Photo Hunt: Hands

Photo Hunt’s Theme is Hands. Presenting my daughter’s hands. Now you might ask, why are there tapes stuck on her hands?

See, I brought along my daughter, her friend Nikki and Jane to a Clinique Coffee at Rustans Makati upon the invitation of May, an old friend who is now Clinique Marketing Manager. It’s always fun to check out these skin-care consultations because one can pick up very useful tips. No, I didn’t plan to buy anything that afternoon.

The Clinique Consultant tested their 3-Step Skin care system on my daughter’s right hand while the left hand was left untreated.

When the lady lifted the tape on her left hand, dead skin stuck to the tape while the other tape was completely clear of sediments.

Now, I don’t buy Clinique products for myself. I reserve that for my daughter who gets very bad acne breakouts, partially caused by the cheap cosmetics she used. My sister, who is a dermatologist, recommended that she ditch the Johnson and Johnson’s face powders and use Clinique’s non-comodegenic, 100% fragrance-free pressed powders instead. That’s how it has always been.

Now look what happened?

I ended up buying 3,900 pesos worth of Clinique products and got a Clinique Bonus Pack as extra. All because I got sold by the hand test. I am just making that as an excuse but I really needed a replacement for my facial skin care.