Shopping with my Husband, my co-homemaker

butch shopping
Yesterday I talked about my gadget shopping spree where I dragged my husband who apparently got bored and tired after walking around for four hours. All that geek-talk made him dizzy. When it was his turn to get his own shopping fix, he brought me to Ikea (Singapore). But my shopping spirt appears to have gone on a nosedive. I wasn’t interested. For the past year, I postponed gadget shopping in lieu of home improvements for our new home. I thought it was a waste of money to buy stuff in Ikea since a huge chunk of our savings went into furnishing our new home. We have all we need, anyway. How could I stop him from oogling over the low-priced goodies? Butch loves home furnishings, buying for the kitchen and grocery shopping. I am into tech stuff and making house repairs. Funny, how we have diverse interests!

ikeaikeaI took photos of Butch as he rolled his shopping cart at the furniture section. He kept murmuring How cheap as he made his way through the array of sofas, tables and chairs. I had to gently remind him that we couldn’t possibly bring tables and chairs with us to the plane. Ooh, that didn’t stop him from carting away kitchen utensils and other small home items that can fit inside a box.

I just let him be.

You would think he’d get contented with his Ikea shopping. Last Sunday, he brought me to Dapitan, the ultimate place to buy unique décor, kitchen and home accents at really low affordable prices. Guess what he bought?

More Christmas-themed plates, and that’s just part of the loot we hauled off from Dapitan.
christmas plateschristmas plateschristmas shopping

I just let him be.

Through the years, I’ve accepted the fact that my husband will always be a sort-of-house-husband-homemaker who complements me. I am grateful that he doesn’t go out as much now with his male buddies. Instead, he spends more time fussing over our household. He nurtures his artistic side as he cooks or adds decor to our home. I am glad that he isn’t appalled at my gadgets shopping because he knows how much I love dabbling with web 2.0 applications. We make allowances for our peculiarities because that’s who we really are. And that’s what love is all about. Kind and patient.

I love my husband, idiosyncrasies and all.