the fact that she inspired all of us to fight for our freedom? In fact, not only us she inspired but all the freedom-loving people in the world. To argue against these facts is not a repudiation of Tita Cory but a repudiation of our own character as a nation. What kind of people are we if we were NOT inspired by the heroism of Tita Cory while the rest of the world honor her ?

    I will vote for Noynoy because he is his own man and not mainly because he is the only son of Tita Cory and Ninoy. Imagine, Bongbong Marcos, Imee Marcos and Sen. Lacson are all supporting Noynoy. Tita Cory and Ninoy would have never achieved this feat. This only means Noynoy can unite all of us. And he is not even President Noynoy yet.

  6. Go!.. Ninoy for President!, wag mo biguin ang taong Bayan sa tawag na ito……. kailangan ka ng mga Pilipino para sa tunay na pagbabago….
    katangian ng pagiging isang tapat na lider ng bansa, nakita namin sayo….
    Mahal ka namin… ang supota namin ay buo para sayo!.. mabuhay ka at ngayun pa lang binabati ka na namin!…..

  7. Well, As written on the papers today, Aquino clan will give up on the Hacienda Luisita… To see is to believe……not just another politics……come on …are you kidding me….6400 hectars…

  8. The Five (5) Qualities of Sen. Noynoy – Why He should be President
    The Five (5) Qualities of Sen. Noynoy
    By Alex Lacson
    Below are what I call the five (5) essential qualities of Senator Noynoy Aquino that make him the best candidate and the most qualified to hold the vast powers of the presidency of our country.
    “The essentials are always the most important”, says Confucius, one of the great and founding philosophers of China
    1) On Power
    Has Senator Noynoy ever abused any of his powers in the past? He was a presidential son for 6 years, a congressman for 9 years, and a senator for 2 years. Is there any report or record of abuse power against him? The answer to this question is crucial because public office is, first and foremost, about the powers of that office. Therefore, it is very important to know how a leader uses the powers in his hands. Does he use them to truly help the people that he leads, or does he use them only for himself, his family and friends? As for Senator Noynoy, there is no issue or report or record of abuse of power against him. Thus, I firmly believe that, if and when he becomes our president, he will be responsible and humble in the exercise of his powers. In fact, there is a great part of me that believes that he would use those powers to help the poorest of our people, the weakest of our citizens, and to build our country and our name Filipino great. Of all the presidentiables in the country, I believe that Senator Noynoy is the most qualified to hold the great powers of the presidency. Two (2) months ago, he was not even planning to run for president. His name was not even part of the presidential equation. It was the turn of events that put him where he is now. It seems like it is destiny that is seeking him out. Plato once said “he who does not seek power is the most qualified to hold it.”
    2) On Money
    The issue of money is very important because public office is also essentially about people’s money. Is there an issue of graft and corruption or stealing or misuse of public funds against Senator Noynoy in the past? There is none. Absolutely none. Unlike what is happening among many of our leaders in the country today, Senator Noynoy has a very clean record when it comes to the use of people’s money. Thus, I am confident that, if and when he becomes our president, he will also not steal or use our people’s money for his own or his family’s gain.
    3) On Lifestyle
    As noticed by the media and the public, Senator Noynoy has a decent and very simple lifestyle. He is not a womanizer, a gambler, or even a drinker. He carries himself in simple clothes, and appears to have no materialistic desires. This is also important because, as we see too often in our country, many government leaders and politicians bring their vices into the position they occupy. If my observation is accurate, no amount of wealth and materials in this world may tempt Senator Noynoy to turn his back on his oath of office, if and when he becomes our president.
    4) Good Heart
    So many signs show that Senator Noynoy has a good heart. When his father Ninoy was assassinated in 1983, Senator Noynoy served his family well, and even delayed getting married because he wanted to take care of his mother and sisters. During the wake and funeral of your mother, it was also learned on TV that Senator Noynoy is the one taking care of Joshua, as a father would take care of his own son. All these convince me that Senator Noynoy has a good heart, the heart of a loving and caring big brother. I am confident that, if and when he becomes our president, Senator Noynoy will also serve his big family – the Filipino people – with the heart of a loving and caring big brother. I am confident that, if and when he becomes president, he will be a public servant instead of a public master.
    5) Competence
    As his father Ninoy fought and died for the Filipino, as his mother President Cory loved and served the Filipino people well with grace and decency, I am confident that Senator Noynoy will also love and serve the Filipino in the same measure. And because of this love for our people, Senator Noynoy has the competence to build an honest and competent government for the Filipino people. By appointing honest and competent officials to every position in government, Senator Noynoy can build for our people an honest and competent government. Truth is, this is the kind of competence that we need from a leader, the competence to build an honest and a competent government for our people. This kind of competence only comes from the heart, not from intelligence or skills. A famous Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, said “In choosing a leader, the heart is the most important. Intelligence and skills come second only in importance.” In fact, US President Theodore Roosevelt warned that “Intelligence without morality is a great danger to society”.
    At present, all I want is a decent leadership that give our people a decent government.
    I believe that Senator Noynoy can give our people both of these.
    I believe that he can bring our country into the right direction.
    I believe that he can bring our country into the direction of our dreams for our country.
    Attorney Alex Lacson
    alex lacson

    1. Well expressed observation Alex, I couldn’nt agree more. Noynoy really is the rallying point for a moral reformation which our country badly needed at this time. In one of the interviews that ex cong. Pichay gave, he declared that Noynoy has nomore reason to continue the fight because Marcos is no longer around, he is wrong. This time, the fight is not about Marcos, as we all know, the fight that Noynoy want to continue is the fight against massive graft and corruption being committed in government. Noynoy and Mar are the only credible candidates who can do that and that is due to their unblemish characters and moral values.

