Psycho Serial Killer in Rizal aka Dennis Garcia

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psycho killer[tag]Psycho killer in Rizal[/tag] on the loose? I didn’t really think much about it until …Diding, our household helper arrived home after walking the dog. Her worried look was painted all over her face. Maam, is it true there is a psycho killer? While walking the dog at around 6:00 PM, a concerned neighbor urged her to go back home because it was getting dark. Diding laughed. The neighbor berated her and added Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the serial killer. There are eight of them now.

Earlier, I recalled stumbling on this blog entry, Psycho Killer in Rizal Scare Be Aware but the source of the news were all based on blog entries. I placated Diding’s fears and promised to gather some facts first. Doing a search on Psycho Killer in Rizal yielded so many versions of the serial killer. You will be amazed at the description of this killer.

1. His name is Dennis Garcia;

2. He victimized girls just because his wife fooled him. As revenge, he raped girls,some people said he removed one breast, ate it, threw acid to the victims face before raping. He is like Hannibal.

3. He was said to have raped a girl, cut off one of her breasts and ate it, inserted something inside the girl’s privates and completely mutilated her face;

4. He kills both male and female.

5. He’s from Tanay, Rizal and he’s rumored to be a deadly one.. travelling by night.. he knocks on doors of his prospects and if denied entry.. he forces his way INSIDE.

6. He is bald, fat, has Chinese eyes, wears wigs all the time.

7. Big muscle physique… Black belter.. jungle survivor.. expert in hand to hand combat and gun combat.. and armed with a psycho’s mind. he’s definitely deadly.

8. He was last seen in Delapaz St. Caniogan Pasig City last night at 3:00 am.. knocking on a victim’s doorstep.

9. They said he once pretend to be a tricycle driver at Village East and murdered so many people. He is now (they said) at Greenpark Cainta or Vista Verde, or Green Park Pasig.

10. Two days ago (February 16) he victimized another lady.. the innocent young lady is a high school student in one of the public high school here in lower antipolo… he raped the victim and cut off her 2 breast as one of his trade mark here…

11. also last night he was seen here roaming around in the middle of the night.. but this guy is hard to capture…

12. the local police here told the community that this guy has a group but their identity is unknown…

13. He looks like Julius Babao

Ugh, the serial killer is near my house! All the blog entries screamed of this serial killer moving from Rizal, to Marikina, Cainta then Pasig City.

Naturally, that freaked me out because I live quite close to the Pasig City, Cainta, Marikina vicinity.

But is it true? if true, how much of it is based on hard evidence?

Fortunately, I found this video on GMA News of the Psycho Killer which I showed to Diding.

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

dennis garciaRizal PNP says it is true that there is a person named Dennis Garcia who is accused of raping and killing a 19 year old Kennely Calisura in Tanay, Rizal last December 29, 2007. But… and here lies the difference, Dennis didn’t actually do all the monstrosities listed above. There might be other killers on the loose which is being attributed to the Psycho Killer, Dennis Garcia. Is this the work of a serial killer? What is a serial killer?

A serial killer is someone who murders three or more people with a ‘cooling off’ period between each murder, whose motivation for killing is largely for psychological gratification.

All serial killers suffer from some form of Antisocial Personality Disorder.[2] They are usually not psychotic, and thus appear to be quite normal and often even charming, a state of adaptation which Hervey Cleckley calls the “mask of sanity.” There is sometimes a sexual element to the murders. The murders may have been completed/attempted in a similar fashion and the victims may have had something in common, for example occupation, race, or sex.

Tell me, if Dennis Garcia is a serial killer and is known to rape girls, where are the bodies of these victims? Only one has been identified. Her name is Kennely Calisura. What are the names of the other victims?

gossip gameLike the gossip game, the news just got blown out of proportion. The persons behind the psycho killer news just became more creative and embellished the facts. This is just a classic case of someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who knew someone who had a neighbor who heard about an escaped psycho killer from someone who knew someone.

psycho killer hoax

Whether a psycho serial killer is true or not, it plays to be safe and vigilant and secure the doors.

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  • He is bald, fat, has Chinese eyes, wears wigs all the time.


  • hahahaa!!! naku, lagot si baddie!!

  • @lauren- oh my! so Baddie looks like Julius Babao?

