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Why my husband married a bitch

(updated) A friend wondered why my husband married me in the first place. I laughed. Without batting an eyelash, I smiled “because I am a bitch. Maldita!

Why Men Marry Bitches: A Woman\'s Guide to Winning Her Man\'s HeartThey say that it starts in courtship. In the book, “Why Men Marry Bitches“, Ms. Argov says it is true “men love to chase women” and we must let them do that. I’ve never read the book but I have my own definition of being a “bitch”. Oh how I remember how I played hard to get just so Butch would suffer. I even had another suitor just to show him that he’s not the only guy in this world. At that time, Butch had a girlfriend but dumped her when he started courting me. (I later found out it was the girl who pursued him). After three months of wooing me, we became steadies for 7 years before tying the knot. Even though he was still at Law School, I told him this: “if we don’t intend to marry on our 7th year, I’m moving to the States with my sister.

We married on our 7th year.
anne-taintor-bitchMy definition of “bitch” is not one who is nagger, or a war-freak wife. I am neither demanding or mean. The book describes the “bitch” as ” a strong woman who has her own identity and is secure with who she is.” I don’t know how the other bitches in the world work. I define myself as a passionate, loving , loyal wife who will fight for her man , her family and her marriage . When threat prevails, the bitch in me will find ways to curtail it. Lately I established family relationship boundaries and that’s when havoc occurs. My methods may come out offensive or abrasive in a world where one is not used to confrontation or honest exchange of communication.

Whenever my sisters and their spouses are in town for a reunion, we tease our husbands that they can now commence their support group. I don’t know if my husband is traumatized whenever I am in my “bitch mode”.

So why did my husband marry a “bitch”?

I have no idea so I send an instant message . His reply:


Yes, that’s life. He can’t explain it.

14 thoughts on “Why my husband married a bitch”

  1. BITCH stands for: BEAUTIFUL, IMAGINATIVE, TOTALLY IN CONTROL, CHARMING & HOT. lol, Noemi, on what you have to say on topics from mother-in-law to being bitches–we definitely share an

  2. @lemon: hehe a lot of women share our affinity but just don’t have the avenue to express it. Not being disrespectful or anything to the concerned people, I find that blogging about it shows I am not alone.

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  5. I hate to burst this communal bubble you women place on a pedestal. The only type of guys that allow “bitches” to push them around and dictate everything they do, are the guys that need guidance in life AKA pushovers with no ambition.

    The other type of guy is the go-getter, the guy that will be successful, financially and professionally, and he will not take this sort of treatment from a woman. After all, he can typically get a woman many years younger than the bitch who is pushing him around.

    So ladies, what kind of man do you want? A pushover or a go-getter? Based on the answer to that question, plan your interaction carefully.

    1. RMS- You obviously never read the book the “bitches” are talking about. Why don’t you do so before posting comments when you know nothing about the subject matter….PS: jate tp busrt your bubble but everybody knows sex is for sale…the only thing a “younger” slut would be interested in a fat, balding, viagra dependant slob would be his money….if that goes away…see how fast your wife stays around.

      1. wwow! A little defensive huh? If she’s younger and wants a successful guy she’s a slut? Lol I bet if i was a women with your looks I’d be pretty bitchy. I love it when some one thinks you have had to read any one thing in order to have an opinion. Trust me, Bitch’s were around way before the book and those of us who are successful and unwilling to put up with the unnecessary BS have had our finger on it for generations.

  6. first, im not married yet pero i’m looking forward to marrying my gf (5yrs) anyway, being bitchy? call’n her bitch??? hahahaha.. i doubt if she’ll smile. id rather expect curses, nag’s even worst.. id’ rather not call her that..but wait… i like that difinition.. babe in total control of herself..

    now i have a silly excuse..

  7. Bitch’s are proud to refer to themselves as Bitch’s …it’s like a form of self medicating. If its that simple as to say “I’m a Bitch” then they never have to take that bigger, more serious look into who or what they really are. Mental or insecure. Definitely to proud to face the truth… how they’ve failed themselves without the aid of others. All by themselves they’ve managed to find that place in this world where their just not happy. Always thinking “there’s got to be more than this? Where’s all the white horses? What it is about their personalities that won’t allow them the simple luxury of being normal. “I needn’t be kind or caring, treating my man like the wonderful guy he is. His head would probably swell to much. Its already so much bigger and brighter than mine”

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