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The Year 2007 has been good to me and I attribute it to the setting of goals. I am grateful that I laid down my New Year Goals in this blog and even listed them in my Starbucks Planner. I normally don’t use a Planner since my smart phone is adequate enough to store appointments and other plans. But 2007 brought about a multitude of plans that needed careful organization and planning. Not that I am superstitious or anything, the Starbucks Planner (actually any planner will do) brought me on track. I was able to renovate and move in our new home within two months from contract signing.

This was my New Year’s Goal for 2007 which I wrote on January 2, 2007. Let me show you how much of these goals were actually met.

These were my goals for 2007

1. Start the construction of our new home by February.
2. Move in to our new home before the year 2007 ends.

I expected to build a new house from scratch. Our seller backed off on January 2 but on that same day, a broker showed me a property for sale. So instead of the construction of a new home, I was renovating an existing home on February. We moved from our old house in Makati to our new home on March 19, 2007.

3. Attain my desired weight of 125 pounds.

Too bad I didn’t attain this goal. I didn’t focus too much. Though I had regular workouts, my goal to reach 125 pounds was unrealistic considering my age.

4. Have an ever closer relationship to God.

This is still a work in progress. Though I have a strong relationship with God, it’s the church I am having doubts.

5. Develop membership responsibilities in The Compassionate Friends.

This wasn’t possible at this stage since most of the members are still so fresh in their grief.

6. Start research on ““brick and mortar” business.

I revived my real estate brokerage and in the process of being affiliated with Ayala Land. In fact, I started three blogs,, Celadon Manila and Nuvali Ayala Land.

7. Create more high income-generating blogs or redefine my current blog niche.

Let me see. I have the Pinoy Food Blog,, Celadon Manila and Nuvali Ayala Land, and the (still to be designed). Through my Shopping Finds blog, I discovered that bridal gowns gave us huge hits. Another blog in progress is the Pet Lovers Blog. How do I cope with these blogs? I hired my daughter Lauren to be the web content writer on three of these blogs.

8. Encourage my 2 girls to be the best they can become.

I guess I didn’t have to encourage the girls to do their best. They did it on their own. M  attained University Scholar status while L is now a graduate student in Masters of Creative Writing at the state university.

9. Be more loving to my husband . (more loving than ever, hehe)

Despite the occasional healthy arguments, I still am loving to my husband.

10. Expand or promote my webhosting business to starter businesses.

I stopped the lowest priced webhosting plan as it involved more expenses in the long run. I focused on high-end plans.

11. Treat my husband and myself to a trip abroad.

We didn’t go far from Southeast Asia but the trip to Singapore was nevertheless a respite from the topsy turvy state in the Philippines.

So how did I fare in attaining my goals for 2007? Out of the 11 goals I listed, three goals were not attained. That’s not too bad at all. My mistake was I focused too much on one goal (i.e. fixing our new home) that I completely forgot to place effort on the other goals.

Events happened that were not within my control. Some of these events were happy surprises and some were of another nature. The year 2007 will be another chapter in the book of my life. I did my share in writing that chapter by setting goals. I did that not to control situations but to do my part in living my life.

I am now in the process of setting my New Year 2008 Goals which I will publish on January 1, 2008.

What about you? Do you have New Year Goals?

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