  • at baddie: hehehe! fits you perfectly! lagot!

    at noemi: this scared me a bit. but good thing that was just some news that got out of hand. i was thinking din, wow may serial-slash-psycho killer na sa pinas. kulang nalang CSI. hehehe. pero buti nalang at home our gates and doors are always locked.

  • kala ko tunay na psycho killer
    takot pa naman ako lumabas ngayon dahil may premeire night ako pupuntahan..

    salamat sa blog post!!!!

  • I was getting scared while reading the details and the descriptions until I read that he looks like Julius Babao and Baddie. It made me laugh…=0

  • Pau

    Well his name IS Baddie after all.

  • I was freaking out yesterday because I’m on midshift and I go home at midnight. =/ And I was actually too scared to research about this because I didn’t want to know how he did what he did. Eheh. Thank goodness for this post.

  • @iris- Dennis Garcia seems like some psycho killer but it’s not been established that he is a serial killer. If you read all those “versions”, it doesn’t makes sense….but then I am not a profiler

    @azrael- best to be cautious at all times.

    @edward- lol, a lot of versions

    @pau- lol at the name BADDIE.

    @tina- i was kind of freaking out too that’s why I researched for facts . So far, there are no concrete names of the other victims to qualify as a serial killer

  • So I really DO look like Julius Babao. My college friend was right all along. May he rest in peace.

    But seriously, I heard the urban legend was started by the Calisura family as an act of vengeance. Possibly another made-up story, but who knows? I also heard that LAUREN IS NEXT ON SERIAL KILLER JULIUS BADDIE’S LIST.

  • maybe someone should tell julius to avoid these areas 🙂 uy pinsan ko yun ha. julius, i mean, not the serial killer. neverthless, better to be safe than sorry.

  • Ade

    But Baddie, why are you so murderous? Did you not get enough hugs when you were a kid?

  • @baddie- there’s an uncanny similarity to Julius Babao

    @Cathy- oh your poor cousin, hehe

    @Ade- one shouldn’t use a bad nickname. maybe it will affect the psyche?

  • thanks for the information..

    ang galing talaga ng mga pinoy mag exaggerate ng stories.. at first ayoko ding maniwala.. pero sa araw araw na pagpasok ko sa school eh puro yan ang pinaguusapan and I can’t really help it.. freaks me out I guess.. haha pero nung nakita ko to I finally knew this was a complete hoax.

    but if it’s true that there are still “killers” associated to this guy.. I’ll still keep my door locked.

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  • putang inah neo!!!!
    kng hnd 22o ung killer bkt ang dmih ng nbktma!!!

  • pls…GMA 7 mnwlah nman keo s ibng tao nah hunihingi ng 2long!!! kzeh ang dmi ng nbbktma d2 s lugar nmin!!! pls GMAA 7 we ur help!!!

  • @shummy- kung may nabiktima, pakireport sa Rizal PNP or yung pinakamalapit na Police station at sila na ang bahala magimbestiga.

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  • lordchicaz

    if hes not real,why are there so many people killed here in rizal?

  • @lordchicaz- do you know the names of the people killed? It’s better to report this to the police so they can investigate it. Hearsay is not evidence enough. If the person is missing, then report it as well.

  • ..uhm..its the biggest thing here in our school..Uhm..medyoh kapanipaniwala syah peroh kasi yung sinabi ngah sa balita yung sinasabi na psycho killer is a rapist..he juz raped a gurl..malay naman naten na yung parents ng girl ang nag post nun for destroying the name of the person since he raped the girl..(well?..hehe)..uhm..on the other hand..And jusko..Maski totoo o hindeh,,kailangan paren ang pag iingat,,omygosh naman pho kung..uhm..kung kelan sya nababalita saka mag iingat..thats what my mom said..hahah…be safe..:)

  • This is so scary if the claims that there are a lot of people victims/ deaths are really true. But, let’s leave it to the police. Anyway, I think it’s just a hoax, just like the talk of the town years back about a group who kidnap and kill kids.

  • yay! got scared before I saw the last paragraph grabe kala ko may serial killer talaga sa pinas pero tama we have to stay secured all the time.

  • ratatouille

    i don’t know anyone here. But I just really had to share this with someone. Anyone.

    I work in a call center sa Taguig area, and I am familiar with this Dennis Garcia issue. My boyfriend lives in Pasig Greenpark Village, near Manggahan. Pagkauwi nya once, andaming tanod and pulis sa village nila. Meron daw nagreport na maid na ung killer daw kumatok sa bahay nila, nanghihingi ng tulong. Ung maid, siguro daan na din ng chismis, namukaan ung lalaki. Tumawag agad sa guard house, ung guard tumawag ng pulis. Pagbalik ng pinto, wala na daw ung lalaki.

