Photo Hunt: Narrow

mount pinatuboPhoto Hunt theme is Narrow. This is the narrow path when one treks to the crater of Mount Pinatubo Volcano. Actually, this is a photo taken by Lauren, my daughter when she travelled with a few bloggers to the crater of Mount Pinatubo. Lauren was only four years old when the Pinatubo Volcano erupted so violently that more than 5 billion cubic meters of ash and pyroclastic debris were ejected from its fiery bowels. The volume of ash was enormous that it went as far as Manila. I wrapped a face mask on my kids’ noses and mouth to avoid dust inhalation whenever they frolicked around the neighborhood streets. And now she traversed that narrow path to swim on the crater’s lake.

According to my daughter, the photos of Mt.Pinatubo Volcano don’t do justice. One has to be there to bask in the beauty of Mt. Pinatubo. When she finally reached the crater, it was filled with deep blue waters:

mt pinatuboI don’t think I can take the punishing journey to the crater and back from the volcano Mt. Pinatubo. If you’d like to take your family and friends to a picturesque adventure to Mt. Pinatubo, contact Pinatubo Spa Town at +63928-7813556, +63928-3410402, or (6345) 493-0031. Look for the Sales Marketing Manager Jovi Balbiro. Pinatubo Spa Town is located at B-1 L-27 Bluestone St., Villa de Sto. Rosario, Capas, Tarlac.

spa Not only do they provide a 1,500-peso course to the Pinatubo crater that include locker space, a 4×4 wheel vehicle to the drop-off point, and lunch when you return. After your grueling trip, you can rest your tired bones with a relaxing Thai/Shiatsu massage and a facial mud pack for only 500 pesos. Besides the massage, Pinatubo Spa Town also offers a volcanic ash spa treatment where you get buried in heated volcanic ash to remove body wastes.

Maybe I will just take the spa treatment.

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