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How to Reshape The Sexy Filipina Image in 3 easy Steps

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61 thoughts on “How to Reshape The Sexy Filipina Image in 3 easy Steps”

  1. My late Grandmother, Dra. Leticia Perez de Guzman, was one of the founders of S.T.O.P. (Stop Trafficking of Pilipinas) back in the 80’s or 70’s. I have done papers, back in college, regarding this matter. It’s so sad that up to this day Filipinas are still perceived in such a bad way. You’re right, maybe there should a more aggressive move to fight this perception.

  2. Count me in!

    I am also often dismayed to find mail order bride ads in my websites. It seems that the keyword “Filipina” attracts these ads from Adsense, too. It is ironic especially because my author website features a Filipino romance trilogy I wrote for a local women’s NGO precisely as advocacy against the sexual trafficking of women.

    The person who calls herself “decent mother” was totally wrong in her attack on Sexy Mom, though. Just because perverts associate Filipinas with sordid commercial sex doesn’t mean we should then inhibit ourselves from feeling, being and calling ourselves sexy. It’s like saying a woman who wears makeup and sleeveless clothes is asking to get raped.

    I agree, we should reclaim the word “Filipina.” We should also reclaim the word “sexy” and even “sex.” These words are not automatically dirty or bad.

    Yes, I will definitely follow your lead and blog about this,too!

  3. I had been planning to do a post on Filipinas. Will do that soon. Thanks for this post. I agree, the reaction about Sexy Mom is a little overboard. I have visited her blog and she’s wonderful. I will let you know once my Filipina post is up.

  4. I had been planning to do a post on Filipinas. Will do that soon. Thanks for this post. I agree, the reaction about Sexy Mom is a little overboard. I have visited her blog and she’s wonderful. I will let you know once my Filipina post is up.

  5. @ManilaMom- thanks for your entry. I love it. And coming from your site ManilaMom adds even more juice to the wholesomeness of the word.

    @Michael- thanks. Every wholesome entry on Filipinas help

    @Patty- Great. Looking forward to it

  6. that stupid “decent mother” messed with the wrong crowd. well in her world sexy moms like us are wrong. what a sad sad world she must live in.

    just in case “Decent Mother”‘s ears are burning from all her publicity: Hey You “Decent Mother” , It must suck to be you. Hah!

  7. btw, i’ve put back filipina icons on my sidebar. i’ve had them before but the constant moving and domain change i’ve forgotten about them. i’ll try to post an entry about ’em before the day ends today.

  8. now that i bounce back–thanks to you all, it is heartwarming to note the positive things that come out of negative situations such as the threats to me for using the pesudonym Sexy Mom–now we are all rallying behind the campaigns for Reshaping the Online and Sexy Image of the Filipina.

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  13. Okay, we have to make a huge distinction here! Now obviously there are pedophiles and perverts out there… I tried one of your searches and was thoroughly disgusted. Lots of porno sites and many mail order bride sites with pictures of old White men who have married young girls… It’s all very sad! But it also looks like there are some men marrying women in their own generation too, that look like they have a genuine relationship. We have to face it, if you’re a NICE GUY in America, you’re doomed to be single – because American women won’t date you. But when I was in college, this Filipina lady in one of my classes kept telling me about her niece, and about how Filipina women are compared to American women when it comes to love and relationships. She asked if I’d like to write to her… I said sure, why not? And three years later, I will be going to see her for the first time. We’re both in our 20s, there’s one year difference. And we have a lot in common.

    Though I did not find my girlfriend through one of these sites, there are surely men out there who DO genuinely use them to find love. Won’t your plans make it more difficult for these guys?

