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Photo Hunt – Plastic

Photo Hunters
Photo Hunters theme this week is Plastic. I know I should be posting a photo of a thing that is made of Plastic. Instead , I chose an I am not Plastic canvas bag from the Not Plastic Project Launch I attended two months ago.

I am not plasticI often use my “I am not Plastic” bag, an earth friendly bag when I am out shopping at flea markets or bringing some extra stuff for the gym. This Not Plastic Project resusable bags as you can see from the photo is a 12″ x 16″ x 5″ cotton muslin carryall with an inside pocket and the catchy statement, “I Am Not Plastic” printed on one side, and Not Plastic logo on the other.

In the Filipino slang, “I am not Plastic” means “I am not a hypocrite”.

Does that statement speak of me?

not plastic
Yes and No.

Sometimes we have to choose our battles. Like “Don’t sweat the small stuff” or dedmahan during a sticky situation. It doesn’t mean one is hiding or evading the issue. There comes a point when one needs to restore the balance in an otherwise confusing situation by not adding more fuel to it.

Life is too short and there is only so much I can personally control.

“Plastic” or not, I constantly work on improving myself, learning lessons along the way and letting go of things I cannot change.

15 thoughts on “Photo Hunt – Plastic”

  1. That’s a cute one!lol Eco friendly bags similar to what you’ve got are widely available here in Germany.You can buy them in any store or supermarket Bit expensive though 1.50 € compare to their plastic counterpart which may cost you 10-60 cents depends on sizes.

    How about,plastic bags with ‘I’m not hyprocrite’ on them? that would be silly or?:)

  2. @dexie- it can help control the mass amounts of non-biodegradable garbage.

    @AJ- It takes a lot of restraint to defend myself much as I want to. Remember the Malu Fernandez lynch mob issue? We need to learn from it . Bloggers are intelligent enough to know when to stick to the issue. Ad Hominem is what is happening now.

    @cheh- Well with these kinds of bags, it can be reused a lot of times. I like it. Silly or not, your idea rocks.

  3. There was a time in my life when I was so bombarded with intrigues that the only defense I had was to take offense and fight back. Then again, it didn’t do much good, words just came nastier, insults more personal.

    So now I resolved to keep silent on issues that I think won’t do good if I continue to talk. It’s hard to accept that people will say you’re losing the battle by not speaking up, but there’s a point in time when you just have to say, “I’ve said enough.”

    Haha. Silence is golden. =)

  4. @Jon Limjap- thanks for the link. Those are great gift ideas. Not only are they so functional , these bags give income to the women who make them and at the same time recycling saves our environment.

    @JM- true. There are things beyond our control and it is the feelings and opinions of people over you. The only thing I can control is my attitude. I just want to step back

  5. Hi Noemi, nice choice. Like you, I decided to use that bag when I go to the groceries along with the green SM bag. Sobra na talaga plastic (literally & figuratively, he he) around us. Tayo din mahirapan and of course, our kids.

  6. That bag is definitely not plastic. Here in Munich, most people use re-usable bags to shop, and in most stores, if you don’t bring your own bags, you have to BUY a bag to put your purchase in. The cost of the bag goes toward helping to recycle the plastic, or to dispose of it. But most people simply re-use them, since it gets expensive to constantly be buying new bags!

    My plastic Photo Hunt.

  7. Hi Noemi. Great choice for this week’s theme. I admire this project and I have yet to get my own canvas bag.

    I agree that there are situations where silence is the best option. Sometimes talking can actually make things worse so to avoid making something larger than it already is, keeping quiet becomes a wise choice.

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