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Singapore Food Festival

Your Singapore, My Singapore

your singaporeSingapore feels like my second home already. My sixth visit to Singapore in a span of three years and yet there are always new things to discover. My recent visit from July 15 till July 18 was upon the invitation of the Singapore Tourism Board to cover the Singapore Food Festival 2010. Wasn’t it just last year that I was in uniquely Singapore? What’s truly amazing are the changes that are taking place all the time. It is no wonder that the brand changed to Your Singapore just recently. Each traveler has their own reason for visiting Singapore year in and out. Mine is always a business trip, the preferred choice of venue for events. My daughter’s reason for travelling to Singapore is the Great Singapore Sale.

your-singaporeYourSingapore takes over from where ““Uniquely Singapore” left off. The focus is visitor-centricity, meaning the experiences are made wholesome and personal, drawing their allure from the breadth and richness of attractions many have grown to love here in Singapore. I believe shopping is one of the many reasons for visiting Singapore. Others visit for the arts, culture, the fun places, or business.

My tour guide, Wee Toon Hee brought me to the new malls (including a refurbished mall) along Orchard Road that wasn’t around since my last visit in October 2009 and other exciting sights as well.

Here is My Singapore, the sixth time around:

Orchard Malls

Ion Orchard

I enjoyed my shopping at the Sephora. It is the largest branch I have ever been to. Such a pleasure looking at all the makeup and skin care goodies. If you’re a tourist, there is a 5% discount but make sure to bring your passport.
ion-orchard-singapore (2)


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Another Uniquely Singapore Event

Trying to break the language barrier at dinner, I asked the Chinese TV host if he had other adjectives to best describe our culinary experience at the Singapore Food Festival. Delicious, yummy, heavenly, mind-boggling, wonderful…I forgot his name now but he said he ran out of words himself but he managed to utter two words “Delicious” and “so special”. How else can I describe the food and the experience? (edit- I found his calling card. Silly me, his English name is Never and I even told him “I will NEVER forget your name is NEVER. Senior moment for me indeed)

Maybe this video compilation of photos will help?

Here is the Link to the Video Compilation
It’s my first time to cover an event of a country. Usually it’s either I blog about a product, service or even politicians and personalities but an event in a country? It was truly an experience! My trips to Singapore have always been limited to shopping at the digital mall , Hawker’s center or museums. In the course of my media familiarization tour, I found out that Singapore saw visitors spend more than S$1.4 billion on food and beverage, about 14 per cent of their total expenditure in 2007. On the average, around 20% of the Singapore Food Festival attendees are tourists. No wonder the Singapore Tourism Board needed to sustain that source of economic activity or even increase it further. A country needs to be run just like any profitable business enterprise. Media promotion is one way to champion tourism just like how Secretary Ace Durano invited Happy Slip to do videos for the Philippines Tourism global campaign.
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