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  18. Wow daming suporters 🙂

    Bilang pagsuporta pa rin sa advocacy na ‘to, inaanyayan namin ang mga gustong mag-contribute sa bagong group blog na inspired by this advocacy. Open ‘to sa lahat ng sumusuporta sa layuning mapaganda ang imahe ng Filipina sa cyberspace. Pwede n’yo i-repost ang mga entries nyo kung gugustuhin nyo. Baka sakaling makatulong tayo ng konti kahit papano 😀

    Filipina Group Blog

    – a group blog that aims to reshape the Filipina (Filipino Woman) image online

    Login | Register

  19. I blogged about this campain, because we are a german-philippine couple and we have a blog about the Philippines in german langage.
    We need the results from search engines, because we stay abroad, but we find many times only websites we dont want to see. And so we made a blogentry, and it works. If I am searching today “sexy filipina” in Blogsearch German language , our website is between a lot of “nice”, not wanted, results. Fine.

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  21. Dear Noemi:

    Thanks for the wonderful blog entry. Thank you, too, for sharing the SEO links. It’s a very important part of our Filipina Women’s Network’s “Shape the Filipina Image” Campaign. The more of us there are who rally for this “Filipina Woman Consciousness” Movement will reap the benefits, even if our children and grandchildren will be the ones to reap them. Everything takes time!

    We’re getting ready for our Annual FWN Summit in Washington DC this October 25-27 in Washington DC. I hope some of you can join us. It’s going to be a remarkable gathering of women!

    I tried to go to the link that you provided for our Shape the Filipina Image Campaign.

    Just in case you can’t read what it says, I’m copying it here.


    A quick Google search of “Filipina” yielded 1.1 million results, a high majority about Filipina Mail Order Brides. When you Google search “Latina” or other Asian American women, more positive images are listed and most are about accomplishments and their businesses. This is one of the reasons the Filipina Women’s Network launched a national campaign so the public will see Filipina women differently.

    The campaign is about creating positive images and leadership opportunities for Filipina women in corporations, government and nonprofit organizations. Culture and media have immense power to shape public perceptions. Creating positive media images of Filipina women leaders is an important first step in shifting the cultural climate in the world so that Filipina women in powerful roles become commonplace and accepted in today’s society.

    People often mimic the images, trends and ideas they glean from pop culture. Changing the perceptions within the popular culture can be a precursor to challenging and changing stereotypes that hold Filipina women back from becoming full participants in the workplace. Promoting more positive images of Filipina women in leadership roles will be a catalyst to making it absolutely normal in the eyes of the press and the public for Filipina women to ascend to the roles of senior management and public leadership.

    FWN has a series of initiatives aimed at working within popular culture venues. A key initiative in changing the cultural climate is FWN’s collaboration with V-Day’s Worldwide Campaign in producing “The Vagina Monologues,” an all Filipina cast working to raise money and awareness to stop violence against Filipina women and girls. The one-night benefit performance is a celebration of Filipina Women’s Day on March 30, 2004 in conjunction with Women’s History Month celebrated every year in March.

    Other Initiatives include the Filipina Image Program and the Filipina Women’s Leadership Summit. The Filipina Women’s Network is dedicated to advancing Filipina women across sectors, enhancing public perception’s of Filipina women’s ability to lead and fostering the entry of Filipina women into leadership positions.


    (Noemi’s sister in San Francisco and Chicago)

    P.S. Noems, I just got back from a quickie trip to Paris with hubby. We went to the Montmartre District, our favorite, remember?

  22. Noemi, the problem with this campaign is that the ads that come out of google in your page are the sites that you basically want out in the results … opening you to being charged of hypocrisy. You might want to block these ads!

  23. I hae been reading all the letters and I am an american mail that has found the love of my life in the Philippines. I liked the letter from Kris on June 30th. My Filipina sexy mom is every bit of that and more she is kind, loving, honest, and hard working. Yes american women just don’t have what the Filipina women have in their hearts. I do agree that their is alot of bad things said about the Philippines and it sure would be nice if it could be turned around because it is a very beautiful country with very beautiful people.
    Thank You,

  24. In all fairness, there are two sides to every story. I am one of those people who have a website, developed for the single purpose of assisting young, sexy, Filipinas and some not so sexy, in their quest to find a foreign partner, who will deliver them from the appalling poverty in which they live; a third world country they call home, the Philippines.

