balikbayan box
My daughter’s [tag]balikbayan box[/tag] which she left last summer in San Francisco arrived today. She went on a shopping frenzy after I praised her for her thriftiness and being a wise shopper. But I think she went overboard with the expense on her last week. haha. Inside the box, I discovered several crotchet books, crotchet threads, school supplies , books and catnip for her Siamese Cat. And Quilting and Craft books? That’s odd because Lauren doesn’t quilt. Hmm?

quilting books

inside the box
Although she incurred huge expenses, I noted that she only shopped for items that are expensive in the Philippines. For instance, the local crotchet thread here is limited to thin thread or yarn. Crotchet books , if any at all, cost at least 500 pesos. She got 6 hard-bound books for $10.00. Actually, the supplier of the books sort of “fooled” her into buying these. You know how kids drool over these free Ipod. The site advertisement from Crafter’s Choice screamed “Get your 6 books for only $10 book club membership” and refer 5 friends to get a FREE Ipod. Upon arriving in the Philippines, she received an email that she owed $71 for the books. Apparently, they shipped 3 more quilting books and patterns which she never ordered. Right there and then, she wanted to return the books. I mean, why did they send the books when it’s not even ordered or paid for that matter. AMAZON never delivers until the ordered items are fully paid. So she explained to the Book Club that she lived in the Philippines and admonished them for a misleading advertisement. Blah-blah. She never heard from them again.

Lessons learned :
1.Read the fine print.
2.If it’s too good to be true, then it probably isn’t

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