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Time Management for Mom and Kids


Time = life; therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life. Alan Lakein

My first job as a Production Supervisor at a candy factory was to undertake a study on the time and motion activities which I used later on for implementing a production schedule. The techniques I learned as Production Supervisor came in really handy when I became a parent 5 years later. As moms, we learned to multi-task and set priorities in our child-rearing activities not to mention work, couple and me time!

Benjamin Franklin once said, “Do you love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff that life is made of.”

If there is one thing I am proud of my kids (even my departed son), they knew time management. Never were they tardy for school. Never did I ever have to yell at them “Come on, hurry up”. Sure, sometimes it was hard to wake them up but they knew the schedule of each school day and their play time. Their dad may not be a prompt person but you know the kids didn’t have to follow their father’s footsteps. There is no such thing as inherited trait of “being late”. Teaching my children the values early on in life , particularly the important lesson of time management was crucial part of their growing years. I prepared them for a lifetime of self-discipline helped them in their adulthood.

Time management is not necessarily about getting lots of stuff done, because much more important than that is making sure that you are working on the right things, the things that truly need to be done.


During their pre-teen years, my two girls traveled twice to the USA and Canada through a children’s choir. This entailed discipline and time management skills when it came to costume changes that needed to be done in 1 minute. It also involved checking travel times and being prompt during rehearsals. I am proud to say that the two girls were never lectured by their choir conductor for tardiness. How did I teach my kids?

1. Set clear priorities on daily activities.

This means give a daily schedule. There was a time for schoolwork, naps and play time. By the time, the girls ate solid food, I gave them an hour to finish their lunch. If they weren’t done, I removed the plate. The consequence of getting hungry is not eating their lunch properly. They learned that one has to eat at the proper time. Bedtime was also strictly followed. No late nights for my kids up to their pre-teen years. As they reached their teen years, I gave more allowances for them to arrange their schedules but still the bedtime and waking up rule was followed.

2. There are consequences if time is not managed properly.

Of course they knew this very clearly once they were at school. Tardiness had consequences. In fact, I remember as a kid, the tardy were listed in the blackboard.

3. Give them an idea on the possible duration of an activity.

As young kids, I didn’t want them to study long hours so I told them that the maximum is only 2 hours, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. They had to finish their homework really quickly or their assigned tasks. It worked quite well and by the time they reached their fourth grade, the kids studied on their own. I reminded them though when bedtime was coming soon, “It’s almost bedtime. Ten minutes more so wrap things up”.

I learned to adjust the lesson of time management at every stage of my kids’ life. I gave them more leeway to make decisions on their own and handle their schedules properly. It helped that I installed time-telling tools such as clocks in every room of the house and gave them watches to monitor their time.

I often told them that if they didn’t manage their time well, they will be far less productive than they could be and get a lot less done. They will also feel much more stressed and overwhelmed, and struggle to find time to spend with the people they care about and to do the things they enjoy.

My two girls are not little girls anymore. In fact, they are adults, working and busy managing their work and social life. Lauren knows when to work hard, and play hard that she even took the time off to New York for a short vacation. M is devoted to her new job but takes the weekend off to socialize with her friends.

Without doubt, parents should give their children an early head start on the lesson of time management. With proper guidance and the right tools , kids will definitely learn this important lesson well.

As a treat, I am having a contest for mommies out there in cooperation with Kids Watch Central (KWC)

KWC Time Management for Mom and Kids

1. Please share the most effective time management techniques that you give out to your kids via the comment section below.

2. Share short anecdotes on how you implement these techniques and what was the outcome of these to your children.

Place it in the comment section.

Aside from managing your time for the different activities that they undertake, teaching kids how to tell time also gives kids a head start on the virtue of discipline.

The three (3) most unique and interesting comments will be given one (1) Kids Watch Central Watch.

Deadline for Submission of Entries is until July 20, 2009. I will edit this entry to announce the 3 winners. Please note that I reserve to change the winners if I find out that you also won in Teacher Julie, Imomonline, Yoga Jane or from Jenn Tan. Good luck!

Winners may claim their prizes at GeiserMaclang c/o Arbee Panga at Unit 7D Tuscan Building, 114 V.A. Rufino St., Legaspi Village, Makati City.

11 thoughts on “Time Management for Mom and Kids”

  1. “We all have the same time.” That’s what I keep telling my kids whether you are the President of a country or a farmer in the province .. we all have the same 24 hours a day. So do not tell me “I do not have time for that..”, It’s just a matter of prioritizing the things that you need to do. For instance, doing your homework on a Friday so you can enjoy the rest of the weekend rather than cram yourself come Sunday night. That’s priority!
    .-= sassy mom´s last blog ..WS : Day Out with Kids =-.

  2. I am a WAHM and at the same time a Homeschooling mom to my 4-year old. Having to work and teach at home entails a lot of discipline on my part because I have to juggle my time between working, teaching and doing house chores as well.

    It’s a conscious effort and constant struggle because we are not bonded by a schedule for my day to day activities because I am a WAHM and she’s HOMESCHOOLED but I still have to ensure that my daughter will get the value of time management. This is very important because in two years she’ll be in a regular school already where she’ll be obliged to follow and stick with schedule.

