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The Mystery of the Poisoned Water Jug

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““[tag]Poisoning[/tag] shocks best, brightest in science high school”. Upon reading the news, I could only shake my head at the cruelty of this sick joke. Kids create pranks now and then but this is just too much. My friend Cathy Babao-Guballa aka Nancy Drew , blogged about The Mystery of the Poisoned Water Jug , an inside story.

Now it can be told…”“J” was not the first victim, mind you, she was the fourth, but the worst hit, in a string of poisoning cases that had been plaguing this high school for brilliant minds over the last few months. It was only when ““J” finally hovered between life and death, did the pieces of the puzzle finally fit.

If you took Chemistry classes one of the first things taught are safety procedures. We all know that taken internally, Silver nitrate is poisonous. “M” was a candidate for class valedictorian of his school, Philippines Science High School so he knew the harmful effects of silver nitrate. In fact the boy got a scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) . Though “J” survived the ordeal , she is probably traumatized and will continue to undergo therapy. I agree with Cathy that “M” needs SERIOUS psychological counselling because this is not the first time he “poisoned” a classmate. Imagine, four times!! This is very wrong. It would be interesting to know his motivation. Also, why did his friends tolerate it in the first place? What went wrong with these kids?

There is a lesson to be learned here – for parents and educators especially. It’s not all about academics, the child has to have a rich and discerning emotional life as well that grows at the same pace as his intellect. The size of one’s brain should grown in direct proportion to the size of one’s heart and spirit. Beautiful minds need to go hand in hand with beautiful hearts as well.

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  1. i would like to point out the recklessness of the school. How was the student able to procure such dangerous chemicals if the school havent been reckless in keeping the said chemicals safe. The school should have an inventory and especially someone who supervises who takes down informations like who needs this chemical, what for will it be used, how much is really needed. The problem is not with the student but the inability of the school to provide proper safety precautions

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