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Twitter Updates for 2007-04-10

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  • I need to unplug M’s windows PC and bring it to the Geek Squad. I brag to the girls how my macbook is kinda resistant to virus and spyware. #
  • Just came back from the Geek Squad and am now downloading AVC, spybot and adaware while M is busy enjoying herself in Baguio. #
  • called IBM support to instruct me how to format my husband’s laptop. Yup M infected his laptop. #
  • @jayvee- that’s why I used powerpoint because until now I haven’t bought that adaptor. #
  • I just came from makati to help Lauren with her banking stuff. Then she shopped. Good thing she had money. I’m a bit financially challenged. #
  • reinstalling windows xp in my husband’s laptop. Hayy. This virus is really strange. Any word with virus or AVG crashes the computer. #
  • finally finished reformatting windows xp and downloading AVG, spybot, adaware in this laptop. Husband is now happy to have his laptop. #
  • Installed AVG ,adaware,zonealarm and spybot in butch’ laptop and M’s PC. Now Lauren’s bothering me on how she should present on Iblog summit #
  • I have a cold. I should call it a night. #
  • I just finished breakfast and an now at my writing table gazing out to the pocket garden. What a great day! #

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