Update: April 23, 2009: US Marine, Daniel Smith is acquitted by Court of Appeals

I admit. At first, I was on Nicole’s side but as the case unfolded, I had my doubts. My heart went out to Lance Cpl. Daniel Smith especially when he got convicted. I am not a mind-reader but I watched his eyes on television as if screaming of innocence. I wrote

Do you honestly think without reasonable doubt that Smith is guilty of rape? Though not a popular opinion, I have been having doubts he is really guilty. But then again , we will let the Courts of Appeal or the Supreme Court decide. The evidence will speak for itself .

Justice will be served.

(Edit at 11:00 PM- Nicole doubts she was raped. Read her affidavit)

Is this the justice served? Nicole is now in the US for good. Evelyn Ursua, Nicole’s lawyer said that in the letter, Nicole and the mother were “‚Äútired of the case and do not want anymore to be bothered by it because ‘there is no justice in the Philippines.'”

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