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Why Manny Villar?

A mention of my twitter name @momblogger alerted me .

“Is it true that you have chosen Villar?” , someone tweeted.

I replied that I will neither confirm nor deny that as I have stated in my entry, My presidential candidate

It does not matter who my candidate is. As project editor of, it is prudent that I keep that choice only to myself and my close friends, the people I trust. Certain quarters cannot distinguish me as a voter and me, as the editor. Blog Watch remains non-partisan.

You are free to speculate, of course.

Most of the comments agreed with my short list (Manny Villar, Dick Gordon and Gibo Teodoro). A few raised eyebrows “Villar?!?” as if I just uttered the devil’s name.

The skeptical often are bewildered…Why oh why is Manny Villar in your short list? That’s what I’d like to talk about. Why Manny Villar?

With the negative campaigning and half-truths being flung around, one is confused with propaganda, counter-propaganda and black propaganda.

with-presidentsI am blessed with this wonderful opportunity as project editor of blog watch where I get to scrutinize these candidates, at least seven out of the nine presidential candidates.

A rational decision based on research, intensive interviews and attendance to three presidential forums was slowly forming in my head the past months. Insights gained by this experience paved the way for my decision to include Manny Villar because of his leadership, managerial ability, experience (I wrote more about it here with Dine and Wenchie.) I believe our presidential candidate should have all three characteristics to manage the economy well enough to create more jobs and address this issue of poverty. Understanding of issues against him included fact checking and discernment.

It helped a friend vouched for Villar’s high moral standards since she worked with him in the senate for many years. ( read Pia Cayetano‘s comments on Manny Villar)

But…a friend’s testimonial, his track record, competence and platforms were not the only factors to consider in the selection process.

The way a candidate handles his campaign gives me an insight to the governance of this candidate.

manny-villar-meet-july-2009Do you know the challenges I face to get these presidential candidates? I am a virtual unknown. Blog Watch just launched on November 24, 2009. Who are we anyway?

I took my chance with Manny Villar for our first interview in December 17, 2009. An interview earlier that year left me with a favorable impression . I felt he was very open to bloggers, easy to talk to, patient, even if I had caused him discomfort with my questions on Twitter and Plurk. ( I heard he bought a laptop the next day to empower himself with the semantics of the online world). He was patient enough not to roll his eyes when clueless me asked him “what exactly are you accused of in c-5?”? I like to laugh and loved that he laughs as loud as I do (the other candidate that made me laugh so much was Dick Gordon). His three children impressed me. They are humble, simple and very loving to their father as they attentively listened to the bloggers interview him.

with-manny-villar It helped that Villar’s new media guys were attentive enough to my interview request. Sure enough, Villar agreed to our first interview and his staff, his lovely daughter, Camille were once again around to give him support. Towards the end of our interview, he acknowledged the role of new media in the presidency.

All the other candidates where Blog Watch had connections with, were easy to communicate once I was able to establish the purpose of our interview.

This was not the case with Noynoy Aquino.

My persistence to interview him before the start of the campaign period was perceived as an impolite request. Not that Noynoy himself was attending to my request. Of course, there is a campaign team behind him and though apologetic, was quite helpless in giving us a slot till 6 weeks later. I want to say more and I am being nice here when I say I don’t want to come off as “negative campaigning”. Let me just show you a friend’s article on Why Noynoy is not in my shortlist to make the long story , short.

My impression was it was not easy to communicate with Noynoy. It took an inner inner circle (whatever!) to get through him.

Why should it be difficult to get an interview schedule when all the others didn’t give us a hard time? ( I found out that even Yahoo and PCIJ were unable to get an individual interview with Noynoy)

Why should it be hard to talk to a candidate about their plans?

In the course of the campaign period, issues cropped up. If I needed to be clarified on news accounts, I often got my request either from the new media guys or Villar’s staff. I would sometimes run across Villar’s children in forums and they struck me as really nice children with impeccable manners who would approach me and plant a kiss on my cheek. Villar raised such beautiful kids. I am impressed and thought his parenting style played a role in the personality development of his kids. Even Pia agrees with me.

I know impressions can be misleading (and this is all for show as skeptics want to point out to me) but I trust my gut feelings on these encounters.

villar-meetLet’s face it, the powers of the presidency is almost imperial. The abuse and misuse of these powers is right smack in front of us for the past nine years. Do we allow this abuse and misuse to happen? The next president might also abuse these powers. If we get the right people elected, we cannot fold our tarpulins and say ““phew, now they will change everything”. If we, the citizenry won’t try to know what is happening, nothing will also happen to us.

There is only one power that can face and surmount this abuse of power and that is the power of an aware, vigilant, organized citizenry.

So you ask, what am I getting at?

The fact that Villar is open to new media in a presidency is a factor crucial to a participative citizenry. The fact that he made himself accessible through his staff throughout the campaign period shows the type of organization he manages and an insight on his governance. A president needs to be open to the people and easily accessible when questions arise.

In the first interview that July 2009, I asked a photo op with him as proof that I interviewed him so that I can show the photo to him when I need to follow-up on his plans.

“I will still keep my promise even if I am elected or not.”, Villar assured me.

Even after elections, I will make it a point to be vigilant as our new president grapples through the difficult transition to democratic restoration and economic recovery.

