28 years together

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March 7 is our 28th year anniversary. We ‘ve always celebrated it ever since we became steadies on March 7, 1978, way back during our carefree college days. I know steadies is such an obsolete word. What do kids call it these days?

And so 28 years ago, we looked like this:

So young and head over heels in love

Taken sometime in March 1978 at the UP campus

Today, after 3 children, a death of our son, white hair, lines and creases and flabby tummies to boot, our love is stronger than it ever was .. .

28 years later…

I’m making a special dinner tonight.

May we have more years together.

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  • http://pinayexpat.net AnP

    awww… happy anniversary!!!

    I love the before and after pictures!

  • http://about-ruth.com ruth

    twenty eight years! wow! couples like you are very inspiring… 🙂

    happy anniversary!

  • http://plansandpointofview.blogspot.com jlois

    Happy anniversary! )

  • leirs

    hi Tita Noems!

    Happy Anniversary!

  • http://aboutmyrecovery.com noemidado

    Thank you Ajay, Ruth, Jlois and Leirs for the greetings.

  • Kleenexlambot

    Congratulations and best wishes