4 ways to prepare for a stress-free Christmas

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Inviting you all to join the Starry Bright Christmas Promo of Sanicare’s Liwanag Box Series.  Check the mechanics at the end of my blog post.

Christmas brings out warm fuzzy feeling that glows inside for the entire season. Childhood memories of twinkling lights along with Christmas carols are enough to lift my mood. I am so excited my daughters are coming home for Christmas and I have been preparing for weeks now. Christmas planning is all part of the Christmas preparation so I will have a stress-free holiday season. These are some of the preparations I have been doing around the house and the kitchen.

Tips for a stress free Christmas

  1. Create your Noche Buena, Christmas day menu and grocery list

List down your menu and the ingredients needed for each meal and slowly collect the ingredients needed. I pre-cook or cut ingredients of recipes ahead of time and freeze them thus reducing tasks in the immediate run-up to Christmas Day. Divide your pantry in zones to keep your food organized and to reduce your meal-preparation time.
Have specific areas for baking, snacks and breakfast items. Baking condiments, spices, cereals, pasta, canned items are some of my zones. I also created a kid zone where the kids could just grab cookies, and other snacks from easy-to-reach spots.

Menu planning is a must before the holiday rush. The supermarkets are usually full so I take this opportunity to already shop for the ingredients which cannot be found in one supermarket.  You might want to check out my Recipe Ideas for Noche Buena at my Food Blog.

Clean and go is a motto in my kitchen so I make sure I have paper towels nearby for a quick wipe of any spills or simply wiping the splashes off a serving plate, just before serving. Of course , a festive looking Kitchen towels is a nice touch to my red-green holiday theme . I am happy that Sanicare released their special Christmas prints for their Kitchen Towels. The Sanicare Kitchen Towels have moisture locking technology, making it very absorbent.

2. Organize the pantry

Christmas day will be celebrated with my sister’s family so I will be hosting 20 guests. Before Christmas day, I expect a few guests coming in so I need to prepare for such occasion.

Divide your pantry in zones to keep your food organized and to reduce your meal-preparation time. Have specific areas for baking, snacks and breakfast items. Baking condiments, spices, cereals, pasta, canned items are some of my zones. I also created a kid zone where the kids could just grab cookies, and other snacks from easy-to-reach spots.

This is the opportunity to take stock of my inventory: spoons, forks, dishes, glasses, table napkins. Christmas planning involves the table setting aside from the menu so I envision the look for Christmas day. Nothing fancy. I make use of my Christmas decor as a festive accent to my informal table setting.

The table napkins are placed in a holder so anyone can easily get hold of it. I use Sanicare Mood Dinner Napkins . They come in two colors, white and black which has a very luxurious strong but soft feel.

3. Get something new for your Christmas decor

The traditional red-and-green always works for me as it allows me to collect decors through the years. Repeating the color scheme or pattern is essential for that unified look I want in my home.

I always buy something new each year to get me excited of the Holidays. This year, I bought Laser lights instead of a string of Christmas lights. It is less hassle and I don’t need to wire around the fence. Stress-free lighting is what I need and it looks so pretty and magical at night.

The lights make my heart grow tender with warm childhood memories and love of my family. Anything to lift your spirits will relieve you of stress.

4.Take some time for yourself.

On my extra busy mornings, I chill at my working area and just enjoy the view from my chair. I feel it is a waste of time to stress out when stress can be minimized. Stress will also add wrinkles to my face which I want to avoid.

Take a moment to just sit still and enjoy the moment. Dab the sweat away from your forehead. Take frequent breaks.

The Liwanag Series boxes

Speaking of the red Christmas themed box of tissues on my table, take a look at how it adds a new look and holiday touch to my red-green theme. The box comes in white, blue , red and green so it can fit any color scheme of your home.

These specially designed boxes from Sanicare is called Liwanag Christmas Boxes which is centered on parols (lanterns) and stars. The boxes were designed by the artist Alex Eduque, the founder of MovEd.

Alex chose to utilize parols in her design. She believes parols are a symbolic representation that evoke a notion of promise and unification.  It also transcends social classes and lights up all Filipino homes. Alex chose to integrate the stars in her design because it is a constant reminder that we share the same sky and despite the stark differences and circumstances in all corners of the world, that each one of us has a star shining brightly within.

Starry Bright Christmas Promo for the Liwanag Series boxes

Christmas is usually a time of joy, not stress. Doing a little planning now will help you relax and enjoy your friends and family during Christmas. To all my readers, I also want to give you the opportunity to enjoy even after the Christmas is over by inviting you to join the Starry Bright Christmas Promo.

Here are the mechanics

1. Post a creative photo on your Facebook account featuring the Sanicare Facial Tissue Liwanag Series Box.

2. The caption should start with the phrase, “My Christmas
is extra bright this year because ____!”
and please tag three (3) other friends.

3. Entries also should include the mandatory hashtags #SanicareLiwanagSeries #Sanicare #SCPA

4. Once posted, the participant must go back to the Sanicare PH Facebook promo post and click the link provided in order to submit the entry.

5. The promo will run from November 22 to January 01, 2018. Deadline of submission is on January 01 at 6pm.

6. Winners will be announced on January 15, 2018 on the Sanicare PH
Facebook Page.


1. The grand prize winner will be given four (4) all day passes to
Dream Play and Lunch buffet for four (4) at The Café at the Hyatt
City of Dreams Manila.

2. 10 consolation prize winners will also be chosen to each receive a 2,000 peso Sodexo Gift Certificate from Sanicare.


Visit the Sanicare PH Facebook Page for more details about the
promo. DTI Permit No. 18311 Series of 2017

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