For those undecided on Manny Villar, this article, Undecided on Manny Villar? might give you insights to all the issues and controversies.

You might want to know how to go about Selecting a candidate to vote for as President, read on Why Gibo Teodoro and Dick Gordon.

source of July 2009 photo- from Chuvaness

96 thoughts on “Why Manny Villar?”

  1. Tita Noemi, this is a very intelligent article and shows no bias–just observations. I’ve also interviewed Villar a few years ago for my magazine, but we talked about houses and interior design and gardening (and no, his taste is not as ostentatious as that nasty email that went around a few weeks ago). Anyway, I found him open, honest, and very willing to meet you at your level. I’m not voting for him, though, since I prefer another candidate (clue: go green!). But if Villar wins, I’d be perfectly okay with it.

  2. Being a president requires a vast managerial skills not only acquired from school but from vast and long experience,needless to say,look at his business,from a small enterprise to an empire if I may say so,and look at Noynoy’s managerial skill,although he may only be a part of it,but he’s one of the managers of Hacienda Luiisita,they are supposed to distribute it to the farmers,but they did’nt,they concocted some evil plan to deny the farmers the land,when the farmers strike,they call in the army and the police,farmers were shot and killed,and they said they did’nt shoot the farmers,pwe!!!! some management skills.Comes the question of why we choose Villar over Aquino? just open your eyes and ears,you will know the truth and the answer.

  3. All presidential candidates are having a good and auspicious character,

    They’re all good

    but only this morning, i recognized who has the ability to accomplish whatever he sets to his mind, i also realized who are them has the high level of efficiency in leadership, managerial abilty and experiece.

    And he made me proud of him for the last word something that he said..’I will still keep my promise even if i am elected or not’

    thank you for these very nice article..


  4. your article convinced me more than ever… vigilance more than anything else is of indispensible value..^^ “hindi pwedeng laban lang ng laban, dapat may solusyon sa problema ng bayan… tataya mo ba ang boto mo sa hindi subok at wala pang nagawa”… it says it all… Villar before,.. villar more than ever…^^ Check tayo jan!^^

    1. I’d like to thank the author of this blog for giving us clearer sight on what might happen if presedentiables mentioned here will be elected. It is true that no one is perfect but what we need now is a leader that has a track record in giving out solutions to the main reason what these people often mentioned in their campaigns “poverty”. Minsan nakakapagod na pakinggan yung mga pangako na di mangungurakot, para sa mahirap, etc,etc… but the thing is maraming presidentiables natin ang nkaupo na before as senators at kung ano-ano pang position sa government pero bkit di sila magkaroon ng concrete project para sa mahirap lalo na sa education? Kailangan pa bang hintayin magpalit ng gobyerno at ma-elect ulit sila para magawa yung pinangako nila last election? This is irritating! I’m always looking for projects / jobs that had been done or still ongoing for the poor people by these candidates coz we need basis why we will vote for them. If Villar or Gibo will win this race, I may say we did the right choice. As what I can recall the only presidentiable that was visible doing his job during Ondoy is Gibo. and that was the time na lahat tayo presured sa lahat ng bagay. (sana wag natin kalimutan yun). Dapat yung tested na hindi yung sumisikat lang dahil sa record ng magulang o ng showbusiness na kapatid. Kung election time pa lang e mahirap na lapitan para sa simple interview, ano pa kaya pag madami ng issues ang kailangang harapin nya pag naka upo na? Sa atin nagsisimula ang pagbabago dahil tayo ang boboto para maipwesto ang tamang tao para sa tamang trabaho.kung ang simula ay mali na what can we expect na pagbabago pag maling tao ang nka upo na. If anyone can send me details of what these people have done good for the Filipino people or advocacies that will benefit the poor it will be appreciated. you can send me through my email. Please I need to have my family see this to change their prospectives regarding this people.thanks!

  5. Don’t forget that Gloria Arroyo has all the 3 characteristics you mentioned a good president-to-be should have: leadership, managerial ability & experience; & she had also the high moral standard also asserted by her supporters. Look at what happens to your country now.
    You pinoys are really pretentious. You are claiming you are not bias, but obviously you are. Be truthful.

  6. You are overlooking one important thing. The paybacks for all the expenses poured into the campaigns; & to all that they have allied for supports. This is what happened to GMA; and Villar is heading the same way.
    The problem is we always associate ourselves with the class we are in, & we don’t feel & don’t care for the concern of the general people.

    1. My thoughts exactly. We’ve also been involved in doing campaigns and it’s really not a pretty good picture. There were shaking of hands and the voter would say “may sakit po ang anak ko” and what does the candidate to do? he has to prove himself to this one vote.

    2. Jesus, i bato mo yung concerns mo kay Noynoy not to Villar, paano na ang payback period niya sa mga nag support sa kanya? Ano pwesto ni winnie monsod at Kris Aquino if he wins. Villar has budgeted all his expenses already, wala ng bawian yan……matalo o manalo

  7. Your story shows one of those undesirable traits Pinoys have – mababaw ang kaligayahan. Just because Villar treats you good you vote for him, without reading his true intentions, his pretentions.
    I remember a friend during the last election for presidency when I asked him why he changed his mind to vote for Gloria; he said she has shaken his hand during her campaign visit in his place, & from then he never stopped praising her how down-to-earth she is.
    And the thousands of Pinoys who were deceived in Edsa Dos . . . . pinoy, madaling lokohin, kahit ng ngiti lang.