    Many of the people here live on the equivalent of $6.00 USD / day. They eat boiled rice garnished with a soup of weeds, gathered from the roadside or their gardens. They live mainly in Nippa huts, getting eaten alive by mosquitos each and every night. Most of them are so thin they would need to run around in the shower to get wet, if they had a shower. They are very clean, bathing daily by paling litres of cold water scooped from a bucket over their bodies. They are educated, most speaking 3 different languages, they thankful for small blessings in this life and they are basically happy.

    However they are trapped in a country that is still reeling from the economic hardship, caused primarily by the actions of one, thankfully now deceased man, renowned as the second greatest thief in the history of the planet, Ferdinand Marcos; oddly enough the people here still revere him, because when times were tough, he gave them milk; which I might add, he could easily afford to do, while he was stripping the coffers of the Philippines to the tune of a $100,000,000,000 USD; one thousand million dollars, no sense crying of a little spilt milk.

    Anyway, daily I am approached in the streets and in the markets, by Filipina women, asking me to find them one; meaning, a foreigner like me; Only today my wife, a very sexy Filipina, to whom I am completely devoted and she to me, was handed an envelope with a photo and a phone number by a another Filipina, asking please put me on your website, help me find a foreign Joe.

    We are not making money out of this, yesterday I made $3.35 from Google Adsense clicks, but spent $5.00 on Google Adwords advertising, an established trend. I have invested over a thousand hours work, for little or no recompense, unless you can count the satisfaction in assisting people to escape the bonds of poverty as reward; well I guess you could… It is true that many of the Filipina are very exotic and beautiful and sexy looking too, and I don’t blame them one little bit, for using any God given character trait or physical advantage they possess, in their efforts to escape the demeaning poverty in which they now live.

    My final thoughts are these, directed at those who would trample under foot, the inalienable right of Filipinas to be sexy. People in glasshouses should not throw stones. Before you judge them you should get down from your high towers and walk a mile in their shoes.

    Ingat lang…

  25. please I am the search of jocelyn guzman who to please find to enter in contact with polices rewards it and of ten a thousand dollars one for reason that this person sequestration a child who is my son please helps me to find this pesoa that sequestration my son who to find to enter in contact with [email protected]

  26. What a very interesting blog!

    I can’t help but suspect that all these women who are trying to “reclaim” sexy Filipina are very wealthy women, or at least middle class, to be able to afford firstly the home pc, and secondly the time and knowledge to put these blogs together.

    I’m sorry, but I took offence from the comment about old men and young women… who or what gave you the rights to judge what true love is, and what is the acceptable age for these lovers?

    Yes, I’m a white foreigner, age 52, and married to the sweetest, most loving and kind woman I have ever met since my mother; she’s a 26 year old Filipina whom I met in one of these hated websites!

    I live in her home town and share my life with her, and her family. I don’t think that I am anything special, I just went looking for love, and indeed I found it. I have established a business in a town which has less than half the population of 10 years ago, with more people leaving for Manila and Cebu every day, such is the desperation and hopelessness rampant in this place.

    I opened a small beach resort which attracts lots of money from foreign tourists, and have given jobs (and hope) to almost 30 local people. The resort is not an “exclusive” place, in other words I do not exclude locals, in fact I encourage them to join the karaoke parties and mix with the guests. We have two price lists, one for the foreigners, and another “secret” set of prices for the locals (cost price… non profit). We really are like one big happy family.

    Now I won’t bore you with all the great things which have been happening in this town lately, because all you rich “holier-than-thou” bloggers already know that money generates more money. And do I need to tell you about repairs to the church (I’m a God-fearing Catholic), and a reclaimed sense of community spirit?

    So you just call me a dirty old man huh? Name yourself and I’ll drag you through the courts charged with Defamation of Character. I have a very good Filipino lawyer.

