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Who could ever match the abundance of food, drinks, and gimmick at the Taste Asia Food Fest of SM Hypermarket , SM Mall of Asia ,? It was a huge success in terms of attendance, fun and food. I didn’t expect that all registrants would arrive. In fact, I forgot to sign up my daughter , Lauren .

Surprises galore awaited us at the party.

The food arrived or rather overflowed in batches. First the cocktails arrived, then appetizers during the program, and finally the main course. I didn’t get to eat the main course anymore because I was already full by then. How much food can anyone take? I cannot imagine. A fiesta atmosphere filled the whole room as two tables were laid out to be feasted on.

If you weren’t happy with the food, one could always sit down and surf . SM Hypermart even provided the bloggers with laptops and I managed to check my emails and send a twitter message.


The evil chocolate fondue fountain by Crazy Choco was a smashing hit among the young bloggers except for diabetics like me. But I couldn’t resist a chocolate dipped marshmallow, could I? Hehe!
chocolate fountain

And free , cute and crazy photos from clique booth, the party photobooth. Thanks Karl!

I had photos with my two lovely daughters (Lauren and Marielli) and Dine aka Sexy Mom!

Click thumbnails to enlarge photo
(me and the 2 girls)
(me and the Sexy Mom)

Sorsi and Jayvee hosted the program .

With Marcelle Fabie, the magician. (View his magic blog)

Lots of prizes too. I think almost everyone brought home a prize.

All the drinks and juices your bladder can take!

Thanks Aileen for spearheading the event with the help of the numerous coordinators like Dine,Sasha , Rico ,Janette, Jedi, Jay Abe ,Ely Marc, Jayvee ,Shari, Noemi Sexymom ,Jonas ,Pierre Jomar ,Markku, Jonas of Yehey and AJ) . And of course thank you to SM Hypermarket and their sponsors.

Hen Lin, Sanyo, Fruitas, Crazy Choco, Lots A Pizza, Gloria’s, PaoTsin, Citibank, Alvineths Party Needs, Crazy Choco, Fresh Cuts

I will bring my husband for a second visit at the Taste Asia and savor the food once again.

Join the SM Hypermarket contest

So who else went to the party? To list them down is impossible so take a peep at the photos here:

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