The Princess and her Bay window

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bay windowsOnce upon a time a little girl imagined herself as a princess gazing out of her bay window twirling her heart shaped locket. Her dreams specified it had to be a bay window. Dreams do come true after all except the princess bit and the heart shaped locket.

M blissfully relaxes beside her bay window in her bedroom as I putter around our new home. It’s probably a strange coincidence but the last two houses we looked at all had bay windows. I don’t really like bay windows. Its irregular shape is a curtain design nightmare which can be costly. I like simple windows that open wide. Oh well, one can’t be choosy when buying a ready made house that meets the budget.

We haven’t moved yet. The move was to take place last sunday but unfortunately, the floors and the painting are not done yet. Oh and so much cleaning to do. I announced to the family members that we are officially moving on March 18 even if our things will be all brought in on March 19. M asks “What do you mean official?”

I go “Since you have classes on Monday, we can’t all move in as a family.”

M laughs “Oh mom, you and your ceremonies!!!”

I added “Didn’t you know there are ceremonials? I didn’t invent it. Your dad wants to bring in bowls of rice, salt, and something something..I forgot as part of the tradition.”

I know it’s silly to have all of these moving-in-to-your-new-home traditions but I have to play along with my husband’s wishes. I say “Let’s just humor your dad. It won’t hurt anyway. ”

Speaking of the move, it has to be on a Monday because village rules disallow noise during sundays. And motor noise of trucks or vans are annoying to our neighbors. Saturday is busy time so that day is out of the question.

As I make all these plans, my husband suddenly gets all sentimental and shit…. “let’s move on May”

I try to be patient and ask his reasons . He can’t bear to leave this house because no one will watch it.

I roll my eyes.

“Very well. You can stay in this house. I will pack everything . You can sleep here and watch the house if that makes you happy.”

Sometimes it’s not that easy to let go of old familiar places and things. It’s difficult to let go of our comfort zone. Even Z, the former owner of our house felt sad as she handed over the keys last Friday.

She said “I have to let go”. Getting sentimental is a normal feeling when selling a house. I’ve felt the same sentimental feelings when I sold our ancestral home in Cebu. Z is happy that we are the new owners. She declined a lot of prospective buyers and only entertained me because she liked me. hehe, I think it was because I was impressed with the kitchen layout. I remember telling her “Your house has a soul.”

So while my husband is bruising his sad soul, I am brimming in high spirits.

I can’t wait to leave this place and start anew .