    1. di ka yata nagbabasa. Did you read the part that I interviewed him twice. I forgot to mention a total of 7 hours in both interviews. watched presidential forums live.

      You just want to read what you want to read. Did you read this?

      I have many more videos to show you but I don’t have time right now. I will be back to unearth the videos .

      1. I don’t understand this Jesus Naz. Why does he talk about us Filipinos like that–“You Filipinos…”–na parang hindi siya Pilipino. So I thought he’s Spanish maybe or some foreigner kasi his English naman is bad. Then nag-Tagalog din. Pinoy ba siya or magaling lang siya mag-Tagalog?

        Kasi kung Pinoy siya, sana hindi siya magsalita na parang ang tanga-tanga ng Pilipino, kasi parang sinabi na rin niya yun tungkol sa sarili niya.

        1. Actually, “feeling” lang sya. Iyon lang. He’s one of those people who just whine and complain about the world happening before their eyes without doing anything help it progress. He just sits there whining na parang hindi sya miyembro ng pagsasamahang sinisiraan niya. When you destroy the organization you belong in, you destroy yourself. The Filipinos are not perfect. But his criticisms were not constructive. He merely generalized. And that’s what idle and lazy minds do: generalize. And judge easily. The brain is a muscle. Exercise your brain – don’t slack off. =)

  8. Iisa lang ang solusyon sa problema ng bayan. Panaigin ang hustisya ng Diyos, ituwid ang pagkakamali ng EDSA DOS. Ibalik ang ninakaw sa ninakawan. Hayaang ipagpatuloy ni Erap ang kanyang magagandang hangarin sa taumbayan, na alam nating itinuka ng Diyos sa kanya ng manalo sya ng milya nung nakaraang halalan, subalit pinutol ito ng mga demonyong sakim at ganid sa kapangyarihan.
    Ngayon ang mga demonyo ay muling manlilinlang, kaya mag-ingat, magdasal at mag-isip ng mahusay, isama ang puso sa pagninilay. Hwag isipin ang sarili lamang kundi ang mga kumakalam na sikmura ng mga kadugo mo’t kalaman.
    Iwaksi sa isipan ang pinaniwala saiyo na si Erap ay may kasalanan, dahil di pa sapat ang kanyang inilagi sa Malakanyang para sya husgahan. Ang mga sumunod na nangyari pati ang conviction ay pawang set-up lamang para bigyang-katwiran ang kanilang paratang. At may mga tao nang kasama sa nag-akusa sa kanya noon na dahil sa malinis na budhi ay umamin na na sila ay nalinlang lamang. Dahil sa bandang huli lalabas ang katotohanan. Ang katotohanang magpapalaya sa sambayanan. THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE! Do justice for ourselves. Let God’s justice prevail.

  9. i really can’t understand why you choose villar after all the controversies, actuallly it’s not controversies anymore because it were backed-up by a lot of evidence. land grabbing left and right.. insertions.. exploitation…

    i hope you still change your mind, please don’t vote for villar. anybody but villar.

    1. i did check the facts surrounding the controversies and found no cases on it. Also talked to Villar staff re Norzagaray

      here is the writeup

      Your source for the article is Lito Banayo who is known for his dirty tricks stunt…and all that black propaganda.

      Did you bother to confirm the facts with Villar?

  10. anyone BUT NOYNOY…. i remember watching the news where he was questioned if he wanted to be president and he clearly said NO with so much honesty…. but then a group of people suggested that he become president because he is son of two great people who somehow changed the course of Philippine history…and then the so-called “noynoy phenomenon started”…. i believe his record is clean… but i doubt the character of a man who jumps at the first opportunity to become president… the seat of presidency i think, is not something you jump for because others want you to, it is not the flock who leads the shepherd…but rather…it is the shepherd who leads the flock… this country needs a headstrong president, not a puppet…

    1. Noynoy is not clean, he smoke 3 packs a day and loves to go nightclubbing. Thats why he’s single and never been faithful to any woman, afraid to have his own family. I believe he’s papers and documents in the congress and senate are clean because there is nothing on it, not a single bill or “zero” performance in other words, ano ang ginawa niya sa billiong pork barrel niya?

  11. Why Manny Villar!
    I doubt you are really touched by an angel; or what kind of angel could have touched you!? An angel who loves liars, land grabbers, opportunists, …. the likes of GMA angels; Gibo!; Gordon!
    Can’t your angel see or feel the suffering of the Filipino people, specifically the people of Norzaragay!!? The victims of Ampatuans!!!, etc…..
    Your angel must have come from the rich class, that’s why he can’t feel the miseries of the poor.

    1. it seems you don’t have anything substantial to add to the discussion so you resort to ad hominem attacks. What does my little boy got to do with the article. goodness gracious. Wala ka nang masabi ano?

      The next comment that is not related to the entry will not be not approved.

  12. You know, Miss Noemi.. Filipinos are carried away with their sentiment and with the opinion of other people without knowing the facts.. Just like when SC ruled that GMA can appoint the new CJ, people reacted badly without reading the ruling..
    By the way, I’m 21 and been working as an auditor for almost a year now. I may come from the youth sector but i have been vigilant in my whole life. And i used my wisdon in choosing the best candidate… Let me start with the laws passed..