    Oh, by the way, I am fluent in the local dialect, and now learning Tagalog.

    Yes I know there is always the evil element, and a large number of foreigners come to the Philippines just to use the women (and children) for sex. But if you open your eyes and mind, you will see that the vast majority of humans in this world are good people, unfortunately the bad ones get all the publicity.

    Step outside your comfortable and protected world, and you will see the poverty and desperation that drives “sexy Filipinas” to seek mature foreign men, then look a little closer at these rich western cultures, and you might begin to understand why western men are turning away from the greedy and selfish “me me me” women from their own countries.

  27. Every country as it has been said has hookers of all races. Filipina’s have just learn to use what was given to them. It is not just malaysia. Go on any dating web site and find Filipina’s and you will find woman selling their Pus.. and Brea… I have been to a lot and HAVE LOTS of video provening it. Pics, captured images, etc. of woman showing what they got for money. Done it on AsianFriendFinder, FilippioFriendFinder, etc. and the WORST is FilipinaHeart. OH MY GOD. I have over a hundred woman that I can pic from to do cyber sex. Is that wrong, no… they need money who the hell cares if they want to sell what they have. I LOVE IT!!!!! All guys should love it. all it takes is just talking to them.

  28. waaaaaaaaa…
    di ko poe eto maintindihan but guess im going to like it 🙂
    pwede nyo po ba ako tulungan na maintindihan para saan to?


    Your’s hoping,

  29. So it seems my comments were justified, that all these women objecting so vehemently to foreigners and dating websites are all living in a fantasy world with too much money and far too much time on their hands.

    As soon as some “white” (I hate using colour distinction, we are all children of God) foreigners started objecting to the negative comments, the responses from the rich ladies stopped.

    Can’t you see that any generalisations made about foreigners are just as bad as the generalisations about “sexy Filipinas”? Whether you like it or not, God never told us that there is some law about age difference. The truth is, there is a lot of love going on out there. As time passes, my love for my wife just grows and grows, and the intensity of our passion is something words can’t describe.

    The things Ako Jo said were quite true, and I quite often have women approach me to find a nice man for them. This is not easy, because I would never forgive myself if I sent a man who is not-so-good to a warm and loving Filipina.

    Between the American government, Marcos the milkman, and all the other greedy and corrupt leaders, the rug has literally been pulled out from under the Filipino people, and dropped them in the dirt. The Philippines had all the resources, everything she needed to be the wealthiest nation in Asia, but it was all stolen, so don’t blame anyone for using whatever God-given assets they have to get out of the dirt.

    If an intelligent, beautiful, loving, hopeful, and yes, sexy young woman can offer love and companionship to a lonely (old) man, why not? Life is give and take, each of us needs something, and each of us has something to offer.

    In my observations, Filipino boys are careless and self-centred until they are 30+. I constantly hear horror stories about boys that promised the world, “dedicated” their life to a woman, spent 3 or 6 months convincing her to sleep with him, and when the woman finally gives herself to him in a moment of passion, he has his conquest and runs away and tells everyone she is a slut. Just have a look how many women looking for foreigners are single mothers. No Filipino man wants her now.

    Compare this to a foreign man, who not only accepts her child(ren), but really loves them as his own, and thanks God for sending such a loving and caring wife into his life. Is any of this making sense to you bloggers out there in cyberspace?

    Come down from your ivory towers, get out into the provinces for a holiday and open your eyes a little… “Walk a mile in their shoes”. Great words Ako Jo.

    For the sexual criminals… DEATH PENALTY or LIFE SENTENCE.

    For those matured men seeking love and marriage… SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT.

    For those young women looking for a foreigner… BE CAREFUL OK? Take notice of what’s the behaviour of the man, if he is rude or demanding, if he asks to see your body, if anything does not feel right…. BLOCK HIM AND START AGAIN. Choose a man who shares your religion, and is not ashamed to talk about God. That’s my opinion, and I believe it… shared religion is the perfect basis for a good marriage.

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