One way to empower the good is through affirmations which are just simple positive statements.

You have always heard me say over and over again that we cannot control people’s actions, attitudes and even events. The only thing we can control is our attitude. But it isn’t that easy. One of the choices in recovery is choosing what we want to think and using our mental energy in a positive way. Positive thinking can be extremely difficult in stressful situations. Positive thinking does not mean thinking in an unrealistic matter or reverting to denial. If I don’t like something, I respect my own opinion. If a problem hits me, I am honest about it. If something isn’t working out, I accept reality. I don’t have to dwell on the negative portions of my experience.

One way to empower the good is through affirmations which are just simple positive statements.

1. I’m glad I have a loving husband

26thanniversary1I am blessed with a loving husband who thinks the world of me, who showers me with hugs, a massage, kisses in the most random of situations. Every day without fail, he affirms his love for me. Despite his quirks, his goodness glows more. We are in a loving and healthy relationship as we continue to rediscover each other every day. It’s like falling in love over and over again. And as Lauren takes this photo of us, I note the twinkle in our eyes that show the depth of our undying love. What more can I ask?

2. My life is good.

me and daughters1I am a cool mom to two lovely and independent-minded girls (and a son who is forever 6 years old in my heart). My life is not perfect but it is good enough because others have it worse. Other families I know lost their spouse and all their children. Even if I know my life is good, I try to help others cope with their loss in any way I can.

3. I love myself.

me at hotelI love myself enough NOT to allow people (even my own family) to control me or keep me from caring for myself. I take time to take care of myself. I pamper myself weekly at the beauty salon, take daily workouts at the gym, chill with friends, shop for trendy clothes , meditate in my Zen room or just zone out in front of the TV.

4. What I want and need is coming to me…

me10I don’t need all the material wealth in the world yet I seek financial independence in my old age. I am blessed with an online and offline business that is fun, profitable and not too stressful. I help others in my own quiet, anonymous way without having to toot my horns. God will be the judge of that.

5. I’m glad I ‘m alive today.

me thumbnail at IMMAPFive deaths in my immediate family have struck me the past years. Whatever words or insults have been hurled at me is nothing compared to the pain of losing my loved ones. I have had it worse so I know I can hurdle current challenges. Think about it. Life is short. This place we live in is only a temporary place. I look forward to eternal life in heaven and be reunited with my son, my mom, my dad, and my 2 brothers (Reuben and Oscar) Meanwhile, I will continue working on my online and offline advocacies to make life worth living in this temporary place.

So when you think the world is against you, just say this:

Today, I will empower the good in myself, others and life. I’m willing to release, or let go of, negative thought patterns and replace them with positve ones. I will choose what I want to affirm, and I will make it good

If you still have difficulty, contact me and maybe we can meet up for coffee.

Noemi Lardizabal-Dado (1388 Posts)

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  • Hi Noemi, I just want you to know that I really admire you….No matter what other people say, one can’t put a good person down…Sabi nga, pag mabunga ang puno, binabato….Just—Cheer up!

  • Hi Noemi. This is a great post. I believe in the power of positive affirmations. Thanks for sharing yours.

    When we find meaning and joy in our daily lives, it’s easier to see the brighter side of things.

    Wishing you well. Take care!

  • What an enlightening and inspiring post. I could use this positive outlook in life. I do know that we should always look to that positive energy, but sometimes the negativity just takes over.

  • People never realize how blessed they are. There are a few things I told my kids to always keep in mind: Be content, live within your means and never ask why. I guess I can sum it all up in a sentence, Don’t always look up, trying looking down and you’ll see that you have more in life than most people do.

  • @Rowena- Thanks for the uplifting words. Sometimes I forget that I have so much good around me.

    @Rach- It takes practice to acknowledge the positive things in our life

    @niceheart- I think we should just acknowledge our negative feelings then let it go and focus on the positive after that.

  • @Schumey- how true. When I think of my critics, I think how blessed I am. Maybe they have deep problems.

  • I couldn’t agree more with all of you. whenever we feel down or whatever just acknowledge it. that’s when we’re able to move on.

    It really is easy to find things that we don’t have, i think that’s our nature unfortunately. That’s why we all aspire for more. most of us are never contented. we all want to grow and develop. that’s absolutely fine i suppose. it’s just setting boundaries between reality and fiction.

  • let’s enjoy chilling out in feb 2008 😀 positive thinking is always good. noemi, how about a glimpse of your zen room for our PMN home and garden section, hmm?

  • hi noemi, sorry off topic. just wanted to thank you for the anniversary greetings you left in my blog. more power to you, too. 🙂

  • thats such a beautiful thing you wrote:) I hope my fiance and I will be as happy as you both are some day 🙂 Just browsing and I really enjoyed reading your blogs!!

  • a very encouraging post. life is not perfect indeed, but we can choose to be happy and be appreciative of our many blessings.

    yep, that is lovely photo of you and your hubby. pang-friendster 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing this Noemi. It is very encouraging.

  • Yes, a very encouraging post. Thank you!

  • Noemi, this post is timely for me. Thanks and I agree about: “we cannot control people’s actions, attitudes… The only thing we can control is our attitude. But it isn’t that easy.”

  • Another inspiring post from the Primetime gal!

    It’s true, you’ve had your most excruciating losses and most exquisite triumphs. And all these stuff that may pinch and bite are just tiny pesky mosquitoes, viewed from the rich tapestry of your life.

  • Amen to that.

    I also have my own positive statements that I say aloud to myself every morning before I start my. Allow me to share it to here. =)

    1. Everything I need comes to me.
    2. Money is flowing to me in great abundance.
    3. God’s river of blessings is flowing in every single moment of my life.
    4. I am blessed with great relationships and friendships.
    5. I’m always meeting wonderful people that bless me and make me grow.
    6. I am a blessing magnet.
    7. I am guided by God in every moment.

    I got this idea of saying aloud this “wealth beliefs” through Bro. Bo Sanchez in The Feast (a weekly Catholic Christian prayer meeting held every Sunday at Valle Verde Country Club in Pasig) and I started doing this about six months ago and my life has never been the same.

    I miss reading your blog Noemi. Regards to your family and God Bless straight from Gardez, Afghanistan.

    In Christ,


    rolly07s last blog post..Born Leader?

  • Ria

    awww…this is such a nice post. even though it’s been a while since you posted it, im glad i stumbled upon it!!!

    i will hold on to what you said : “Today, I will empower the good in myself, others and life. I’m willing to release, or let go of, negative thought patterns and replace them with positve ones. I will choose what I want to affirm, and I will make it good”

    it is a reminder of something i learned not too long ago in therapy that we cant really avoid moments of difficulty (or as i’d like to call them, dark nights of the soul, as Thomas Moore coined) but we can allow these dark nights to be vessels of change for us. and yes, these dark nights are but essential parts of our lives, and no matter how hard and painful they are, they change us only for the good, if we allow ourselves to be still and accept the gifts they bring.

    Rias last blog post..Down the Beaten Path.

  • t.

    i hoped in from a friend’s blog. thanks for sharing your good vibes! 🙂

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  • mel

    Really great post! Why hadn’t I noticed this before? This post really tap me and after reading this, I’ll make sure that everyday will be better for me and my family inspite of all the difficult situations hurled at me. Really thank you so much, you’re such a life-saver, Ms. Noemi.

  • ms.chi

    Hi Ms. Naomi! Ever since I stumbled upon your blog site, I never stop enjoying your posts. I always read your posts at once as soon as they appear in my inbox. I am also a mom and your posts are a helpful lot. I really admire you.