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The price of sight: is Lasik worth the cost?

wearing glassesI wear two pairs of eyeglasses, one is for reading and the other is used for driving. I know I should have just one pair of glasses for both purposes but I don’t like to wear those progressive lenses. My high school classmate told me to try Lasik procedure since she has tried it herself. I saw for myself how she does not need reading glasses anymore. I guess it is my fear of the unknown that stops me from going through this procedure. I know that without glasses, I get increased comfort while driving, participating in outdoor sports or doing activities that could cause eye strain. I will never have to worry about losing my eyeglasses. I always carry a spare in my purse or in my car because sometimes I just lose them somehow. There is this infographic that provides information if Lasik procedure is worth pursuing. I am aware of the risks and complications in the Lasik procedure so it is best I see my medical doctor if the Lasik procedure is for me.

Via: King Lasik

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