Pirates of the Caribbean 2

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dmcwriters2.jpgWeekends are now reserved for the girls as it is the only time that they are home during the week. Today started out on a sad note. After reading twisted lies about a 6 year old incident, my husband and I were enraged. So? What more bad news can we get anyway? My husband and I resolved to let it go for now by watching a movie. And what better movie than Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest? Great escapism movie full of playful and dizzyingly entertaining adventure. What really comforted me tonight is the memory of my dad’s resonating laughter. The [tag]Pirates of the Caribbean[/tag] was the first theme ride I took in Disneyland with my daddy many moons ago. I still remember my dad’s enthusiastic face as he insisted on hanging on to the long queue of the theme ride. “It’s worth it…you’ll see“. Minutes after sitting beside my dad on the boat ride, I heard the thundering of a waterfall,and suddenly a plunge and a yelp of surprise escaping from my lips. AHHHHHH! Dad roared with that infectious laughter. He must have laughed so hard that he held on to his tummy. Dad practically enjoyed seeing my surprised reaction. And then came the second hair-raising plunge further into the depths of an underground grotto. More laughter! Haha, this time we laughed together. Being entertained by the movie and reliving the memory of my dad’s laughter brightened my spirits. Butch wants to watch it a second time around.

And what about the news we received earlier today?

Properly warned ye be… Dead Men Tell No Tales!