    Just this monday, usapusapan sa office namin ung bakla na may-ari ng parlor sa may Palar. Ni-rape, pinatay at pinutulan ng ari. Even worse, sinubo pa sa bibig nya ung putol nyang ari.

    Hindi ko maiwasan maisip na baka ung serial killer to kasi ganun daw pumatay tong “Dennis Garcia” na to.

    It’s just freaky na from Manggahan, pwedeng pwedeng dumaan ng C5 ang killer at pumatay sa Palar.

    True or not, walang masama if everyone here be extra cautious. Iwasan muna ang pag-uwi ng gabi. Especially girls, though men and gays should also be careful.

    Walang mawawala sa pag-iingat.


  • The best Dennis Garcia of the year 2008 best killer award
    *Best Actor Killer*
    Dennis Garcia- noong isinilang cya ang gatas nya boobs ng nanay nya, hinde pa uso ang gatas na S 26. original na gatas ng tao, Busog ang buang sa kasisipsip sa didi ng nanay nya, kaya cya kwanggol dahil lamot cya!!!! sa 22o lang sanggol pa cya Batang TYANAK. Lumaki na cya galit cya sa gurlz na may didi ni rape nya at gitigbas ang totoy ng babae. kaya pala cya ay kampon ni satanas!! Hindi natakot sa diyos ang gago! matagal mamatay ang masama. nde mahuli para cyang bula! nabalutan na cya ng 1,000 ka demonyo sa katawan nya. wala tayong magagawa nyan kung hinde diyos na ang hahatol sa kanya masunog cya sa asupre at baga sa ilalim ng lupa ang tawag ay impiyerno. Ang gagawin ng mga tao ay mag pray na lang na malayo sa kapahamakan. At lagi mag salita ang tao ng Latin Word *RECTAM*. Malayo sa ikapitong alot na pinakamalalim na dagat. At marinig ng espirito ng kabutihan. At magtagumpay tayong lahat. Dennis Garcia ay isang salot sa ating lipunan at ipapahamak ang mga taong inosenteng walang kaalam-alam. Itapon cya sa dagat kapag pinatay na cya sa mga alagad ng pulisya.

  • wah. ang minamahal ko (hehe) ay nakatira sa isa sa mga village na nabanggit. Huhu

    Kahit rumor lang or totoo, mas ok na ang nag iingat.

    dapat maging pamagmasid! at gawing 100x ang carefulness.

  • oh boy, parang csi…
    are you still active in PMN?

  • @jeans- I am not active in the sense that I contribute articles but am close with a few members and we meet up now and then.

  • camille

    totoo kaya na may pshyco killer.kxi mdami ng nababalita na madami ng na biktima saka kung hndi totoo yun bkit hndi nila hnapin ung nag pasimun9o nyang balitang saka kung cno man yng pshyco killer na yan magtigiltigil na sya.

  • jhon2x

    i agree what camille says… saka sikat na sikat na sya sa pasig at rizal…

  • I know that there have been no confirmed reports that have been shown in the news (on tv or print). However, the rumor (or so it seems) about a killer/rapist on the loose is very loud in our area (Cainta is my hometown). I grew up in Rizal and there has never been a more louder buzz than this so it really got me thinking about the truth of it. I have asked my sisters to take extra care when going home (usually late at night) and to be 100times aware of their surroundings. It doesn’t have to be a Dennis Garcia… there are others like him out there.

  • PuJan

    sorry for being an old timer…
    I’m 16 years old
    just this noon our classmate found out that another killing happened, in H.bautista Marikina, which is next to our place, Parang Marikina
    Though I don’t know if it’s true, it’s better to be safe…
    I already heard stories about about this mad man
    my girlfriend’s sister, a nursing student, told us that there was a victim rushed into the Hospital of their OJT…
    I’m not that shocked
    But after hearing chains of stories about this crazy lunatic,
    and reading details about this fuck…
    we have to be more cautious, be very secure
    His an abomination!
    Better to kill him when people might spot him!
    But veangence is not the answer
    so let God handle it

    Just stay tightly cautious, be safe always

  • rhon

    ….qng totoo un…sana araw2 may nababalitang nakapatay xa….tinatakot nyo lng sarili nyo

  • em

    haay sana nga ndi 22o un..nakakatakot kya!

