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Clubbing 101 for a clueless, hip mom

It’s been a trend over the last few years, but it’s just getting bigger and bigger. It’s the clubbing, party-going crowd, and it gives people an excuse to dress up how they normally wouldn’t. Shari Maxwell

Receiving an invitation to a launch is nothing new to me and with my busy schedule, I am quite picky. The cool invite to attend the launch of the new Republiq , a club, a venue of sorts located at the Plaza, Resorts World Manila, Newport City in Pasay City piqued my interest because it was Tim Yap’s latest venture. I met Tim Yap in Singapore last year at the height of Ondoy and got to know him beyond his celebrity status.

I appreciated the invite because I have never experienced the clubbing scene in Manila. Who says I can’t have good clean fun at my age? Having a little adventure is always fun. Bringing my husband was out of the question. It was a week day. Good thing the hubby didn’t complain when I told him that I’ll bringing the girls out on thursday night. Off we went to Republiq club in long dresses, a rarity. It was a good 40 minutes drive away from home.

Like I told you earlier, I thought it was a media event so I brought along my Nikon DSLR. The lady at the entrance told me that my DSLR had to be deposited. No problem, I didn’t feel like dragging my chunky camera along anyway. She placed a stamp on my hand.

At the entrance, the guards inspected the hands of my girls. I looked horrified as I stared at my right hand, ” look, the stamp on my hand disappeared. Let me go back to the counter…”

My daughter, the “club authority” whispered, “Mom….UV light will detect it.”

I chuckled at clueless me.

The Republiq was not ready for the guests so I just sat down and looked around for my media friends.

Noting my disappointment, another daughter rolled her eyes “Mom, this is not a media invite. You were invited. Didn’t you read the invitation? Private launch?”

Then another daughter piped in “You may be hip and cool,mom but still a mom. Clueless about clubs”.

Laughing at my faux pax, I chimed in “I know, haha. well, what I know about clubs are disco clubs…we actually dance.”

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