  9. I will not vote for someone who would spend billions of pesos just to let everyone know that his roof has sipage during his childhood days. For me the guy is a hypocrite to say the least and stupid to put it in its proper perspective.

    I will also not vote for someone who spends government funds for his infomercial. For me, they only reveal that they are corrupt since they use public funds for their own political gains.

    I will also not vote for someone who has been known as a womanizer, drunkard and gambler. What good things can he do for the country when he has done evil to himself and his family.

    I will also not vote for someone who is atat na atat, campaigning so early for the presidency. Kung magulang siya sa kapwa niya pulitiko, how much more sa pangkaraniwang tao.

    I will also not vote for someone who did not oppose the excesses of GMA. If he can tolerate other’s evil, how much more his own?

    Having said all of the above, it is very clear that I vote for Noynoy for his sincerity, honesty and humility.

  10. If you’re thinking about voting for Noy, you need to know about this important issue: Ang kalunos lunos na kapalaran mga trabahador ng Hacienda Luisita (
    ). Tama ba ang pagtrato nito sa kanila? Maniniwala ba kayo sa taong pinagwawalang bahala lang ang kaguluhan na nangyayari sa bakuran niya at ang trato niya dito ay pawang parte lang ng negosyo? Ni hindi niya halos kilalanin ang mga ito na nagbungkal ng mga lupain nila sa mahigit na kalahating siglo na kaparte nila sa pag aari ng lupain. Tapos nakuha pang ipagyabang noon ni Kris Aquino na ang kanyang mga alahas ay “KATAS NG HACIENDA LUISITA”
    Tama ba naman ito? Hanggang ngayon ay wala pang malinaw na lunas para sa kahirapan ng mga tao dito. Si Noy ay hindi naman makagawa ng maayos na desisyon. Ano pang hinihintay nila?

    Noy for president? Think again. Hindi siya si Ninoy.

    1. Alam mo ba na noong una ay nagtatamasa ng kasaganaan ang mga mangagawa sa hacienda luisita? Bakit nawala ito ay dahilan na rin sa kagagawan ng mga taong makakaliwa ang pagiisip na nagkukunwaring nagmamalasakit sa mga mangagawa doon at sinulsulan ang mga tao para magaklas? Alam mo rin ba na karamihan sa mga tao doon ngayon ang gusto ay maibalik yung dati, dahil hindi naman daw nila gusto ang lupa kundi trabaho lang para magkapera at manumbalik muli ang mga benipesyong tinatamasa nila noon? Ngayon kaibigan, sabihin mo kung ano ang naitulong ng mga taong makakaliwa ang pagiisip na tulad mo? Lalong naghirap ang mga mangagawa hindi ba? Nagbawas ng operasyon ang hacienda dahil nalulugi dahilan na rin sa mga kaguluhang pinamunuan ng mga taong makakaliwa ang pagiisip at ano ang naging bunga nito, wala ngayon trabaho ang mga mangagawa. Ang ibig kong sabihin, unti unti pinapatay nila na sa wikang ingles ay “the goose that lays the golden egg”. At bakit mo ibubunton lahat ang sisi kay Noynoy? Hindi si Noynoy ang may ari ng boung Hacienda Luisita alam mo ba yong, sila Noynoy ay isa lamang sa mga share holder ng hacienda. Masama ba ang mag-invest para magkaroon ng pagkakakitaan na nakakapagbigay din ng hanap buhay sa iba? Hindi mo alam ang boung storya ng hacienda kaibigan, magsaliksik. Ang masasabi ko lang sa iyo ay ito, Noong una ay masaya at masagana ang mga mangagawa sa hacienda, sa kamaang palad mula noong pasukan ng mga taong may makakaliwa ang pagiisip, yon, nagkaletse letse na ang buhay nila.

    2. why don’t you think again?!

      are you really sure that he doesn’t care fore these people?
      are you sure that he is the one to blame?

      how long have you known him?
      gaano mo siya ka kilala para husgahan siya?

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  12. I believe Noynoy Aquino is fit to run for president because, first, he isn’t corrupt and because his family’s reputation is on the line. So if he does something wrong, it puts a horrible mark on his family.

  13. I have a vision that Noynoy Aquino will be the next President of the Philippines. The same vision I had with his mom former President Cory Aquino. I had a vision of seven coup in the clouds at Santo Domingo Church. I had also a vision of Laban sign in the clouds at Cordillera Street in Quezon City. I had also a vision of Jesus Christ at Jollibee Restaurant. I hope and pray that my new vision will be pushed through. Amen.

  14. No i won’t vote NOYNOY!

    Track record?
    Track record?
    Track record?

    Do Noynoy have an exemplary track record???
    A year ago I do not know noynoy, except being the daughter of
    the late Cory..
    Noynoy is not the great Benigno Ninoy and Cory. His parents are great leaders, he is not. If he is, he would have already earned a good track record now.

  15. I don’t think he is sincere to run. His family forked him out to run. So he reallyu capitalized on the death of who? I’ll come clean off this and vote Villar instead. The guy knows what he is doing, and the fact he he gave scholarships means that he is teaching people to be self dependent. He values education. I don’t see that in Noynoy, sad to say.

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