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Twitter Updates for 2007-04-13

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  • Am in the front row of the 3rd Iblog Summit. I had a hard time getting a wifi connection. Not many people inside yet. The place is huge. #
  • iblog 3 hasn’t started and it’s 9:18 am already. I see a lot of new bloggers Iin the audience that I haven’t met yet. That’s great. #
  • great we start in 5 minutes. Chris Haravata and Apples are to my left and a nervous Lauren is to my right. #
  • iblog3 just started with an invocation and the National Anthem. #
  • Chris Harvata talks about Blogging 101. Interesting to note that there is a 60 year old man and a 13 year old boy in the audience. #
  • Gmail is blocked by UP servers? even Adium! argh. Looking at the blogging demographics, my age group (>40 years old) is in the 1.7% #
  • Lauren is next. She is so nervous. I wish her luck. I will record her talk via garageband. First time to use garageband, can you believe it? #
  • Lauren’s topic is the Do’s and Don’ts of Personal Blogging. #
  • Lauren doesn’t look nervous to me. #
  • Iblog3 is on a break. Lauren’s talk was great. So many question.I will be the next speaker on Personal Blogging Success Story. #
  • finally met Dine (sexymom) who is so charming. Her photos don’t do her justice, Jangelo. And met Julie too. Haven’t met other bloggers yet. #
  • My talk ended. Now listening to “unlocking your creative potential” #
  • I am home now because I need to access my gmail. Wifi here sucks. My batteries died too.I will be back mid-afternoon after I finish my work. #
  • I meant wifi at the Iblog3 event blocks certain sites because of the proxy server. #
  • I went back to iblog 3. Around 100 in the audience. #
  • Lauren and I will attend the socials. The last speaker is talking about ethics. #
  • Just arrived from Iblog Socials. #
  • @aileen- nervous? You are going to do just fine.
    @sonnie- you are a sweet dad. #
  • i woke up to the google alert sound and was surprised to see an IM from annamanila. I should get up now. #

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