    Villar made the most numbers with 744 laws. And Noynoy got the least with 9 bills, none of those turned into a law..

    Second, on the characteristics and personality… We all know that ABS-CBN is quietly endorsing Noynoy Aquino (evidence: Cory and Noynoy’s story was filmed and shown during the holy week, why not after election instead). And most of the newscasters are always saying or making negative comments to Villar and good comments on Noynoy.. But did we hear Villar saying bad against on ABS-CBN? In fact, after hearing negative comments, Villar still attended the interview made by ANC recently.. Compared to Noynoy who called Lopez of bizlinq bias and unfair after the latter issued a comment on the management skills of Noynoy, which is in fact true…
    Third, on the management skills and the talent to govern different people… Look at NP’s slate, it is composed of Magdalo, Leftist, Marcos (KBL), NPC, and former LAKAS… Despite the difference in ideology of these people, Villar was able to unite them… while the differences between Osmena and Recto in the LP Camp is still unsettled and Gibo resigned his post in Lakas he was having a hard time uniting the group while campaigning.
    In the case of the C-5 issue.. The number of people believing the conviction of Villar shows the number of ignorant people, i bet.. What would I expect to a case where the plaintiff, rosecutor, jurors, and judges are all in one? Would I expect that the defendant be acquitted?… Would I expect that the trial be fair?… If they were serious, they should have filed tha case in the Ombudsman or in a competent court.. But what did they do?.. They filed it in the Senate because they knew the no matter what happen the verdict would be guilty because they are also the jurors and judges..

    In the case of the “Villarroyo” issue and saying that Noynoy is the true opposition.. The number of people believing this shows the number of people who have limited memories.. Did they forget that Noynoy voted “No” on the impeachment on the Lower House?… Did they forget that Villar presided the impeachment in the Senate?… Actions speaks louder than words but not in the Philippines because a lot of people her believe on words than actions. Villar is a puppet of no one.. Remember, he presided Erap’s impeachment despite the efforts that Erap gave to elect Villar as the House Speaker.. But I blame no one… I already accepted that most of the Filipinos have limited memories..

    Other people may be angry with my comment because they dont want to accept the truth..

  13. I am a mom too, and i want my voice to to heard. why manny villar ??….

    lets recap our history and in a very important time like this, ii really hope we won’t make the same mistakes… for the sake of the future of our children..

    in my lifetime, i already have experienced…

    1) 2 brilliant presidents (marcos and gma) and look what has happened to our nation.
    2) we had a not so bright president (erap)… still nothing happened
    3) we had a madunong na president who smokes cigar, sayang yung mga nakatiwangwang na mga projects dahil alam na ninyo why, .we are not stupid, and
    4) we had a very weak president and she was just a decoration in malacanang palace… her galamays were doing the hocus pocus. i agree she was spotless…but corruption was all over kaya…

    what we need this time is a “practical” president… one who has the experience to handle people and pattern his life to improve our enconomy and standard of life.

    in pure common sense, if you are a multi-billionaire, will you not spend “a drop in your bucket” for campaign just to put your name in the history books as the PRESIDENT OF THE PHILIPPINES ??????

    i really would say “NO TO NOYNOY” … i bet you – history will repeat itself if he wins!!! like his mother, he may be spotless, one of his biggest financier is cojuanco…. ask cojuanco…. what happened to the coconut levy funds ???… corruption at its greatest … and it will happen again. and now AMPATUAN supports him, wow !!!! what a great deal !! ano kaya ang deal, amazing !!

    just a piece of mind from a caring mother.

    thank you for reading this. PEACE !!

    1. I also don’t understand why people bring up the issue of Villar spending a lot for the campaign, and then the belief that he will steal it all back from us if he wins. Uh, I spend a lot on the stuff I like and I also spend a lot on my family but it never occurs to me to steal money kasi malaki nagastos ko. Napaka-illogical niyan.

      My thinking is if Villar will look for ways to get back his investment, he will protect businessmen because he is a businessman. So he might make/approve laws that will lower taxes for entrepreneurs, for example. I’m cool with that!!!
      .-= Topaz Horizon´s last blog ..My Evita Peroni prizes from Daphne’s Diary =-.

  14. Fascinating post, Miss Noemi. As someone who did interviews of people before when the Liberal movement in the Philippines had its own publication, I know how… revealing even a couple of minutes of face-to-face conversation can be.

    Thank you for this post, mostly because you’ve taken the time to back your statements with facts and cross-checking. I also like the fact that you unabashedly give your personal impressions based on experiences not just with Senator Villar, but the people around him. Our subjects in interviews and articles can say and do all they want, but I always said one of the best measures of a person will be the way their people comport themselves.

    Sad to say I’m still either for Gibo or Gordon (the crazy people over at Antipinoy have been chipping away at my dislike for Dick Gordon to start considering him, hahahaha), but I’d like to redirect people to here, if you don’t mind, just to help bring some clean air into the dense cloud of hate and misinformation the Aquino campaign has brought onto its closest rival.

