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Sex education

While at the computer, I overheard a conversation between Lauren, my daughter and her dad at the kitchen last night.

Dad, Pat (her boyfriend ) is bring me to Mandarin Hotel on saturday


Why is Pat bringing you to a hotel?

Oh, it’s our second year anniversary and we’re eating at Paseo Uno.

Then I overheard him say: “For a moment there, I got shocked. Why would Pat bring you to a hotel?”
Haha, that was funny.

I yelled out : well just enjoy yourselves but “no sex, no drugs, no smoking, no alcohol”

She says “I know mom”

My thoughts raced back in time. When the girls were still in high school, they were not allowed to have a boyfriend. I know the boyfriend rule wasn’t followed. But still, I knew that at that age, sex education was important, boyfriend or not. A mother once told me that she wished she had educated her daughter on birth control. Her daughter got pregnant at eighteen years because she had no protection. It’s unrealistic to guard my daughters 24/7 so we just give advice and tell them not to believe a guy when he says that he has protection. The best birth control is still “abstinence” . And if you are not ready to have kids, then don’t have sex.

I got back to my work. An instant message appears on my desktop:

Mom, can you buy a shrug for my top? My top is too sexy.

That’s my girl.

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  1. hi , i’m a student and was doing a research for my project, sex education,when i found this website. I must say u are a really great example for parents out there!!

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