    So what I do is have a routine. We do things at our own phase but we have to stick with the time lay-out I made for our everyday activities. Say for example her nap time, she knows that when the clock strikes 12noon, she has to take a nap and leave whatever she’s doing. It’s hard at first knowing how strong-willed kids today but I have to set rules otherwise she’ll grow up not respecting time.

  3. If there’s one things that’s becoming extinct here in our society, it’s being on time. Fellow Filipinos are actually amazed when one arrives early for an engagement, or worse yet, when someone is actually on time. Has our sense of time deteriorated so much that being prompt is now considered something extraordinary?

    It is precisely this attitude that I want my children to grow up NOT having.

    In order to instill a good sense of time and encourage effective time management, I teach my kids these things in a language that they can understand. For example, whenever we get an invitation for a kiddie party, I would show it to them and tell them that this is an event that’s happening at this place during this time. I tell them that it is important to get to the event on time because if we are late, certain consequences will arise like:

    1. We won’t be able to park properly. We’ll run ourselves even more late as we drive around looking for parking. When we do get to park it’ll be somewhere that’s far away from the venue.

    2. The party will start even without their presence, so they’ll miss certain games and activities, and perhaps even prizes they could win.

    3. They won’t get good seats. If there is say a magic show, they might be seated all the way back so they won’t get such a good view had they arrived on time.

    4. We might not be able to sit together. If we’re late and the tables are filled up, we might get separated because we would end up seating wherever there are unoccupied seats. This is a big deal for most children.

    After telling them the consequences, I then teach them how to avoid being late. I tell them that if the party is located nearby (10-20 mins drive), they have to be ready at least an hour before… at least two hours earlier if the party is farther away.

    Since this is all explained in terms that they understand, it’s not difficult to get them started on the right track. 🙂
    .-= Rowena Wendy Lei´s last blog ..Win P500,000 in 7-Eleven’s BigBite Match! =-.

  4. Great post, Noemi. But are you sure that tardiness is not inherited? 😉 I could swear it’s in the genes sometimes and my kids had a double dose of it. lol!

    So with perpetual lateness running in our genes, managing our time and accomplishing tasks on time is an ongoing battle in our house. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. But with the girls older and being able to take care of themselves more, the battles are easier.

    Especially now that they control their own activities and social engagements, they don’t like to be late so they make an effort to get themselves ready and make sure to remind mom and dad when it’s time to go. Luckily, even with our misfortune of having the tardiness gene, they are turning out to be amazingly organized. I can’t take all the credit but I guess maybe they just have the organized gene naturally too 🙂
    .-= JMom´s last blog ..Giveaways Galore! =-.

  5. One of the most important thing I learned from my parents is the Vaue of Time. I proud to say I’m always been a recipient of “Most Prompt/Punctual Student/ Employee”… lols. this is also one of my kids’ achivements as well…

    And now I’m a SAHM to my 5 and 7y/o kids, my hubby is an OFW. I don’t have yaya/ maid or driver.. Everything should be organized. I always tell my kids that if you don’t know the importance of time, you won’t accomplish anything. . At an early age, I teach them to appreciate and enjoy time as well.

    At home, we are so busy, yet enjoying doing our own assigned responsbilities/tasks… Weekdays, from school, as soon as they get home, they have a 15 minute rest. Then, a hour and 30 mins. to do and finish all their assignments. Then snacks for 30 mins., and an hour of playtime/ watching tv etc… Then finally do their assigned chore/s.

    Every Friday, we always have a family meeting, to set a schedule for the coming week… We plan, organize and place it in our family calendar. Every activity/ event that we need to attend to, my kids knows how to prepare beforehand. Being Late is not an excuse… Being On time will give you an edge…

    Every second is so precious for us. I can say that we truly accomplish a lot with the daily time schedule we follow.

  6. Being a 24/7 mom is a tough job. I’m a single parent raising a 8 y/o lovely daughter. I work as a call center agent, shift is from 9pm- 6am. Then when I get home arnd 7am, I would rest for 2 hrs.

    Then at 10am, I would prepare for my child’s baon. Her sked for school is 12pm-5pm. Then during those hours, I would cook our “ulam” for dinner and lunch the next day. So that we we’ll just re-heat it. Then remaining hours will have some more sleep…

    She’ll be home by 615, rest for about 30 mins. then she’ll prepare to do her assignments/ projects/ school works by herself, and give some assistance if needed 😀

    By 7pm, will eat dinner together, then be preparing for work by 745pm. During that time, my sister will be coming over to sleep with her during the night I’m out, as her house is just few blocks from ours…

    Weekends, saturday and sunday… is our bonding time. We woud enjoy our precious time together. Do some chores, like ironing of clothes for the coming week, weekly general cleaning, bake some cookies, watch dvd’s or just sleep… 😀

    This has been our everyday routine. My daughter at a young age has learned to be conscious of time, as everything need to be organized. Somehow it should be planned… We help each other

    We enjoy our time together, even just the two of us (with a little help of my sister :D)

    Thanks for this contest. Goodluck to everyone.. Cheers!

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