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On Erap’s Guilty Verdict and Erap Jokes

royal_elastics 043.jpgI felt sad for the former president, [tag]Joseph Estrada[/tag] (Erap) when it was announced that Erap was guilty of the plunder case. It’s not easy to be locked behind bars. I don’t know enough of the case to talk about it but I suppose the Sandiganbayan examined the evidence given during the past six years. As I saw the dejected face of the former president, memories of my son idolizing [tag]Erap[/tag] filled me. My son would have been really sad for Erap. Luijoe loved hearing the funny Erap Jokes. See my son had a great sense of humor and loved to throw a joke or two. Then he discovered the Erap jokes. One time, my 6 year old boy overheard us laughing to our heart’s content on an Erap joke. He badgered to know the joke. So I narrated the joke

Erap: Miss, do you have a ballpen?
Clerk: Sorry, sir we don’t have any ballpen
Erap (angry): Why did you name your store “Penshoppe“?

Luijoe loved to tell this joke to everyone . One time, Luijoe and I passed by Penshoppe ( a teen fashion store) in Glorietta mall and I teased him if he wanted to go inside with me , so I could ask the same question Erap asked. Luijoe tugged me away. hehe

I bought him the book , “Joke ni Erap” by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism in early 2000. Luijoe often packed this Erap Joke book in his backpack and kept re-reading those jokes that he could understand. He loved the book so much, he even labelled it. Here are a few of his favorite jokes culled from that book.

royal_elastics 044.jpg

Erap: “I have brain cancer. Yehey!!!”
Ramos: “That’s delicate, how come you’re still happy?”
Erap: “Now I know I have a brain”

Comelec: Oh, simple math na lang! Ano and “2 + 2”?

Erap: Three!
Comelec: Sorry
Ronnie: Mataas pa diyan!
Erap: (in his highest-pitched voice) Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

and Luijoe’s favorite of all.

Executive Secretary Zamora: Sir, Pwede bang palitan ‘tong laptop ko?

Zamora: Masyadong Mabigat, eh!
Erap: Ba’t di ka mag-delete ng files para gumaan?

Like most young kids, Luijoe was already computer savvy and he knew about deleting files. How he loved to crack this joke whenever I carried my laptop.

Though Erap might have been the brunt of the jokes during those times, my innocent boy thought that he was a funny president. In fact while waiting at the plane ticket office, he yelled at the top of his voice:

Erap is the smartest president

Not about to contradict him in public, I asked his reasons.

Luijoe’s answer? He is so smart because he says the funniest jokes.

I know it must be hard for Erap right now but I thank him for those memories. The memory of my son adoring the former president.

9 thoughts on “On Erap’s Guilty Verdict and Erap Jokes”

  1. Incidentally, my dad loved erap jokes too! No, he hated the president, but he loved making fun of Erap. He would always forward text messages that had erap jokes in them almost everyday! I kindof missed my daily dose of erap jokes from dad. If he was alive, he would probly be happy that erap is found guilty, hehe. That means more erap jokes for him! 🙂

    Also, as we browsed through his mobile phone after he passed away, we found out that about 90% of all his saved messages are jokes of all sorts! Erap jokes included. Lots of erap jokes! He always took time to forward a joke or two to us, and to his friends, to lighten up their day.

    Hay. It’s good to look back. 🙂

  2. Hello!

    Arbet of ABWholdings told a group of cyberfriends about your latest post – am glad he did. I’ve just read your autobiography, what a beautiful piece, touching and full of hope.

    I’ve got a copy of the Erap joke book that his son gave me some 8 years ago. I thought the jokes were really funny.

    Will be coming back to read more of your entries again.

    Thanks for the wonderful posts…


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  4. @Anna- that’s so sweet of Arbet. I have always wondered how Erap looked at those jokes, BUt seeing you got a book from the son means that Erap wasn’t insulted with all those jokes?

    @Mitch- I should read it more during times like these.

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