Photo Hunt – Plastic

Photo Hunters
Photo Hunters theme this week is Plastic. I know I should be posting a photo of a thing that is made of Plastic. Instead , I chose an I am not Plastic canvas bag from the Not Plastic Project Launch I attended two months ago.

I am not plasticI often use my “I am not Plastic” bag, an earth friendly bag when I am out shopping at flea markets or bringing some extra stuff for the gym. This Not Plastic Project resusable bags as you can see from the photo is a 12″ x 16″ x 5″ cotton muslin carryall with an inside pocket and the catchy statement, “I Am Not Plastic” printed on one side, and Not Plastic logo on the other.

In the Filipino slang, “I am not Plastic” means “I am not a hypocrite”.

Does that statement speak of me?

not plastic
Yes and No.

Sometimes we have to choose our battles. Like “Don’t sweat the small stuff” or dedmahan during a sticky situation. It doesn’t mean one is hiding or evading the issue. There comes a point when one needs to restore the balance in an otherwise confusing situation by not adding more fuel to it.

Life is too short and there is only so much I can personally control.

“Plastic” or not, I constantly work on improving myself, learning lessons along the way and letting go of things I cannot change.