    I have an utter dislike for the black propaganda the Aquino team has been doing on Villar, not to say of the sniping they’ve been doing on the other candidates when everyone else among the “major” aspirants have done little to strike back at them, and usually with less… vitriol. Its like seeing Goebbels in action, and although a regression to the “Nazi Card” is always bad form in any discussion or debate, the way the Aquino-Roxas team have been campaigning brings to my mind Weimar Germany.

    I also see the attack dogs from Noynoy’s supporters found their way here. Sad. Very sad.

    Mahiya naman kayo. Pagbabago at moralidad kamo pinaglalaban niyo pero masahol pa kayo sa maton makipag-diskurso sa mga hindi sumasang-ayon at nagbabatikos sa kandidato niyo. Pag kayo bumabanat sa ibang kandidato, okay lang at hindi puwede batikusin ang kalidad o katotohanan nito, habang pag si Aquino na binabatikos, kung anu-ano sinasabi niyo.

    Mahiya kayo sa sarili niyo at sa bansa niyo.
    .-= Rob’ Ramos´s last blog ..Military Musings: Courting a Cannae =-.

  15. Hi Noemi, hope you are well. That Villar is unequivocally against the RH bill is a big letdown thing for me. I want a president who will take the necessary steps to address our overpopulation (from which many of our problems come from) as well as protect the reproductive rights of mothers and women. It strikes a sensitive chord with me, as I am for all women to have access to all choices available to them.

    Villar has said that a well-managed economy can provide for a big population, but reality and simple logic tells us that this is simply impossible. We simply do not have the sufficient resources to give equal opportunities to all individuals of a population that, as things are going now, is estimated to grow to close to 100 million in five years’ time. The quality of education and the quality of people’s lives, as does our fragile environment suffers.

    This is probably what will weigh most in my choice on May 10.

    1. Correct! Ayoko ng presidente na takot sa Catholic church!

      And Villar also authored the bill for Anti-Pornography… sounds great except that the bill says “anything that causes arousal is pornography.” That’s just too broad and vague for me. A lot of art, movies, TV, books, magazines have images and descriptions that MIGHT cause arousal. If this bill passes into law, we’ll all be plunged into the dark ages again!
      .-= Topaz Horizon´s last blog ..My Evita Peroni prizes from Daphne’s Diary =-.

  16. Hi, great article. Was pointed to this via twitter.

    I agree with your short list. I was lucky enough to attend a presidential forum and I came up with the same list after listening to them speak.



  17. Read this post as I was curious

    I’ve encountered people from the four major coalitions for work:LP-Akbayan, NP-NPC-BayanMuna/Gabriela, Lakas-Kampi-CMD and PMP-PDP Laban. And I must say, The Teodoro camp was the most accomodating, followed by the Villar and Aquino camps. Estrada’s camp, nevahmind.

    I think what fascinated you ma’am here was Villar’s openness to new forms of communication, like President Obama, who used/is using YouTube as a medium to talk to the people of the US. I respect that and am thankful for this post as it opened my eyes about Villar a bit. He’s kinda cool rin pala. But I’m still going for Teodoro.

    Teodoro, as we all can see is also open to communication, more open than PGMA. The difference is, that Teodoro’s PERSONAL record is cleaner, no fuel to any fire.. Also like the fact that the man walks his talk, as his campaign is mudsling-free and full of integrity. His plans of instilling hope in each of us are well-constructed, but not too idyllic as to leave our countrymen and women wholly disappointed. I really like the approach he’s taken —- CHANGE FROM WITHIN LAKAS. That’s more revolutionary than merely resigning to watch change “happen” from the opposition.

    From what I’ve read, I think if Villar loses, he could just go back and do business, he’s good naman pala eh. He could use multimedia as a new business venture, I guess.

  18. I have some concerns about your article.

    1.) It doesn’t really answer your question.

    2.) Interviewing every candidate, not just one, and basing your judgments from that – THAT is UNBIASED.

    3.) “I will still keep my promise even if I am elected or not.” [Wow, so is it better if we don’t vote for him?]

    4.) I hope you had presented more facts (i.e. why he stands out among other candidates)

    There’s a saying “Politicians say and do anything to be elected, and then wonder why we think they’re scum.”

    I have already crossed out Villar in my list like a lot of people have, even earlier than crossing out Noynoy. And I thought this article could at least make me understand why people still root for him but it did not.

    I can see you are a concerned citizen getting involved in these stuffs. So I think it will help if you take time watching this videos and comment on it like critical people do.

    C-5 EXTENSION MADE SIMPLE BY MAM WINNIE MONSOD!/video/video.php?v=106248716060818&ref=mf


    1. if you took time to click the links, then you would have read more. I am not out to persuade you or those decided on their candidate. I am merely showing why Villar is in my short list.

      My friends and I already wrote articles on Villar including platforms. Since this is a personal blog, I focused more on the human side of Villar but if you still want to see my articles here they are


      Undecided on Manny Villar?

      Why Manny Villar

      Role of new media in Manny Villar’s administration

      The Entrepreneurial revolution of Manny Villar

      An impression of Manny Villar

      Manny Villar: his vision for the OFW

      Heto here are some videos

      Dec 17. 2010
      July 2009

  19. Isa lang yan!!kahit mayaman na si villar eh like nya tumakbo for president..KAPANGYARIHAN SA PAMUMUNO…or pag nanalo sya mas dadami pera nya, kasi hawak na nya ang gobyerno….kaya ako wala akong like sa kanila…dahil sa situation natin ngaun…i doubt it na makaka ahon pa tyo sa kahirapan..talamak na sa namumuno sa ating bansa ang pagiging kurakot…and hindi na maaalis yan…nasa sistema na.