  • Dyosa15

    About the serial killer blog

    Naniniwala po ako dun kasi, dito sa pembo makati naman sya ngaun gumagala. Yes! This may not be the same person, in fact rumors are there (3) three of them in our place. last sunday morning, a lady was found dead inside her home, pareho ang pattern sa pagpatay. tinanggal ang mga nipples nito. malapit lang ‘to sa bahay namin, walking distance lang kaya super freak out kami ngaun dito sa pembo. may nakita rin kasi mga friends ko na suspicious individual saturday evening, just before the murder happened, since we are locals, laki na kasi ng pembo, halos lahat nakikilala na namin sa mukha at pangalan, at sabi ng mga kaibigan ko na ni sila familiar sa mukha ng lalaking naglalakad. coincidence lang kaya un? tapos nalaman ko lang dito sa ofis ngaun na may biniktima sya nung linggo (feb. 24) matapos makita ng mga kaibigan ang suspicious guy na un? MAPAPA-ISIP KA LALO NA AT MALAPIT LANG ANG PINANGYARIHAN NG KRIMEN. ANO SA PALAGAY NYO?

  • anonymous

    Sana kung totoo man siya, mamatay na sana siya o mahuli!

  • Ang alam ko may serial (malamang psycho na din) killer na nabalita sa TV Patrol World. Ito yung nagdadala ng girl sa hotel/motel then papatayin yung girl tapos susunugin yung ulo or mukha… mga 2 or 3 na yung same incident na nabalita so malamang serial at psycho killer yun. Walang masama kung mag-iingat.

  • pink

    __+d2 samen kalat na kalat na 2ng ‘psycho killer ‘

  • stupid people….

  • nica

    pujan..lakas mu aman sa sbe2…wahaha.. sa h.bautista ako nag wulah nman ganyan blita sa skul nmen…tnayakot mu lang atah ang mga bbasa d2 ih..haha,mantrip daw ba…???

  • K.M.

    geeez,,, dont be a bunch of pussies and fight back.
    People should learn some self defence.
    If your weak physically and/or mentally,
    then the attacker has already one.
    I’d love for the serial killer to come to my home…
    he’d be leaving in a body-bag.

  • Lon

    tutoo yan mga girls. driver yan dito sa tanay dati.. adik yan. ingat ng malupet.!

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  • francis


  • elen felix

    may kumatok sa 1 bahay dto sa gitnangbayan sn mateo rizal, 3 weeks ago.naka-bonet.tumakbo nang makita na kumukuha ng knife ang may ari ng bhay. hindi naabutan ng maraming humahabol. mahusay magtago.may itak daw na nksbit sa balikat ,.

  • lhadyhotchicq27

    22o vHa YaN????????? wHaG KeONg mNiWaLa jHaN cHa mGa cHaBi-cHaBi nG iBa dHiL wLaNg 22oNg GaNyAn…….Kzi nanaKoT lhang mGa yHaN nOh…………..cha mga naniniwala abahala nlang keo cha mga pniniwla nyo bzta kming mga ndi naniniwala bhala na rin kmi sa charili nmin…………..kzi lhat nman ng tao may kanya-kanyang paniniwala dba………………bzta khung may 22ong may ganyan ingatz nlang keo…………………………….kailangan ntin ng 100000000000000000x na ingat…………………………..cge ingat nlang keo at pti ako pla araw-araw………….tingnan nyo nlang mga zumuzunod sa inyo vka psycho killer na yan………………….

  • souljah_chiq

    mga gago bkit kayo nagpapanwala jan…………………..mga tanga lhang ang naniniwala jan…………………mga boplocks…………………walang 22ong ganyan noh…………………………..khung kau na ang nabiktma tsaka kau mniwala noh…………………mga bobo talaga kaung mga taga pasig @mga taga rizal……………………

  • denise garcia

    sa lahat ng mga nag sabi ng kung anoano sa akin humanda na kayo dahil kayo na ang isusunod ko……………….hahahahahahahahaha…………………………………hinding-hindi kayo makakatakas sa akin

  • el beterana 12

    22o vHa YaN????????? wHaG KeONg mNiWaLa jHaN cHa mGa cHaBi-cHaBi nG iBa dHiL wLaNg 22oNg GaNyAn…….Kzi nanaKoT lhang mGa yHaN nOh…………..cha mga naniniwala abahala nlang keo cha mga pniniwla nyo bzta kming mga ndi naniniwala bhala na rin kmi sa charili nmin…………..kzi lhat nman ng tao may kanya-kanyang paniniwala dba………………bzta khung may 22ong may ganyan ingatz nlang keo…………………………….kailangan ntin ng 100000000000000000x na ingat…………………………..cge ingat nlang keo at pti ako pla araw-araw………….tingnan nyo nlang mga zumuzunod sa inyo vka psycho killer na yan………………….

