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Twitter Updates for 2007-04-12

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  • I am convincing sexymom to twit here. Ahh finally I see her entry. #
  • @sonnie- one of my highest organic searches is the “sex education in the Philippines” entry. Keyword “sex” ranks high in google image search #
  • @sexy mom -Fan dry your laptop, hurry.
    @manilenya- magandang umaga or tanghali na ba?
    Ugh my powerpoint iblog 3 edit work is gone #
  • Lauren and I are going to the gym. Workout time. Be back by 12? #
  • just arrived from gym then lost all that workout after eating carbonara and siopao. M’s pissed that online reg in UP isn’t working. #
  • now to finish my powerpoint which got erased. Lauren wants to use my nifty keynote tool but it expired. Boo. #
  • @sexymom- M is going back to UP tomorrow 8 AM. I’m having a pedicure home service at my bedroom while I continue my work. #
  • my colds are still bothering me. Still working on my powerpoint presentation for iblog 3. Then I’ll email it to Janette Toral. #
  • @sexymom- i hate the taste of brandy. I’ll just rest. Am done with my powerpoint.AH I see Lauren twittering. #
  • Just came from Gail to get the calling cards that Lauren and I ordered from her. So colorful and pretty. Mine is my blog’s blue theme. #
  • setting my alarm to 5:30am. Iblog3 tomorrow. Good night World. #
  • Good morning. Am leaving for UP at 730am. I have to drop M for her UP registration. Lauren and I will have breakfast somewhere in Katipunan. #

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