  20. My biggest reservation regarding Villar is his supposedly “high” moreal standards. This guy wanted to pass a bill on “anti-obscenity” that downright bans any form of nudity in any media without concern for the context or reason. He is a prude who will easily be swayed under the ridiculous conservatism of the noisy minority of the bishops.

    HE DOES NOT BELIEVE THAT THERE IS A POPULATION PROBLEM! How’s that for progressive leadership? For these two reasons alone, I think he doesn’t deserve my vote.
    .-= benj´s last blog ..Magic: The Gathering Commons Draft On Sundays =-.

  21. No to ninoy and cory’s only son. Noynoy is not ninoy.

    This statement from Juan Ponce Enrile is a hard hit… it is the truth that Filipinos must accept. Enrile says he is disappointed the Philippines has missed out on the opportunities presented by People Power. He says it all boils down to leadership. “I realized that people are idealistic, they want to do good,” he says. “But then, when they hold power, they forget their promise to the people.”

    That promise is the same promise of the only son. No to trial and error. No to Noynoy.

    And yes, it all boils down to leadership. So, please vote for Manny Villar.

  22. I won’t be voting for Villar because I do not trust him nor his intentions.

    If he seriously believes “siya ang magtatapos ng ating kahirapan,” he is suffering from delusions of grandeur.

    1. he mentioned in his interview with Karen Davila is that poverty can be erradicated. For quite some time, we were richer than Japan,. Then now we have been overtaken by Indonesia. It is possible to be in that state again. It is not a delusion. We have once been rich.

      here is transcript

      here is his answer-
      D: what are your plans to end poverty? meron ding dito, please don’t give us beauty pagent questions, be daw specific, sabi dito

      V: ako nagtataka ako, nagtataka ang mga pilipino, can you stop poverty? yes! in fact, tayo nalang ang naiiwan.

      D: so how?

      V: no, wait a minute, let me explain. this is very important. kasi akala nila imposible. tayo nalang ang naiiwan, japan, korea, taiwan, lahat yan. pati indo inaabutan na tayo. they were able to do it, why can’t we? so at least, ilagay natin ang kaisipan natin na kaya yan, kasi nagne-negative hindi tayo maka-abenta. nagnenegative– hindi naman kaya, hindi naman kaya.

      D: oh that’s fair.

      V: no, but then, basic. reorganization. we need to have a leader who can lead. a leader who can manage the econ well and a leader who has experience. yan naman ang ginawa kasi ng mga karatig bansa natin. nag-elect sila ng leader na meron niyan. nung makahalal sila ng leader na meron ng tatlo, nag take off sila. bec. to manage the econ, ang pangulo natin bubulagain yan ng maraming problema. kailangan kaya niya yan. he must be able to inspire the bereaucracy, he must be able to create a c

  23. Finally someone woke up and cured from the yellow virus.
    I wonder why there are still people who have low logic regarding their preference of a leader, kesyo nanay niya santa and tatay niya died for the country so ibig sabihin the son is the savior? Asan ang logic?? Nakakaawa ang mga tao sa bansa puro mga pathetic state sila.

    Thanks for sharing your sentiments on Villar, as expected maraming mga attack dogs and fanatics ng mga yellow virus andito. Yellow is to arrogance diba? hehehe

  24. Ms. Noemi, thanks for sharing this article; it strengthened my trust in Villar. I must say that I also admire you for responding to negative feedback and sometimes STUPID comments with wisdom and finesse. As we all know, some people just rather believe hearsay than take time to study the facts.

    I and my family prefer Villar over the other presidentiables. He has done great things in Las Pinas when he was a congressman. And based on experience (my mom who is an employee of the LP city hall was able to help poor people through Villar’s generosity. She has been a Villar fan from the start. According to her, Villar is surprisingly more human, more approachable and his family is very kind and accommodating as well. I have also heard from friends who have experienced working for some of Villar’s offices that its people are really disciplined. No wonder he and his businesses are successful!

    This is what the country needs–a man who is skillful, experienced, and knows how to make the best out of people.

    I just hope the Filipino people first look at the achievements of any candidate because it says a lot about the person and maybe help us in foreseeing how that candidate will steer the country to progress.

  25. Insights gained by this experience paved the way for my decision to include Manny Villar because of his leadership, managerial ability, experience.
    Ms. Noemi, you did not include, character, integrity and ethical conduct in the qualification of a President you want for presidential candidates to be included in your choice.
    Is it because Manny Villar fails this criteria?

    1. I wrote this entry for my readers who follow me . It looks like you are not one of them. I already wrote about criteria- character, competence, clear vision, coherent platform.

      See this entry

      I discovered that these politicians started to bring all these issues up right about the time Villar announced his presidency plans. If he was unethical dapat years ago pa yung complaint

      1. Ms. Noemi,
        Thank you for your reply and your reference to the entry on Character as one of your citeria.

        “Character, competency, coherent platforms and clear vision are the criteria that I look for in the presidential candidate.”

