Photo Hunt – Smelly

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shoe cabinetPhoto Hunters theme this week is Smelly. I chose our family’s Shoe Cabinet which is nestled in the far corner of the second floor. Some of the shoes in there are smelly whenever I pass by. It’s one reason I place a deodorizer inside the cabinet. I know when it’s time to replace the deodorizer when I smell the stink again. The solution really is to eliminate the shoe odor from the source. Other than deodorizer, there are other ways of eliminating shoe odors:

shoe cabinet1. Put baking soda inside the shoes and shake to cover most of the inside of the shoes. Leave overnight, and shake out before wearing again.

2. Never wear a pair of shoes two days in a row, let them dry out thoroughly (even if they don’t seem wet) before you wear them again.

3. When your shoes get extremely wet, crunch up newspaper and push it inside your shoes. This will force your shoes open and absorb the water from the leather. You may need to change the paper; then take it out and allow the shoe to dry.

4. Apply foot powder specially designed for foot odor problems to feet and/or shoes daily.

Any more tips on how to remove shoe odor?