I have three internet connections at home: SMART WiFi, Destiny Cable and a pre-paid dial up connection. See I need to be redundant with my internet connection in case one fails. I overheard my daughter complaining to SMART Wi Fi Customer Care over her slow connection. I insisted on talking to them after she filed her complaint. Ever since the [tag]SMART WiFi[/tag] was installed in October 2005, we didn’t encounter internet connection problems.

Being used to Destiny Cable Technical Support expertise for the past 7 years, I was horrified to discover that their customer care is Level 1 meaning all they do is report it to the next level. No wonder a lot of angry SMART WiFi Subscribers flood Ambot AH!. In the first place, their LEVEL 1 support should be able to troubleshoot right there and then. Imagine waiting 24 hours for some technician to call us up and then what happens next? Level 3 technician? This long wait is an unacceptable Service Agreement. In the meantime. I told my daughter to run the CMD and when the DOS box pops up to type, ipconfig /release followed by ipconfig /renew and restart if possible.

I hope SMART WiFi issue does reach Congress.

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