        In your article however you did not discuss the character issue. I will be very happy if you write an article dwelling on this issue because for me this is the most critical and important issue to be dealt with. The character issue is an either-or criteria. Either a candidate has it or not. Other criteria like competency, skills, potential, etc. are measurable and can be ranked accordingly.
        I will accept your definition of “CHARACTER” and from their, test the candidates based on this definition.
        On competence, all candidates are competent in varying ways and can be ranked accordingly and from there it is very easy to choose the highest ranked candidate but for character it is an either or situation.
        In the past presidential elections except during marcos vs. cory the test on character were all based on the “least evil” proposition because all candidates had shaded “character”.
        BTW i appreciate your openness in engaging in fruitful exchange of ideas as i read your blog.

        1. BTW, i have read your Voting Matrix using KT and in one of your must criteria “not tainted by corruption” Manny Villar, Dick Gordon and ERAP fail this test. Why will i agree with you to vote for Manny Villar if he is also tainted with corruption? In KT if a choice faills to meet the must criteria, there is no reason to rank him in the wants screen since KT is a go-no go method on the must screen.

  26. ok, i read the TRANSCRIPT: NP Presidential Bet Sen. Manny Villar on Karen Davila’s Headstart. Before Manny Villar could explain anything about his brother, i already knew the answer. kasi ganun po talaga kaming mga mahihirap. I don’t wanna explain any further, coz i know yung mga detractors ni villar wala ring sasabihing maganda. and i wanna say, pag sinabing mahirap hindi ibig sabihin pulubi ka. mahirap si Villar na nag-sipag at tiyaga kaya siya umangat sa buhay. kami man po ay ganun din ang ginawa kahit hikahos na hikahos sa buhay. nagsumikap para makaangat mula sa kahirapan. uulitin ko po, isang inspirasyon at testimonya si Manny Villar. He is my candidate.

  27. Voting for Villar is ridiculous. You keep saying that the allegations against Villar are unproven and unfounded. The facts have been laid out to the public by prominent leaders such as Jamby Madrigal regarding C5 and it is clear that he earned tens of millions of dollars out of it at the expense of the Filipino people. Yet when asked to defend himself against the accusations all Villar will say is that it’s all politics and does not give any details. Ever since he became elected congressman he never divested from his
    business interests and as a result his personal wealth grew exponentially. Yet people continue to turn a blind eye and instead are swayed by his charisma. People like you are hopeless and one of the main reasons why the Philippines has not improved because of either your inabilty to see corruption or acceptance of it as part of Philippine politics that will never go away. People like you are enablers of corruption and ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. How do you know it is charisma ? This is a personal blog so I touch on human aspect. It shows candidates are human too.

      We have written extensively on Villar in when it comes to platforms and issues so go there for more details.

      What makes this country hopeless is for people like you judging based on allegations of a person interested in the same position. I discovered all of these allegations came shortly after Villar announced his plans. Now if charges were filed by Jamby, and there is a court ruling, then that’s when I will believe these alleged facts.

      Until then innocent until proven guilty. Imagine if anyone can just accuse you based on set of documents that may not be complete (which a court of law should ascertain the authenticity.)

      The problem with anti-villar people is they will believe anything against Villar. No other explanation is acceptable so let it be.

    2. Naku, basta si Jamby ang nagsabi, hindi na ako maniniwala. I say this with completely no malice–that senator is ignorant. Nakahiya yung mga ginagawa niya sa senado.

      Ako naman, I’m not for Villar talaga. Gibo!!! But, like I said, if he wins, then he wins. Even Gordon, kahit na mukhang mainitin ang ulo, kung manalo, I’m fine. Kahit si Bro. Eddie pa nga! After all, the last time we had a non-Catholic as president, naging okay ang Pilipinas! It’s when Noynoy wins that I will seriously be afraid for my countrymen.
      .-= Topaz Horizon´s last blog ..My Evita Peroni prizes from Daphne’s Diary =-.

    1. It baffles me that it is brought up just two weeks before election day when this happened 3 years ago. I do not have enough facts to make a conclusion. Let’s just wait what the court will say on the issue.

      Like I said, innocent until proven guilty, If we don’t follow this, society will be in chaos.

      1. Agree(innocent until proven guilty). As GMA kept telling us for nine years.

        You are correct. This happened 3 years ago but it is only now that Estrile got hold of PSE minutes that Manny Villar as private citizen-businessman(not wearing his hat as Senate President cum Senator of the Republic) appeared to say hi and hello to the PSE Board most likely to talk about the “progress” of Vistaland shares.

        But, the charge is not illegal conduct but unethical conduct. What court can he be charged for illegal conduct?

  28. i would like to ask villar one simple question “How do you intend to get back the billions you have spent on your campaign?”

    its like gambling and loosing of billions and no plan of getting it back “He is a saint if he just spent such huge amount just to win and to make the Philippines and better country.”

    1. mp3addict, that question has been conditioned to the minds of many Filipinos already. Does not apply to him because he budgeted for that already… corporate minded siya…..hindi naman sasabak yan kung walang budget, in otherwods matalo manalo wala effect sa kanya lahat yan. mas matakot ka kay Noynoy if he wins, because its his payback period in terms of opportunities and undeserving positions sa mga gumastos at tumulong sa kanya…..

