Trillanes and Lim Camped at Manila Peninsula & Curfew

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11:45 AM– Trillanes and Lim Stage a Coup in Makati? As usual, I first heard of the breaking news , the “coup” from a Twitter message by Arbet

“Something is brewing at Makati involving Magdalo.”

This was followed by Ederic’s twit on Trillanes and Lim Walk out of Court Hearing.

Too busy with work or in denial, I ignored the news until my husband called up a few minutes ago. He said “Turn on the TV and check if there is a coup”. So here I am blogging and watching the ANC Channel who are covering the breaking news. I switch to twitter and catch Ederic’s twitter on the Panawagan sa Bayan Ng “mga miyembro ng Armed Forces of the Philippines” is in Tagalog so I am still trying to decipher their demands.


From what I gather in the news, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and his supporters are appealing…

“Ito po ay panawagan ng pagbabago. Ang naniniwala po na dapat tayo makaahon sa kahirapan, pumunta na po kayo sa Makati (This is a call for change. All those who believe that we should rise from poverty, join us and come here in Makati),” Trillanes told GMA News.

Trillanes is so “original”. After Oakwood Hotel, he latches on to Manila Peninsula where they are setting up a command center on the second floor. I don’t wonder anymore why anyone voted for Trillanes. I mean, wow… how noble he is to bring us out of poverty. Maybe my tolerance for pain is quite high even if I sympathize with the poor, but another coup attempt from Trillanes smacks of power hungry motives. Besides does a five star hotel and poverty mix well? Two Bishops, Former Vice President Teofisto Guingona and some civilians are some of the first supporters to join Trillanes in the hotel.

This latest coup attempt looks like it was planned beforehand. Look at their Sundalo Tagapagtanggol ng Pilipino website.

Oh dear, are they now planning a People Power Part 3? or is it Part 4?

Watch the video
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6:19 PM Trillanes agrees to leave hotel . I’m watching the news live in News Patrol. A group of policemen escorts a handcuffed Trillanes inside a high security bus followed by ex-VP Guingona and others including media. The Technical crew of ABS-CBN are handcuffed. Wow. And is that bus inside a hotel lobby? Manila Peninsula must be in a sorry mess right now. I just don’t understand why the media men are handcuffed.

7:00PM– Reason that Media had to be processed. Police had earlier said they were taking the journalists who covered the standoff from inside the hotel to the National Capital Region Police Office in Bicutan for questioning.

7:09PM Curfew from 12 midnight to 5:00 AM. The curfew was issued “to allow law enforcement agencies to continue their follow-up operation.” The imposition of the curfew reminds me of my life during the Martial Law days. But the curfew freaked my daughter out. She cries “It’s totally destroying my social life” after I forbid her from going out for her band practice.

8:00 PM– I am glad that the Trillanes revolt was crushed. At least 101 persons were arrested inside the hotel , Philippine National Police Director General Avelino Razon said. You know, whatever the government does, their actions will be criticized. At least, the revolt didn’t last for days. Remember the coup in November 29, 1989? It lasted for 10 days because Cebu military refused to give up.

Who doesn’t want poverty to be eradicated? Who doesn’t want a government for the people, free from scandal and corruption? We have tried People Power but did it work? I can only do my share by teaching my children the proper moral values for being a good citizen of our country. Let’s start change in our family, our values and our attitudes.