Two Movie Comedies: Click and My Super Ex Girlfriend

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click.gifMy husband is in the mood for movies lately. Maybe he’s making up for last week’s emotional crisis. Comedy was our choice just because we wanted to laugh. After all, watching a funny movie can offset symptoms of chronic stress, which can suppress various components of the immune responses. The choice? “Click” or “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”. Butch wanted My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

Aha. I knew it. You get a kick out of watching bitchy women“.

I preferred “Click” and Butch just sort of went along with me.

“Click” is a hilarious comedy. Imagine being able to own a remote control that controls the world around you. One can fast forward events that bore or stress you out, pause an obnoxious person so you could kick his butt, and lastly rewind to see your life in the past!

If I had that kind of universal remote control, I will skip the part where I am watching my dying son just so I wouldn’t feel the pain. That is not reality of course. Amnesia or short term memory loss is possible. What would you choose to skip?

super.jpgWe watched “Click” on a monday night. Yesterday night, my husband calls from his cellphone and asks me to check the schedule for “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”. I tease him again ” Can’t get enough of bitching women, huh?” This superhero spoof/romantic comedy is kind of stupid really but my husband was laughing his head off. I’m thinking, “Wow he’s enjoying the bitching scenes

One of the funniest scene is during Jenny and Matt’s first night of lovemaking… (Spoiler and Too much Information Alert)
If you want to take the risk, highlight the text in between the brackets with your mouse

[Our bed collpased too, remember?…that’s nothing new! ]

That romantic memory made him laugh even more.

G Girl (played by Uma Thurman) alternates between crazy, controlling, angry , and sexy. That’s too much for a man to take. No wonder Matt left her. I don’t think I am controlling or angry. Maybe crazy and sexy. hehe

Next movie this week :”Little Man”