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The Stage Mother of a Philippine Idol Contestant

ericaI didn’t expect much of the Philippine Idol last sunday night . I thought our Filipino contestants were subdued compared to their American Idol counterparts. If you followed the past American Idol seasons, the audition is the wackiest part of the show. The [tag]Philippine Idol[/tag] Season 1 proved to be just as funny and entertaining with certain quirks that is peculiar to the Filipino culture.

stage motherThat [tag]stage mother[/tag] in the photo must be so proud of [tag]Erika Jill Bautista[/tag] . As Erika sang, the mom engaged in small talk with Ryan Agoncillo. Sometimes, she listened through the walls. Erica has an hearing impairment (35 decibels) in one ear that she has to wear a hearing aid. Inspite of her hearing impairment, she sings pretty well.

That’s why the judges called the mother inside so she could hear the good news. The look in her face is magical just like any proud mother would react to a daughter’s achievement.

stage mother

Awww, she cries as the verdict is announced. She makes it to the second round. The daughter just hugs her mom as she continues to tear with joy.
mother cries

There are a lot of enthusiastic stage mothers around even if their children are in their twenties . I don’t blame them. A lot of these kids are quite successful in their field. Take for instance, Leo Salonga. Her mom tagged along during Lea’s performances until her mid twenties. This working arrangement probably worked well for them. My daughters chimed in that they would be totally embarassed if my reaction would be like that. A friend admitted to all of us that she is and continues to be a “stage mother” to her only son who graduated summa cum laude. My stage mother days is now a memory that I treasure. I’m glad I devoted those growing up years in nurturing their talents. It’s really fun watching your child perform. I can sit all day just watching them sing on stage. Even if I believe that my children’s achievement belong to them, I can’t blame stage mothers. They are proud moms. We never stop being a mother.

View the video segment of this show. Thanks to Ruth for the link.

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13 thoughts on “The Stage Mother of a Philippine Idol Contestant”

  1. i know erika who is daughter of Julie Esguerra. Erika has talent even she is hearing impaired but she sings well because she got from her dad, Gary Bautista. im glad that she made it to the top 24 of Philippine Idol now. i know that her mom will be proud of Erika. Keep it up!

  2. mas gusto ko manalo si jeffrey santos..ika ang tunay na inspiration ..may pambayad kana ng ilaw tol..hanip ka…nakakatawa yung audition mo…ikaw ng tunay na star …ibinta mo yung trumpet mo sa ebay…maraming bibili niyan.

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  4. Hey! You’re a big Philippine Idol fan! I actually auditioned via the Fast Tracks (at SM) route and I was lucky enough to get a slot in the PICC auditions. Ryan then told me I didn’t cut it four lines into my song. oh well. hehe.

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