  29. this is a free country we are free to choose our candidate…if one believes in what he/she stands for there’s no need to be bothered by other people’s opinions. Let us vote freely and we do not need to bully other voters by who they want to vote..i strongly agree with all you’ve written here ma’am this is your vote no one has to bully you on who you choose..

  30. Ms. Noemi,

    At this point in the campaign period, I am for Villar. He may not be perfect–no one is!–but I believe he is “the right guy at the right time,” so to speak, and your blog entries have strengthened my conviction. But that is not the main reason for my writing this note.

    I usually don’t post comments in blog entries. But I am violating my self-imposed rule for now. I just would like to commend you for the way you’ve handled yourself in dealing with those whom you don’t necessarily share the same thoughts on certain issues or candidates. I am also a mom, and I can only hope that I will continue to learn how to deal with those whom I disagree on certain matters and hope that I will be able to teach my son how to do so, too.

    And so, yes, I agree with Iman Flores, I also admire you “for responding to negative feedback and sometimes STUPID [I apologize sa mga natatamaan–I hate what you do, not you yourselves] comments with wisdom and finesse.” 😉

    More power! And to the rest, let’s just “agree to disagree” (again, so to speak). Alright?

    More power, Ms. Noemi!

  31. Villar faced them during the senate investigation on finance, and faced it as a senate president. When he was about to face the Ethics committee, he discovered that they had the decision even before the hearing. If the chairman of the ethics committee was the accuser himself, he felt they should just file a case in court. Check his transcript when interviewed by Karen davila

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  33. Dearest Noemi,
    i admire your courage, strength and intelligence to share to all of us your views on candidates of our nation and i am glad we are on ” the same boat”.. our hearts are for manny villar… you explain eloquently to people in the internet and elsewhere, mostly “intelligent voters,” while i have to explain my views and facts to rice and coconut farmers and laborers in the simplest way i can. some does not know what “alleged” means thinking and believing that all issues thrown on candidates from abscbn are true.

    have you seen the interview of karen davila on erap… her questions were leading to destroying villar (and manny villar’s mom), then last night i watched erap’s documentary on ANC… sus, grabe talaga!!! poor erap. feeling ko para bang pinapakain muna ng masarap then biglang pinatay.
    i think manny villar’s documentary will be next. i am sure tatadtarin nila si villar ng husto. aabangan ko.

    here’s my personal view on the presidency… if manny villar will be picked by our brothers in INC and brother Mike Velarde, villar will surely win. but if our brothers in INC and brother Mike velarde picks gibo or erap or noynoy or gordon, noynoy will win.

    thank you so much of your time. God bless you.

  34. MR Estephan from California. Yes I can trace your narrow minded logic all the way from the Philippines. You are so ignorant and dense just like the rest of the anti-villar mob…but perhaps I should give you some slack because you have a tiny brain and can’t comprehend that there are people who actually like to talk to Manny Villar. Your mind has been poisoned by the anti villar mob.

    I am not surprised you are using that old much did he pay you? Because the anti-villar mob are rabid, foaming in the mouth ready to attack any good word said on Villar
    Excuse me I don’t need condominiums or property. I am very blessed. Too bad you are not.

    I am placing your comment here because I love to collect samples of anti-villar people like YOU.

  35. Dear Ma’am Noemi, Thank you so much for this article. I admire your courage for writing this. Tama po kayo, Villar is innocent until proven guilty. Let’s ignore the rabid yellow army and stand up for who we believe in. In my case, it’s Villar. He may not be perfect (who is anyway?), but he’s the best candidate we have at the moment.

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  37. Please people do not be misled by subterfuges that candidates try to show you.

    In response to SEL here’s my answer: Land Grabbing. I will generate more jobs by land grabbing farmlands and converting it into my own development. Since poor people make up 75% of our country, what better opportunity to turn them into laborers and foremen for my growing real estate empire. For 50 pesos per sqm, I can give those poor farmers descent homes or at least enough to buy them a descent roofing material.

    Villar will do all his best to win the Presidency including using his own mother. Madrigal is doing a good job of persuading people not to vote for VIllar.

    Gibo is your best bet. Next in line would be Gordon. I’d stay away from Noynoy and his henchmen and Villar and his schemes.

    Wake up countrymen!

  38. you know what Andrei, I have no business relationship with Villar and related companies. Shame on you. If I were you, hire a detective and you will find nothing . My real estate dealings are with Ayala Land, Alveo etc. because properties bought by family members are from the Ayala Land group.

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  40. Never fret. Manny can take defeat…


    “There’s no such thing as on the top of the world,” he quickly points out when I say, glancing at the view from his elegant home, that he seems to be really on top of the world. “There’s always a place higher than where you are.”

    For one, he wants to be Commander-in-Chief in 2010.

    “I’m not going to wait for another eight years and then win or lose… if you win, win. If you lose, try to move on. I adjust fast. If it isn’t meant to be, then just adjust and move on,” says Manny, who garnered the highest satisfaction rating among public servants in a recent opinion poll.

    He has never experienced political defeat in all his forays into public office — starting in 1992 when he ran as congressman of Las Piñas. He won as speaker, then as senator and then senate president.

    “And that’s why you have to enjoy the climb. You continue the climb until you die. I’m enjoying the climb and I want to enjoy life,” he says.

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