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Do you want to know the top 5 reasons why I attend New Media Events?

Someone mentioned that the easiest way to a blogger’s heart is through their stomach. What a condescending remark! It’s not even the freebies. I can very well afford to buy the products or services, thank you. Not the TV appearances. Been there even before I became a blogger. Not the photo ops either. The primary reason I attend new media events is to get fresh new content for my Shopping Finds, Pinoy Food Blog and my other techie blogs. Being one of the first to post this breaking news on my blogs give me an edge. Isn’t that part of publishing too? Aside from content, here are a few of my silly reasons.

1. It’s an excuse to have a date with my husband. Hehe, actually I just need him to drive me home from the Mrs. Fields Cookie Cafe Press Launch since it was held at the Manila Pavilion.
Mrs Fields
View Photos or read Mrs. Fields Cookie Cafe Launch (August 21, 2007)

2. It’s the perfect time to bond with my daughter whose schedule is always full during the weekends.

3. It’s also a time to be adventurous and drink that Rose Champagne. Never mind if I am allergic to alcohol and end up smiling like an idiot.
View Photos or read more on the Champagne Breakfast with Jerome Philippon, a Wine Hunter at the Prince Albert Rotisserie, Manila Intercon (August 18, 2007)

4. It’s a time to chill with blogger friends (like Abe, Gail, Dine and Annalyn) especially for a worthwhile project like the WikiPilipinas, the free and hip Philippine Encyclopedia.

Join the fun too and start adding content to the WikiPilipinas.

5. It’s a time to just be me and enjoy cheap thrills like winning the Bingo and getting a prize for it.

Isn’t it any wonder why three bloggers won all 3 prizes for this game? Your guess is as good as mine.