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philblogawards.gifThe 2007 Philippine Blog Awards nominations is still open. Nominate your favorite blogs!.

The proponents of this project namely Abe, Jayvee and Gail assigned me the wonderful task (again!) as Committee Head for Venue and Food . I had been stressing out over the venue for the past 3 days because of Jayvee’s entry

Our most urgent requirement is a venue. Not that there are no venues – but we really want to get that ““sweet spot” between elegance, space and location. We’d love to hear suggestions from the community on where we can hold the venue. We are currently thinking of the mini theatres in Ayala Greenbelt 3 or Shangri-La Mall. Other known venues would be The Events Place and Teatrino at the Greenhills Promenade.

Without a venue, it is difficult for us to plan the logistics, the budget and the overall project planning. Our first choice was the Mall of Asia Music Lounge but the desired dates were unavailable. Besides the rental was in the 6 figures during weekends. Greenbelt was fully booked and so was Music Museum. With a limited budget given to me, I bit the bullet and went for this really swanky theater only because the desired date was available. Placing trust in the thought that “this is a sign that this place is for us”, I took my chances. Since Abe already mentioned it in the vidcast interview with Inquirer.net as well as Jayvee, I might as well blow the trumpets too. Hear ye…

The formal awarding ceremonies of the [tag]2007 Philippine Blog Awards[/tag] will be held on March 31 at 6:00 PM at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, Podium 4 at the RCBC Plaza, Makati City. It’s a really nice theater with a capacity of 450 persons. This afternoon , Jomar, Jayvee, Abe and I met with Raul Paliza, the building administrator. Jomar and Jayvee did an ocular inspection of the theater while I discussed details with Raul. We were quite happy with the place. After threshing out details, I signed the contract which means that if I don’t get sponsors, I am responsible for footing the bill. Anyway, Abe , Jomar and I talked to a potential sponsor to help defray the venue fee. So yeah, we need more sponsors.

Come on, submit your nominations. Final deadline is Sunday , March 4, 2007.

A few blogs that I have nominated deserve special mention because they are inspirational and spread the Good News.

I nominated a lot more but it’s a surprise.

Review the list of nominees for the 2007 [tag]Philippine Blog Awards[/tag].

Here is INQUIRER.net Video: Abe and Jayvee discuss Phil. Blog Awards


Philippine Blog Awards

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  • Aha, so it was you! :”> I’m flattered! Hahaha, Thanks Noemi! 🙂

  • jun

    Aha 2! So it was you 2! Thanks for the nomination… my heart is fat… (tumaba ang aking puso..)

  • Why didnt you nominate me? LOL Just kidding … maybe in ten years .. that’s my goal ha. Are you already in the hall of fame?

    Will look at the criteria and maybe I can nominate .. but oooh no more time.

  • @tina- I thought it was good to showcase the youth’s joys and trials and still have faith.

    @Jun- aww you deserve the recognition.

    @annamanila- did I say I didn’t? No I am not in the Hall of Fame. This is the first time that Philippine Blog Awards ceremony are held in public .

  • Cool! So there’s food again! woohoo! Now, eating in a theater… that would be interesting. Hopefully nobody spills anything. hehe

  • @benj- food mechanics will still be worked on. Since food is limited, it might not be open to all…we’ll see.

  • erm, noemi, i’ll go hungry if that helps my chances of winning an iPod. 😀

  • Noemi: I’m fine as long as I get to be in the auditorium.

    I agree with Jester-in-exile! No food = two (or more) raffle entries! hehe

  • Sayang, I could have help you guys booked at Mall Of Asia had I known you already discussed matters with them.

  • AJ

    if there will be another iPod raffle, will I be exempted? 😛

  • Saw ode2old in the nominees list for home and living and almost fainted! Not worthy (yet) but tickled crimson. TY Noems (I think) hehehe.

  • @annamanila – *wink* Your blog is really good.

  • @sonnie- the date we wanted wasn’t available at the music hall. Maybe next time

    @AJ- eek i’ll ask Yuga about that.

    @the jester- hehe, don’t worry we have other great raffle prizes.