  • krisha

    wHag kAonG mAniWaLa Sa MGA CCHISmISE sa tabItabi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!bahala nlng ang maniniwala jn…l…………………..ingat nlng kayo ha………….bye1000000000000000,000000000000000000000000,000000000000000x ang ingat kung mayv22o ngang ganyan……………..

  • krisha

    mga chab-chab ng iba dapat d paniwalaan dbah…………….kzih fohw ahng naniniwala lhang jhan ay mga kuh lhang chah pagiizsip eh………………ang nangingidnhap na 22o ay yhung nazsa white van na ang plate number ay ”VMM 507” khung chino mhan fohw ang makakakitah ng ganyang van @ ang plate number ay ”VMM 507” konthing ingat lhang fohw ……………….machachavi khung 22o yhan dhil ang pinsan kohw ang kinuhah ……………………ndi nah clah naaawah cha mga ibang batah ndi nman po cguro tama nah kumuhah ng laman loob ang lalagyan ng pera cha kili2x o kaya cha loob ng tiyan…………….tama vha yon?????????/ parah cha kin ndi tamah yun dhil parang gnawa nlang hayop ang pinsan kowh……..bdi lhang nman akoh ang nahihirapan……..pti rhin nman ahng kanyang magulang……………..cnakap ng tito koh na magtrabaho cha ibang bansa parah lhang makatapos ng pagaaral tapos gaganyanin lhang ng nga kidnappers…….”KAPAL rin ng MUKHA nilah” noh chana makarma cla at mangyari rin cha kanilah ang gnawa nla cha pinsan @ khit chino pa ang iba nla na-biktima…………..ndi lhang nman po cha nanakot ako nagchachabi lhang pow ng 22o……………………………..dun pow cha mgah ndi naniniwala cha white van na nangunguha ng bata bahala po keo baka pow magsisi keo cha bandang huli…………….ingat pow keo lagih
    kailangan pow natin ng 1000000,000000,0000000x na ingat para po maka cgurado po……………………………plssssssssssssss lhang po pakitingnan po ang mga zumuzunod sa inyo……………cge po ingat nlang po taung lahat…………………….

  • quinzsest thugz

    hey men 22o vha talaga yang psycho killer o gawa-gawa lang yan???????????????

  • winterchiiled

    hellershness! basta ako alam ko ako ang bida bawal ako mamatay! che! harharhar,.,. keme

  • angelu

    i wish this guy is in prison 🙁

  • yung…… mga nagsabi ng ………….ganyan………………sila na ang susunod kng papatayin……………..
    mag ingat ………………nalang …kayo sa akin………….kung …….makakaligtas pa kayo…………… akin …………….mga [email protected]

  • Llewellyn

    Hey, that BADDIE is hot!

    if hes the one going to SODOMIZE me, SURE… ill die for it.

  • ratatouille said: “Just this monday, usapusapan sa office namin ung bakla na may-ari ng parlor sa may Palar. Ni-rape, pinatay at pinutulan ng ari. Even worse, sinubo pa sa bibig nya ung putol nyang ari.”

    OMG, is this true?! as in? bakit wala naman ata akong napanood na 6:30 pm newscast dito, i religiously watch every vening ha. e kung may ganito, i’m pretty sure, sensationalized na to ngayon..

    can you scan a newspaper report about it?

    Get It From Boy!’s last blog post..Wentworth Miller Photo Gallery

  • dodong scarface

    hindi po yan totoo… un lang ang masasabi ko. pakulo lang yan ng gobyerno kasi nung time na lumitaw yan panahon yan ng zte deal eh para hindi magwelga buong rizal ayan ang ginawa. asstigg d b.

  • jefff

    Stupid nuts trying to scare people na hindi naman totoo.
    ayusin mo na lang buhay mo po!