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You’re so Slim, Mom!

health is wealthIt was 10:00 PM and quite dark at the Xavier Hall grounds in the Ateneo Campus. Lauren left the Blue Rose festivities earlier than the rest of her friends. I directed her to meet me at the Flagpole. She glanced over me from a distance and ignored me, or so I thought.

I yelled “Laauureeennnn”

She looked surprised to see me wave at her.

“Oh mom I didn’t recognize you. You ‘re so slim”

oohhh…Music to my ears

“It’s just my tight fitting shirt!” I hugged Lauren with glee.

I don’t think I lost much weight the past weeks. It’s just that some clothes I own make me look slimmer. Losing the last 10 pounds is not an easy goal. My daily routine consists of 2 hours at the gym leaving me with approximately 6 hours of work. I often tell myself “what good will my income be if I am unhealthy?” as I huff and puff on the treadmill.

“Health is wealth” is my mantra as I continue to exercise.

When the girls aren’t busy with their studies, they hie off with me to the gym for cardio vascular activities or participate in group exercises. All of us are enrolled at the Fitness First and summer break means more exercise time for the girls.

My girls are so weight conscious. They often ask “Am I fat?” before taking a scoop of ice cream.

I often tell them that as long as they are within their desired weight level, they are alright. It’s also good they are weight conscious. Diabetes runs high in my family and my doctor often warned me that my girls might also acquire diabetes if they are overweight.

M is persistent ” I am fat”.

I say ” You just have big bones. You’re not fat”

Lauren whines “I hate my flabby arms” as she pulls out nachos from the refrigerator.

8 thoughts on “You’re so Slim, Mom!”

  1. same here with my 3 girls, so weight conscious. no matter what i tell them, they still believe they are fat, and it is a never ending cycle, they think they are fat, but they eat then eat again then eat again…then ask the same question all over again. finally i tell them, if you call yourselves fat–then, i am obese! oh, well–GIRLS!

  2. @sexy mom-it’s so funny to hear them whine about their fatness yet continue eating sinful food. I also tell them I am fatter than them

    Maybe I lost weight . Not sure cos I don’t look at the weighing scale.

  3. That’s WONDERFUL music to the ears! My kids are so funny – they always pause in pretentious/playful caution before saying the word “fat” whenever it arises in our conversations, haha. Kasi alam nila mag rereact ako, pero syempre jokingly lang na i’m offended or hurt. Vera would always “kambyo” and say “but it’s not you ha, mom. You’re so sexy nga eh.” But I guess,yung kay Lauren hindi bola yun 😀
    Good luck on your fitness endeavor. I’ve recently signed up for Fitness First too.

  4. You must have lost weight from 2 hours gym time everyday. Very inspiring :), your daughter not recognizing you because you have gotten slim. It’s so true health is wealth. Been doing alot of changes in my lifestyle to be healthier.

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